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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Google bosses convicted over abuse video of Down’s syndrome boy

Three Google bosses were today convicted of violating the privacy of a boy with Down's syndrome in a ruling that could also affect websites such as YouTube and Facebook.
The men received suspended six-month sentences after the internet giant allowed a video of the teenager being abused to be posted online.
Google said the ruling by an Italian court set a “dangerous precedent” and raised major questions over the future of websites where people regularly upload information.
“This is the biggest threat to internet freedom we have seen in Europe,” said MP Tom Watson. “The only people who will support this decision are Silvio Berlusconi and the governments of China and Iran. It effectively breaks the internet in Italy.”
Google today vowed to appeal, saying in a statement: “We are deeply troubled by this conviction, it attacks the very principles of freedom on which the internet is built.”
Two executives, David Drummond and Peter Fleischer, and former employee George Reyes were accused of negligence. Prosecutors said the video remained online for two months even though some web users had posted comments asking for it to be taken down.
Judge Oscar Magi absolved the three of defamation and acquitted a fourth defendant altogether.
Mr Drummond, who is Google's chief legal officer, vowed to fight his conviction. He said: “I am outraged by the decision … If individuals like myself and my Google colleagues who had nothing to do with the harassing incident, its filming or its uploading onto Google Video can be held criminally liable solely by virtue of our positions at Google every employee of any internet hosting service faces similar liability.”
The case stems from an incident in 2006 when four boys in Turin filmed and uploaded a 191-second clip of them bullying a schoolmate with Down's syndrome. It shows the youths making fun of the boy, before punching and kicking him. One of the attackers then makes a mocking call to Viva Down, an advocacy group for people with Down's syndrome. The complaint was brought by the charity and the boy's father. “The video was totally reprehensible and we took it down within hours of being notified by the Italian police,” Google said.
“We also worked with the police to help identify the person responsible for uploading it and she was sentenced to 10 months community service, as were several other classmates.”

Originaly posted on This is London Website

White supremacist group considers John Day for possible national headquarters (USA)

Grant County residents are taking steps to fight any effort by members of a white supremacist group calling themselves the Aryan Nations to find a new headquarters in John Day.
On Friday, residents will gather for two town hall meetings in Canyon City, just south of John Day. Speakers will include Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, attorneys Norman Gissell and Tony Stewart, who helped win a landmark judgment against the Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations in 2000.
On Monday, 60 to 70 protesters carried signs in downtown John Day with slogans such as "One Race: Human," "No to Aryan Nations!" and "Say No to Hate and Violence!"
The gatherings come in the wake of a visit to John Day last week by Paul R. Mullet, who described himself as the Aryan Nations national director. He told townspeople he was in town to look at two large downtown properties for a possible national headquarters for the group, said John Day Mayor Bob Quinton.
Mullet, of Athol, Idaho, added that Grant County, with its wide open spaces, would be an ideal setting for both a headquarters and a neo-Nazi national gathering in September 2011.
Mullet also said he was looking for a property with enough space to train recruits, house them in a barracks, and hold gatherings. The group would pay cash "from legal means," he said.
Wearing a uniform shirt with a swastika patch, Mullet was accompanied by Leif Berlin, described as the group's Washington state leader, and Grant County residents Jacob Green of Mount Vernon and Christopher Cowan of John Day, said John Day Police Chief Richard Tirico.
Quinton expressed surprise that anyone in the county would be affiliated with the hate group.
"If they've got a presence here, it's been pretty much under the radar," he said.
But Grant County Undersheriff Todd McKinley said officials aren't dismissing the group's plan. "We are taking it seriously," he said.
Grant County, with fewer than 8,000 residents in an area twice the size of Delaware, "would rather be known for cattle and timber and their rivers, and not be known as an area that harbors a hate group," McKinley added.
Monday's rally drew a broad cross section, Quinton said.
"There were grandmothers and people in their 20s and every age group in between," he said. "There were log trucks honking and cars honking and people waving."
The supremacist group advocates so-called racial purity and claims that Jews and nonwhites are natural enemies of white people. The group seeks to establish a state for the "Aryan race," where nonwhites would be prohibited.
The group's interest in Grant County may have been piqued by a 2002 ballot measure declaring the county a "U.N.-free" zone. The designation has occasionally attracted outsiders with the mistaken idea that Grant County is lawless and a good spot to lie low, law enforcement officials said.
Lt. Stuart Miller of the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office in Coeur d'Alene monitors separatist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist activities. He said the group has been relatively inactive in the Idaho panhandle since the 2004 death of Richard Butler, the group's longtime leader.
Butler owned a 20-acre compound and neo-Nazi church near Hayden Lake, north of Coeur d'Alene, for many years. He was forced to sell it in 2000 after losing a $6.3 million lawsuit brought by two Native Americans, a mother and son, who were shot at by Aryan Nations members.
The group's current national leader is August B. Kreis 3rd of Lexington, S.C., according to the group's Web site. The site says the group's national headquarters will soon move to St. Cloud, Fla.
Mullet, meanwhile, and two associates were accused in August of scattering supremacist literature on lawns around Coeur d'Alene, Miller said, but charges of littering were later dismissed.
Grant County remains on guard.
"I can guarantee you we are probably not done with the issue," said Tirico, the police chief. "Most of the population is agreeing they will stand together on this. I am very happy with the community on the way they handled this."

