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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Exposing The English Defence League's racist and violent nature, with panache and humour.

The English Defence League claim they are a protest movement against radical Islam within the UK and that is their only concern.

Yet anyone with any knowledge of the English Defence League will know that they are in fact a very racist and violent movement and that they do not oppose radical Islamists but all the followers of Islam.

Yet they and others often claim that this simple truth is indeed a lie.

If only there was a way to monitor the racist and violent nature of this so called “protest” group.

Well unfortunately for the EDL that has been going on for some time, as a Facebook group was created with this very objective in mind. 

Which was to expose the racism and hatred of the members and supporters of the EDL and any other such like idiots.

And they have exposed it again and again and again and again etc.

This group has now decided to create a Blog to share their activity with the world.

And we are more than happy to recommend that anyone and everyone follow their Blog, their Facebook group and Twitter account to view the EDL’s bigotry and the incredible stupidity that many of their member’s demonstrate.

Honestly some of the things these people post should carry a stupidity health warning.  

So here’s the link to the great new blog. And below it are the links to their Facebook page and their Twitter account.

A twitter account that is a “must follow” link to have when any EDL demos are occurring.

Exposing The English Defence League Blog

Exposing intolerance and racism online XVI,   Their Facebook group.

Exposingtweets,     Their Twitter account.


Threats over 'neo Nazi' baby in Germany

A spat over the president becoming honorary godfather to the seventh baby of parents with far-right sympathies in an eastern German village escalated on Monday after neo-Nazis threatened the mayor.

Lalendorf Mayor Reinhard Knaack, who is from the far-left Die Linke party, had refused to give a certificate to the family that was sent by President Christian Wulff's office in Berlin last week.

Police said that around 10 people, many of them known to authorities as belonging to the far-right scene, illegally entered Knaack's garden on Sunday, a police spokesperson said. Knaack was unharmed.

"The mayor phoned us and we went round," spokesperson Volker Werner said. "Appropriate measures have now been agreed with the mayor and charges of trespassing have been laid."

After World War II, West Germany did away with the Nazis' practice of awarding a "Mother's Cross" to women who provided multiple offspring for the Third Reich.

But in 1949, after the founding of the post-war republic, it established a new honour, the president's honorary godfather award, for any family having seven children. Since then, 76 440 such awards have been bestowed.

Wulff's office last week defended his decision to persist with the tradition in the case of Petra and Marc Mueller, saying that it was the child that counted.

Wulff has since sent the award, which also comes with €500, directly to the family, reports said.

The father of the child reportedly works for a "eugenics institute" while the mother belongs to a far-right women's group.

Norbert Nieszery, an MP in the state parliament, has written a letter - signed by lawmakers from other parties - to the president, just back from Israel, supporting the mayor and calling on Wulff to change his mind.

The former communist east of Germany is generally poorer than the west, with considerably higher rates of unemployment, and in recent years has proved a fertile ground for the far right.

News 24

Ex-Nazi admits to Holocaust role says investigator - longtime Nazi hunters disagree with claims (USA)

A private investigator says he posed as a neo-Nazi to get a surviving SS officer to admit signing the order that started the Holocaust.

Bernhard Frank, 97, was caught on tape saying he signed the 1941 document that is widely credited with laying the groundwork for Hitler's "final solution."

"He had no signs of remorse. He was proud. He said it was necessary and blamed the Jews," investigator Mark Gould said at a New York news conference announcing a lawsuit against Frank.

Leading Nazi hunters question the claim, saying it has long been known that Frank, a linguist, signed the document - but only to confirm its language conformed with Nazi ideology.

"He's attributed with far more responsibility and criminal guilt than he actually deserves," said Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

NY Daily News

Teacher who said child was 'white trash' convicted of race crime (UK)

 Jane Turner intervened in a heated argument between a group of children near a school to help end it.

However, during the dispute a parent of one of the children reported hearing her say: “Go and play with your own little white friends, you’re nothing but white trash.”

After she was reported to police, Mrs Turner initially denied using the phrase but later admitted she had said “white trash” and has since apologised.

Mrs Turner was working at Moseley School, a specialist language college in Birmingham, when the incident took place almost 20 miles away.

