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Friday, 21 January 2011

Gee Walker visits Southport's Birkdale High School to give speech on racism (UK)

The mum of murdered black teenager Anthony Walker visited a boy’s school for an emotional talk on racism.
Gee Walker, whose 18-year-old son was killed with an ice axe in 2005, forgave his killers and has built up a formidable reputation in the fight against racism.

She visited Jack Rodwell’s former school of Birkdale High, in Southport, with Everton FC’s educational team in a talk head teacher Gary Loveridge described as the one of the most emotional he had ever witnessed.

Liverpool Echo

Parliament crackdown as white supremacist and Jewish hater Darryl Potts faces the sack

An accused white supremacist could be banned from Parliament House as computer experts work to block the online posting of offensive material from within the nation's capital building.

The move follows new revelations Jew hating and other offensive posts were sent to websites from an IP address belonging to the Parliamentary Services Department, reported The Daily Telegraph.

The self-description and language in the posts matches that of parliamentary elevator technician Darryl Potts, exposed yesterday as a Holocaust-denying extremist who has just been granted a handgun licence.

The messages refer to Jews as living in "Satan's sewer" and visiting his family home posing as "Israeli art peddlers". Mr Potts did not deny he was the author of the posts when contacted yesterday.

Parliamentary Services acting head David Kenny said the posts were a clear breach of the rules and parliamentary technicians were working on a way to block the sender.

Mr Kenny also said he was in discussions with the company that directly employed Mr Potts about potentially banning him from the building.

The posts were written under the pseudonym Kinkyboy and written between 2006 and 2010.

In one traced to a parliamentary computer he says: "Jewish Fascists masquerading as 'Israeli Art Peddlers', likely inspired by the slippery reptiles at the B'nai B'rith, have visited the family home when the kids were in the house" - the exact same story and phrase Mr Potts told The Daily Telegraph.

Under another name on a white supremacist website he claims the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, allows sexual abuse of children.

In another post he describes himself as a "6'+ blue-eyed Anglo-Celt, who like some others, wears a kilt, blows the pipes, but refuses to defer to kikes". Mr Potts wears a kilt and plays in bagpipe band.

In yet another post on a white supremacist website he reveals himself to be "KinkyBoy" and likens Jews to flies and maggots.

Mr Potts declined to comment further yesterday.

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