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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Teen charged with hate crime in S.I. after yelling racial slurs, robbing Mexican boy at knifepoint (USA)

A Staten Island teenager was arrested Saturday for yelling racial slurs while robbing a 15-year-old Mexican boy at knifepoint, the latest in a surge of bias attacks in the borough, cops said.
Yashua Plair, who is black, split from a group of young men about 8 p.m. last Wednesday on N. Burgher Ave. in West Brighton and approached the victim, who was standing on the corner with two young black men, cops said.

Plair, 17, pulled out a blade and demanded the boy's iPod and shouted out racial slurs, police said.

The two friends were not robbed.

A witness recognized the young bandit and cops tracked Plair down Thursday night, sources said.

After he was fingered in a series of lineups, police charged the teen with robbery and menacing - both as a hate crime, sources said.

There have been at least 12 bias attacks in the borough since April, most of them occurring in nearby Port Richmond.

In the wake of those attacks, Archbishop Timothy Dolan will attend Mass today at St. Mary's of the Assumption Church in Port Richmond.

NY Daily News


The Council of Europe has expressed grave concerns at France's controversial deportation of Roma migrants. “Recent developments in several European countries, most recently evictions of Roma camps in France and expulsions of Roma from France and Germany, are certainly not the right measures to improve the situation of this vulnerable minority. On the contrary, they are likely to lead to an increase in racist and xenophobic feelings in Europe,” Mevlüt Çavuþoðlu, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), declared on Friday. Following a debate in June, PACE said it was shocked by recent outrages against this minority in Europe. “Taking advantage of the financial crisis, some governments and groups capitalise on fears deriving from the equation made between Roma and criminals, choosing a scapegoat that presents an easy target, as Roma are among the most vulnerable groups of all. The European Court of Human Rights has regularly condemned states in which Roma have suffered from abuse or discrimination,” the President said, recalling also that Protocol No. 4 to the European Convention on Human Rights prohibited the collective expulsion of aliens.

Stressing that the process of Roma integration has not reached its objectives over the last 20 years, the PACE President urged member states to face up to their responsibilities and to tackle the issue of the situation of Roma seriously and sustainably. He re-iterated PACE’s call for determined measures with regard to education, employment, housing, health care and political participation. The PACE President welcomed the adoption by many member states of national strategies for improving the situation and the integration of Roma. “This is positive but not sufficient. Such action plans need adequate and long-term funding, efficient co-ordination and have also to be implemented at local and regional levels.” The situation of Roma in Europe will also be one of the issues to be discussed during the PACE President’s official visit to Romania from 29 August to 1 September. France continued with its controversial deportation of Roma migrants on Friday afternoon, when 130 passengers boarded a charter plane, bound for Romania. A day earlier French authorities deported 86 Roma from illegal squatting camps to Romania in the largest expulsion seen in France since President Nicolas Sarkozy called for tougher action against Roma living in the country illegally. A total of 850 Roma persons will have to leave France by the end of August.

The next deportation is expected for next Thursday, when 160 persons will be deported. Meanwhile, the French government made it clear it is reluctant to style its actions as "deportation", saying that Roma people are leaving the country by mutual agreement and for a compensation (EUR 300 per adult, EUR 100 per child), and also retain the right to return whenever they might wish. Roma from Romania and Bulgaria are allowed free passage into France if they are European Union citizens. After that, however, they must find work, start studies, or find some other way of becoming established in France or risk deportation. The French government said those Roma being deported this week have overstayed the three-month limit.


Canadian Media Clamouring To Give Well Known Racist/Neo-Nazi A Platform

Paul Fromm
Anti neo-Nazi and anti racism activists are horrified at the public platform and brazen public organizing of well-known white supremacists and neo-Nazis such as Paul Fromm in recent weeks in response to the Tamil asylum seekers landing on BC’s coast.

Last week in Calgary Paul Fromm and a group from the Aryan Guard protested in front of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s constituency office with signs ‘Stand Up, Send the Illegals Back’. This weekend, Paul Fromm organized a rally at Esquimalt to oppose the landing of the MV Sun Sea. In a press release, he made absurd and false allegations about the boat being found with drugs and explosives.

“Paul Fromm, now fronting as the leader of the Canada First Committee, is a known neo-Nazi leader and one of Canada’s most notorious white supremacists. Fromm has spoken at Heritage Front events, including a celebration of Hitler’s birthday. He cannot be given an uncritical platform to spew his hate,” says Maitland Cassia of Anti Racist Action- Vancouver.

Fromm received prominent media coverage all weekend including by the Toronto Star, Canadian Press, CTV, and CFAX 1070 with little mention of his notorious links. According to Shane Calder of the Victoria Anti Racist Network, “Government officials and media outlets should all be aware about his extremist white supremacist links, and should report on them. It should be absolutely unacceptable that well-known neo-Nazis and white supremacists are openly organizing rallies for the ship to be sent back.

We should all be organizing counter-rallies against in response to their hateful and oppressive views.”

“It is frightening when Vic Toews and Paul Fromm are parroting the same unsubstantiated lies about terrorists, criminals and illegals to justify public hysteria and a large security operation. Is this really the direction we want to be going in? Or do we want to stand on the side of refugee justice, compassion, and respect for life?” states Magin Payet Scudalleri, a member of No One Is Illegal-Vancouver.

“We should refrain from stereotyping these migrants and remember that they have survived a long and arduous journey in the hopes that the Canadian state will fully comply with its international refugee and human rights law obligations to the right to asylum” Scudalleri said.

The Link Paper


EDL in action
Racist thugs are threatening to attack Muslims with pork in an attempt to “de-Islamise” the UK. The yobs have drawn up a detailed guide on how to taunt Muslims – including using water pistols to spray them with ham soup.

The hatemongers also advise people to “throw raw strips of bacon” and “cat anddog crap” at followers of Islam, believing it will force them out of Britain.

They suggest touching shop door handles, bus seats and taxis with pork and announcing on Facebook where this has been done.

And they advise fellow sickos to hand Muslims cards that say: “You have just been tainted with a FILTH product. See you in HELL!”

The vile “How To” guide has been posted on a host of right-wing websites and blogs, including those of the English Defence League (EDL) and the English Nationalist Alliance (ENA).

The thugs reckon this tactic will push many Muslims to leave the UK, believing they go to hell if they make contact with pork. But a spokesman for anti-fascist group One Million United said their plan is as flawed as it is sick. He said: “Muslims do not go to hell if they touch pork products. We can only suspect this bizarre idea came from EDL assumptions and guesswork.

“There is nothing stated anywhere that they will face Allah’s wrath if they touch pork products. If the EDL are expecting Muslims to scuttle off, panicking the second a trotter lands near them, they will be disappointed.”

It is not the first time right-wing extremists have used pork in a bid to taunt Muslims. Pigs’ heads were recently placed on the gates of several UK mosques. Billy Baker, spokesman for the ENA – which marched on Westminster on August 1 against Sharia Law – said his group does not condone such threats.

He said: “We do not advocate racism or violence. Our site is visited by extremists who post inflammatory comments.

“Our site moderators do our best to get rid of them as soon as we can.”

Daily Star