Originaly posted by Richard Cockle at dailyme

Racist vandals daub 'BNP' on mosque

RACIST graffiti yobs have defaced a South Tyneside mosque.

The letters BNP were daubed on the doors of the building in Laygate when leaders arrived to open up yesterday.
It is thought the vandals struck some time over the weekend.
One person from the mosque, who did not want to be identified, said: "They seem to have done it very quickly.
"South Shields, in general, has quite a diverse community which works well, and it is quite sad when things like this go on."
The vandalism was reported to police, and was quickly removed by South Tyneside Council's graffiti team.
Neighbourhood Inspector Peter Sutton of South Shields Police said: "Officers went straight round to the mosque, and this does seem to be an isolated incident.
"We have an excellent working relationship with those who attend the mosque, and we are all saddened at such behaviour.
"Inquiries are being made by the local policing team, who are working closely with the community to catch those responsible."

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 03456 043 043.


BNP wants election violence but we will stop them, says minister

BNP thugs will try to provoke violence during the general election campaign in London, a government minister warned today.
Immigration minister Phil Woolas said there was no doubt that “bad people” in the racist party — whose leader Nick Griffin is standing for election in Barking and Dagenham — would “like to cause trouble”.
Mr Woolas said the Met police and the Crown Prosecution Service were preparing for a surge in public order offences and taking precautions.
“You allow free speech of course, but you take measures to ensure that inflammatory incidents and events are not juxtaposed,” he said.
“You take care that public figures are kept away from inflammatory points. I've been very impressed by the sophistication of the Met so I think we will prevent the problem.”
Mr Woolas, the MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, said: “We are going to beat the BNP. Nick Griffin actually stood in my constituency and we saw them off and we're doing the same in London by recognising the concerns of the people who vote for them and are tempted to vote for them.
“We don't pander to them and we don't pander to racism, but we do say that we understand the concerns of the BNP voter and we are addressing those concerns.”
Mr Woolas predicted that immigration would be the second most important issue of the election after the economy, leading to a “bruising battle” between the main political parties.
He claimed that Labour would win votes on the issue because of the success of the new “points-based system”, under which non-EU migrants can enter Britain to work or study if they meet criteria relating to their skills, wealth and earnings.
Mr Woolas revealed that from next year the system would be strengthened through the introduction of a “London skills shortage list”.
He said: “You can say you can work in this country as a teacher, but you can only work in London. If the employer who is sponsoring you doesn't play that game we can fine the employer.”
The minister said the Government was also planning new rules under which migrants who fail to pay for NHS treatment will be barred from Britain until they clear their debt.
“If you come and use the NHS and we send you a bill and you don't pay it we won't let you back in the country. That's 20p or £20,000… I feel quite strongly about this. If you are coming into the country and using the NHS, it's not a charity,” he said.
“It's paid for by the taxpayer for the taxpayers and although we respect the Hippocratic oath and we look after anyone who needs emergency treatment, we are not suckers. We won't allow people to come and use our health service unless they pay for it.”
Mr Woolas said it was wrong to assume that his support for immigration controls was an authoritarian position.
“I believe that we will only create a tolerant society when people are reassured that we are controlling immigration,” he said.
“Because people fear that we don't control immigration, the person who gets the backlash is the legal migrant and the British ethnic minorities. So I believe that controlling immigration is morally the right thing to do.”
This is London

Nightclub ordered to pay for ethnic discrimination (Sweden)

