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Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Gradually and stealthily, the rhetoric normally used by neo-Nazis is slowly starting to make its way into serious media in the Czech Republic. We have already grown used to seeing young Roma referred to on neo-Nazi websites as “litters of Gypsies”, blacks referred to as “niggers”, and to various slurs being made against Jewish and Vietnamese people. Today the Czech internet daily Deník.cz and its Havíøov edition, havirovsky.denik.cz, have crossed way over the line. An article on the problems of children hospitalized with jaundice in Havíøov has appeared under the truly eye-catching headline: “Havíøov infection unit full once again of Gypsy litter with jaundice” (“Havíøovská infekce je zase plná malých cikáòat se žloutenkou”). A similar headline ran over the same article on the nationwide Deník.cz server but was changed after about two hours to “Havíøov infection unit is full of Roma children again”. This is the culmination of a gradual vulgarization of Czech society as a whole. Serious political parties (e.g., the Czech Social Democrats) play the nationality card during elections while others (the Civic Democrats) say they want to create a concentration camp for homeless people outside of Prague. The Zemanite Party for Citizens’ Rights (SPOZ) is fighting against drug addicts instead of against drugs, and the Czech Interior Minister does not mind that one of his party’s candidate lists (Public Affairs) is led by an extremist former National Party member. As a result of this vulgarization, already last year four monstrous human beings set fire to a home with children in it (of course, for Havíøovský deník reporter Libor Bìèák, those children were a “Gypsy litter”). If the Havíøovský deník continues this rhetoric, expect to see the following shocking headlines in your paper: “Gooks arrested for growing marijuana”, “Four young men liberated after almost burning a little Gypsy to death”, “Nigger becomes President of the USA”, or “Czech Television presents fourth episode of a documentary series filmed by a litter of young Gypsies”.