She was convicted at Halesowen Magistrates Court of an offence of using racially threatening words or behaviour likely to cause harassment or distress.

She was made subject of a community order for one year with a requirement to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and was ordered to pay compensation of £50.

The General Teaching Council also investigated and yesterday announced its conclusions, criticising her for “unacceptable professional conduct” but stopping short of suspending her from teaching over the incident which took place in April 2009.

The GTC committee reported: “Mrs Turner witnessed a dispute between a group of young people near school premises, more than 20 miles from the school in which Mrs Turner taught.

“Mrs Turner intervened in the dispute and in the heat of the moment was observed by a parent of one of the other children saying: “Go and play with your own little white friends, you’re nothing but white trash.”

“Mrs Turner accepts that making a comment like this amounts to unprofessional conduct.

“Mrs Turner accepts that her words on this occasion may have been perceived as racist and that it is entirely inappropriate for a Registered Teacher to make such a comment.

“The Committee agrees. A registered teacher must demonstrate respect for diversity and promote equality. Conviction of an offence of this type brings the profession into disrepute.

“Although the offence was not committed in the vicinity of the school where Mrs Turner was teaching at that time, her behaviour set a very bad example for the schoolchildren who were present at the time.”

The GTC committee said that it took into account that she was of previous good character and that, while she was not at first willing to accept what she had done, she was now “genuinely sorry”.

It added that she told the police that, at the time of the incident, she was worried about the health of a relation.

The committee also noted that her head teacher at the time had not found it necessary to take any further action within the school.

The findings say that in other circumstances a much more severe sanction would have been appropriate, but that having regard to all the mitigating circumstances of the case, the committee considers that the appropriate and proportionate response was a reprimand, which will remain on Mrs Turner’s professional registration for two years.

Mrs Turner has a right of appeal to the High Court within 28 days.

The Telegraph


A prominent Dutch politician sparked a heated debate in the Netherlands this week by saying practicing Jews had “no future here, and should emigrate to the U.S. or Israel.” The statement made by Frits Bolkestein, former European Commissioner and ex-leader of Holland's ruling rightist VVD party, was published in the recently released book Het Verval (The Decline), written by Manfred Gerstenfeld, a Netherlands-raised Holocaust survivor and senior researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Bolkstein backed up his statement by saying that the increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the Netherlands over the past decade had led him to have limited confidence in the ability of the government to fight anti-Semitism.

Bolkstein came under fire for his comment, including from members of the three-party coalition led by his own faction. Geert Wilders, the leader of the anti-Islam Party for Freedom, reacted by saying that “not Jews should emigrate, but anti-Semitic Moroccans.” In his book, Gerstenfeld examines the attitude of the Dutch Protestant Church toward Jews and claims that anti-Semitism is not restricted to people of Muslim background in the Netherlands. He cites as an example Gretta Duisenberg, a friend of the Dutch queen and pro-Palestinian, who recently told a Dutch newspaper that she was “almost proud to be called anti-Semitic.” Mirjam Sterk of the Christian Democrat party - the third partner of the current coalition – took a less reactionary stance, but also decried the remarks, saying: “The concerns are great but [emigration] is not the solution.”

The Netherlands has a Jewish community of roughly 40,000 people. According to a report by the Dutch police from September, the country has seen 209 discriminatory incidents targeting its Jews in 2009 - a 48-percent increase compared to 2008. Femke Halsema of the Green Party questioned Bolkestein’s sanity after she heard the remarks. Ronny Naftaniel, head of CIDI – the largest watchdog on anti-Semitism in the Netherlands – said this was not the first time Bolkestein has expressed this view. “It’s a warning, and this may be a reality if society and the government fail to act on anti-Semitism,” Naftaniel said. “But it’s too fatalistic – Jews and non-Jews need to fight against intolerance.” He described Bolkestein as “a friend of Israel.” Gerstenfeld said Bolkestein was “attentive to the Netherlands’ Jewish population.” Frits Bolkestein was political leader of the current ruling party VVD between 1990 en 1998. He later served as European Commissioner from 1999 until 2004.