The Svea Court of Appeal has ordered Elite Hotels to pay compensation to six men after finding that they were denied entry to a Stockholm nightclub due to their ethnicity.
The court has ordered Elite Hotels to pay 15,000 kronor ($2,000) to each of the six men who were refused entry to the Nasty nightclub and filed a complaint with the discrimination ombudsman (DO) alleging ethnic discrimination.
"That's great. Of course this is positive. I wish that this was given more attention - I hadn't heard about this ruling until you called, for example," one of the men, Waqas Yousaf, said when The Local called on Tuesday.
The young men, whose appearance is described by the court as "foreign", decided to act on their suspicions that they were systematically refused entry to bars and nightclubs in Stockholm due to their ethnicity.
On the night in question, April 3rd 2005, the men recruited some friends whose appearance is classified by the court as "Swedish" and divided themselves up into separate groups according to their ethnic appearance.
When the two groups - identical in age, gender and attire - approached the entrance of Nasty the group with a "Swedish" ethnic appearance was let in unhindered, while the group with a "foreign" ethnic appearance was refused.
The door staff at Nasty, which was then housed in the Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza Hotel in central Stockholm but has since closed, told the group that the club was having an invitation-only Easter party, information that was not mentioned to the group with "Swedish" appearance.
The whole incident was recorded on film and the court ruled that the video evidence supported the men's testimony.
The court has thus ruled that discrimination did occur and furthermore established that Elite Hotels was responsible for the door staff at the nightclub, thereby upholding DO's appeal of a district court ruling dismissing the case on the grounds that Elite Hotels could not be held liable for the actions of Nasty AB's staff.
Elite Hotel's explanation that the door staff's comments were just part of the standard nightclub practice of "white lies" told to maintain the right age group of clientèle at the club was ruled by the court to be insufficient to prove that discrimination had not occurred.
The court has ruled that Elite Hotels pay the sum of 15,000 kronor to each of the men plus interest, and that each party should pay their own court costs.
The Local asked Waqas Yousaf if he felt anything had changed in Stockholm in the years between the incident and Tuesday's ruling.
"I am in another situation now, so it has changed for me - I don't go out as often as I did then," he said.
The Local


The Aryan Guard, the group that thinks it is still alive, along with a splinter group called White European Bloodlines (WEB) has something to prove after the year they had. The Aryan Guard founder Kyle McKee is sitting in a jail cell on attempted murder charges, and another member, John Marleau, is in another jail cell for attacking a C-Train (Canada's Amtrak) operator. A mother with ties to the Aryan Guard lost her kids to the state since she and her husband thought it would be cool to scrawl racist crap on their 7-year-old daugher's arm and tell her how to kill black people. and then there's the fact that they said they were breaking up, only to come back bigger and stronger than e-- no wait, that's didn't happen. They only came back sort of after announcing they disbanded. Anyway, they want to rally at Calgary, Alberta's City Hall on March 21, and given the trouncing the Nazis got at last year's rally, no doubt antifa are feeling their oats right about now. Now this is the same day that some Nazis have declared "White Pride World Wide Day" or something, and some group called the National Socialist Front out of Chicago also pulled itself out of the mothballs to declare a march on that weekend. The day before all of this, March 20, there is a white power show going down in Richmond, VA. Meanwhile on our side, there is an anti-war rally going on in DC that day as well. In other words, we are going to have a busy weekend in about 30 days or so! We have the call for the Calgary rally here, but soon we hope to have all the other info as well. Keep an eye on our Alerts section on the side bar. We want to wish our antifa friends well up north as they deal with this, and if they need an inspiration, we are perfectly fine if you pretend that the assembled Nazis are a US Olympic hockey team and you want a little payback (We couldn't resist)!
originally posted by the great site the One Peoples Project


BNP supporters call for Execution of Human Rights head Trevor Phillips

Updated. (The video has been removed from You Tube and the user has closed his account and as stated below we have a copy and are happy to supply it to any official person.)

A video had appeared on the You Tube video sharing website today which was calling for the Execution of Human Rights head Trevor Phillips. The video called

Trevor Philips, the Man who Must be Destroyed
which was posted by a user called WandsworthBNP.

It clearly stated that Mr Phillips has now become a problem and must be removed.

In the video description by the user WandsworthBNP he states.
He has become an irratation, we must execute him

This video is an obvious incitement to violence and a death threat.

So far the video has already attracted support from other BNP supporters on the web site including.
Posted by HaitianCorpse
How dare this nigger reside in my country? Off with his shit coloured head.

Posted by BNPxTRUTH
He will NEVER be British as far as I am concerned, any more than the white scum of the UAF.
Being British is not just about where you happen to be born, it's about who you are.
These pigs will never be British

Posted by WandsworthBNP
He must be DESTROYED

Posted by Morrisseyisdead

Since this item first appeared the You Tube user WandsworthBNP has closed his account and thus removed the video and because of that fact this blog item needed to be re-edited.

here is first screen shots taken from the death threat video.

and as you can plainly see in this image in the video description he calls for Mr Phillips to be executed

and if there is any doubt that WandsworthBNP was a BNP supporter, his You Tube home channel should dispel any doubts.

Relevant authorities have been contacted about this as they need to take appropriate action against such death threats. We have a copy of the original video and we are more than happy to hand it over to the police.

As the Italian authorities have recently arrested individuals for a video that was abusive to children that was only posted for a short period of time before being removed by the uploader on to You Tube I see no reason why the British law enforcement agencies should not find the person who made this video and prosecute him to the full extent of the law.