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Friday, 15 January 2010

Waffen SS Hit Squad Accomplice Testifies at Nazi war Trial

In Achen, Germany today Jacobus Petrus Besteman accomplice to a former Nazi Death squad member Heinrich Boere testified in his trial for the murder of three Dutch civilians in 1944.

Speaking via a video link from the Netherlands he said that "All those who participated were afraid of not following an order. That was very dangerous,”

However when asked did he know of anyone who had not carried out an order, he admitted he did not. The trial continues Monday.

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BNP Gold Member Terence Gavan sentenced to 11 years in jail

Terence Gavan the BNP Gold member has been sentenced to 11 years in prison a few hours ago. He pleaded guilty to 22 charges including making nail bombs, homemade weapons firearms manufacturing and having in possession a number of banned documents.

Is Italy’s Xenophobia Creating Slave Workers for the Mafia?

The recent rioting caused by African immigrants in the picturesque town of Rosarno, Italy has brought to light a disturbing fact of how organised crime within the country is still extremely widespread.

The riots broke out after it now appears three local residents shot a number of the legal immigrants with pellet guns.

Immigrants who arrive in Italy find themselves ending up trapped in a system where they work 10 – 14 hours a day for around $3 an hour. They live in improvised shelters of shacks or tents without any of the modern appliances or basic human resources we take for granted. They have no right to health care and support service’s/organisations to aid them are extremely scarce, non-white police are never seen and therefore many immigrants do not report any form of crime they fall victim to and often people go missing and are believed to be killed.

So these people become prime picking's for the organised crime gangs within the country as a slave labour force. And you can understand why. They receive a higher rate of pay, better living conditions and apparently better treatment from such gangs than the Italian government or officials give them.
Incidentally Italy’s parliament has only one non-white person representative

Still the Rosarno riots highlight the fact that this is a very volatile situation and at any moment more civil unrest can occur and that racism seem to be very much ingrained into the Italian governmental system which is obviously torn between acceptance of the immigrants and very xenophobic stance.

Many countries have now addressed these concerns to Italy. But as of yet Italy seems reluctant to really fully deal with the situation and until they do we should expect more of such incidents.



BNP Gold member to face sentencing for terrorism charges

Later today a BNP Gold member Terence Gavan will face sentencing at the Old Bailey for 22 charges under UK terrorism laws. Paul Gavan who has the BNP Gold membership number of 130757 when arrested was found to have 54 Nail bombs, and home made firearms, manuals on making booby traps, improvised weapons manual, anarchists cookbook to name a few.

Funnily the BNP have totally ignored this incident and are obviously hoping it will go away.
Further updates on the sentencing will be reported.