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Our intention is to inform people of racist, homophobic, religious extreme hate speech perpetrators across social networking internet sites. And we also aim to be a focal point for people to access information and resources to report such perpetrators to appropriate web sites, governmental departments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

We will also post relevant news worthy items and information on Human rights issues, racism, extremist individuals and groups and far right political parties from around the world although predominantly Britain.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Race Riots Grip Italian Town

Over the past weekend extreme race riots have erupted in the working-class city of Rosarno, Italy which included cars being burned, shops being damaged and more than 70 people, including 30 immigrants, 19 policemen and 17 Italians were injured.

Due to these riots the local authorities put more than a thousand African workers aboard trains and buses and shipped them to immigrant detention centres following the worst riots the country has seen in years.

It is believed that the riot was started following what the workers believed to be racist attack on a 2 legal immigrant worker with a pellet-guns by locals. Authorities are unsure who pulled the trigger but they are investigating the theory that organised crime may have been linked to the incident.

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Be Active Please Report The Following

Please report the following you
Tube users for race hate 
promotion and hate speech.

an extremely nasty racist http://www.youtube.com/BlackPanthax

an anti-Semitic hate propagator

safcman4 young and very racist
but especially anti-Islam BNP activist and hate propagator

an extreme Anti-Semitic hate speech user

Please report them by using the You Tube Safety Tool


When the BNP come to town remember

From a Child to Hate Preacher in 6 months with BNP grooming.

In 2009 a You Tube user by the name of Safcman appeared on the video sharing website. His first video blog post, although being critical of the ethnic minorities, was not really hateful but just views put across through misunderstanding and mixed with typical British National Party immigrant/anti-Islam, well publicised propaganda lies.

However 6-7 months on, this now teenager actively advocates the murder of Muslims and spreads racist hate through his videos and comments. Recently he posted a video that has been banned across many internet sites which, in a cartoon format, depicted a Jew stabbing a Muslim and then shouting “Anti-Semitic hate" when he was to be arrested and he now also posts extreme racial comments like the one pictured.

So how did this happen, and why?
The simple truth is the corruption of this person is not an accident.
Any user who posts a video on the You Tube web site that relates in anyway to the BNP or their views faces extreme abuse or racist grooming depending on which side of the agenda they are on.

Firstly: the people who post anti-BNP videos.

As stated anyone who posts a video that challenges or criticises the BNP or their policies runs the gauntlet of extreme abuse, stalking, false video flagging and even violent threats. Very seldom is it from just one person but more like a horde and it’s often the same people doing it.

The new video poster more than often removes the video or his comments. Although the user can and does block and report the more extreme cases, the person causing the abuse often just creates a new You Tube user profile and then just carries on with his hateful campaign.

But what if you post a video expressing concern about immigration or Islamic ideology?

The BNP supporters swarm to the video with comments of support and admiration, often their comments will create falsehoods that directly affect the user and his video. Things like “don’t expect your video to get a lot of views because the anti-bnp’ers on here make sure people don’t watch it” etc. obviously these are simple lies. More often than not the video is not well done or informative; in other words it’s simply boring.

Why does one kitten video do better than another kitten video? Who knows, but as far as we are aware there are no anti-kitten video groups on you tube controlling viewing so no cute kitten video mafia.
But through posting comments like that the BNP supporters immediately create an “them against us” and a “they want to stop all free speech” view on the site to their new prey.

Friend invites, messages, subscriptions soon follow. The new user will often post another video but now it has a little bit more extreme view, not to the level of hate speech but regular users of the site can often see the step up in racist attitude and leanings towards the BNP. And as more and more videos are uploaded their hate and leanings grow. Often they will accuse everyone who does not agree with them as being fascist, Nazi, race traitor etc. Accusations of being members of the UAF are common and the old Goering ideology of “if you’re not for us you are against us (Britain)” is claimed again and again.

So what can we do?
Active groups and users that oppose racial hate preachers need to be formed, support must be offered to people who are victims of the BNP “New User” attack, truth instead of race hate lies needs to be the standard, and facts supplied rather than name calling offered as a defence. Basically people need to do what the BNP are actively doing.
Unlike any other political party’s members the BNP are directly creating followers to their platform through this simple procedure. Not only are they creating followers they are creating the hate preachers of tomorrow. And unless people do something there will be many more Safcman’s in the years to come.