The Czech Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) has suspended the activities of the far-right Association for the Republic-Republican Party of Czechoslovakia (SPR-RSC), as proposed by the government, CTK has found on its web page. The NSS has not yet disclosed the reasons for the ruling. Suspension is the first step toward dissolution. The SPR-RSC was established in December 1989. In 1992-1998 it was represented in parliament. It was headed by Miroslav Sladek. The SPR-RSC were notorious with extremist rhetoric and parliamentary obstructions. After the SPR-RSC failed to get into parliament in the 1998 elections, it was in financial dire straits. In February 2001, it was adjudged bankrupt. Even before this, its active members joined another party, called Miroslav Sladek's Republicans (RMS). In February 2008, the NSS suspended the activities of the RMS and the original SPR-RSC, again headed by Sladek, resumed its work. In the May 2010 elections to the Chamber of Deputies, the SPR-RSC received 0.03 percent of votes.

Prague Monitor

Racist onslaught puts paid to Poles' Capital bar dream (UK)

Two Polish women have told how they were forced to give up running an Edinburgh bar because of a sustained campaign of racist abuse.

Anna Brudnowska, 28, and Ewa Aromanowicz, 31, said they endured persistent taunting, abuse and intimidation during their 18-month stint at the helm of the former PRL bar in Bonnington Road.

The business partners claim they were plagued by up to 20 threatening phone calls per day - some making reference to gas chambers and the Holocaust. In the most extreme incident last year, a man shouting abuse smashed the bar with a hammer.

Trade suffered so badly as a result, the pair said they had to cut their losses and end their three-year lease early in September.

"In the beginning the business was going well because we had done a major refurbishment and we were trying to open a nice new bar for customers," said Ewa. "We had managed to do that but soon we were being hassled on a regular basis.

"On busy nights, like Friday and Saturday, we were being phoned constantly and the verbal abuse we got was horrific.

"We received calls with people pretending to be from Scottish Gas, saying there was a special offer for Polish people where they had two gas chambers for the price of one."

The licensees said they suspected most of the abuse stemmed from one family, who were "very unhappy that there was a Polish place there".

"Every busy night we had, I knew there would be a problem with them calling or trying to fight the customers," said Ewa.

Ms Brudnowska, who was co-manager at PRL - which has now been relaunched as Foxes Bar - said she feared the Polish community had become a target. "It seemed like many people around Leith felt upset that there were more Polish people around. It was very upsetting but, because of that, we could not run our business.

"Edinburgh can be quite small in a way and if people hear that there may be knives and hammers flying about, they don't want to go there. Since that (hammer] incident, it all went downhill. I'm sure we were not welcome in the area."

A police spokesman said: "Lothian and Borders Police can confirm that inquiries were carried out in 2009 following incidents of a racial nature at a bar in Bonnington Road.

"A 37-year-old man was arrested and charged with alleged vandalism and weapon offences following an incident within the premises.

"In total, three reports of vandalism at the property on Bonnington Road have been made this year.

Two of these have been solved, while enquiries are ongoing in relation to the third incident."

The Iona Pub Partnership, which owns over 20 pubs across Scotland, including the former PRL Bar, could not be reached for comment.



Britain's top two universities were accused of entrenched ­discrimination yesterday after it was revealed that 21 Oxbridge colleges took no British black students last year.

Admission figures for Oxford showed that one black Briton of Caribbean descent out of 35 applicants was accepted as an undergraduate in 2009.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Labour MP David Lammy also highlight that Oxford’s Merton College has not taken a single UK domiciled black student for five years and just three in the past decade. Six black British Caribbean undergraduates were accepted by Cambridge last autumn.

Eleven of Oxford’s 38 colleges and 10 out of Cambridge’s 31 ­colleges made no offers to British black students last year. Of the 1,500 academic and lab staff at Cambridge, none is of British black origin. Mr Lammy accused Oxbridge of “entrenching inequa­lity instead of addressing it”.

Former Commission for Racial Equality chairman Lord Herman Ouseley said: “It’s a disgrace it still goes on in the 21st century. It’s a waste of talent and a denial of opportunity.”

Both universities denied any ­discrimination.

The Express