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Friday, 5 August 2011

Neo-Nazi shoots self as police find his dead son (Germany)

Authorities are conducting an autopsy on the son of a known neo-Nazi after his body was found with a gunshot wound to the head – next to his father who shot himself as the police approached the scene.

Anton Pfahler, 65, one of Germany’s best-known neo-Nazis, shot himself in the stomach as officers approached the scene near Ried in Bavaria on Wednesday afternoon, but did not kill himself.

He was operated upon in hospital and is recovering, although he is not yet in a fit condition to be questioned, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on Thursday. The body of his 23-year-old son, who has not been named by the media, was found next to him with at a gunshot wound to the head.

Officers found Pfahler sitting outside a hut in the woods after an acquaintance called for help, saying something strange was happening, according to public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk.

As they approached Pfahler, he aimed a gun against his own stomach and pulled the trigger, badly injuring himself, they said.

Now an investigation has been launched to determine under what circumstances Pfahler’s son died.

Anton Pfahler was involved with Gundolf Köhler, the neo-Nazi who carried out the 1980 bomb attack on the Munich Oktoberfest, which killed 13 people including Köhler.

Pfahler and Köhler were members of the banned neo-Nazi organization Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann. Also during that period, Pfahler belonged to the far-right Viking Youth group.

His property in Oberhausen-Sinning was for years used as a meeting place for German neo-Nazis and a publishing centre for the extremist Deutsche Stimme newspaper. He had said he wanted to establish a community of similarly thinking Germans in the area, who would lead ‘species-specific’ lives.

In 1999, the Bayerischer Rundfunk reported, he was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for breaking weapons laws after he was discovered trading with hand grenades and machine guns.

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The head of British soccer’s anti-racism body warns that extremists are trying to infiltrate the game, citing the massacre in Norway as a wake-up call.

Herman Ouseley, chairman of Kick It Out and a member of the House of Lords, fears right-wing hard-liners could exploit the country’s economic troubles, with “massive deprivation” in parts of England having the potential to foment hatred and exclusion. The racial abuse of black players that blighted English soccer in the 1970s and ’80s has largely been eradicated thanks in large part to the work of the Kick It Out group. “Extremists are still trying to get back into football,” Ouseley told The Associated Press. “We’ve managed to push them off the terraces, away from grounds. But it’s still out in the community and it’s important that we understand that they are trying win over the minds of young, vulnerable people and a lot of football fans are young and vulnerable. “We must always use football as a basis to help young people have a better understanding to have open minds, to see the dangers lurking within those who are offering them easy solutions through hatred.”

Ouseley is concerned that confessed Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik could inspire disaffected people in Britain. He raised the issue while addressing top soccer officials at an anti-racism event at Wembley Stadium. Breivik says he carried out last month’s twin-attacks, which killed 77 people, to launch a revolution against a Europe that he contends has been spoiled by Muslim immigration. “Events in Norway over the last week reminds us that the hatred … exists not far from our shores,” Ouseley said. “Because, believe you me, there are people like that living among us in the U.K. and organizations that are very hateful.” The leader of the English Defense League, a far-right group mentioned by Breivik as an inspiration, was convicted last week of leading a brawl involving 100 fellow supporters of Luton Town in Aug. 2010. Stephen Lennon, who was chanting “EDL till I die,” was given a 12-month rehabilitation order. “Norway has happened on a big scale that is a phenomenal human tragedy,” Ouseley said. “It is a reflection of is what is going on in many countries within Europe. Some would say it’s worse in eastern Europe but it’s just as bad in western Europe.”

Ouseley said soccer can be a positive force by inspiring more black and ethnic minority coaches to become involved in the game. On Tuesday, he launched the first initiative backed by all of English soccer’s main governing bodies to ensure coaching is not a white-dominated preserve. When the Premier League season starts next week, not a single black manager will be in charge. “There’s no doubt that English football has been graced by some fantastic black players over the years—Viv Anderson, Cyrille Regis, Andrew Cole, Rio Ferdinand, John Barnes, Ashley Cole and Paul Ince,” said Football Association chairman David Bernstein. “But, for whatever reason, that talent just hasn’t transferred itself from the field of play to the dugout.” The only two black managers in the 72-team Football League are Chris Hughton of Birmingham City in the second-tier League Championship and Chris Powell of Charlton Athletic in third-tier League One.

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Erna Solberg, head of the Norwegian Conservative Party, says that the hate campaign against Muslims today is like the one Jews suffered in the 1930s. She wants Norwegians to confront the everyday racism we see around us, at work, in clubs and on the internet, reports VG. "The way the extreme, anti-Islamic groups talk of Muslims today is comparable to the way extreme, antisemitic groups spoke of Jews in the decades that led up to WWII," Solberg told VG. Solberg stresses that Muslim don't get the same brutal treatment Jews did, but still thinks that the extreme harassment of Muslims has obvious similarities to Jew hatred. She says that it gives pause for thought that you can't dismiss this as something coming from outside Norwegian society.

The feeling is quite strong. It would have been easier to dismiss the acts if that person hadn't been raised in Norway and was apparently quite normal. "In 2011 Norwegians are different than in 1960, and if Norwegians who have a slightly different background, who have parents from another place, constantly see a politician debate which asks if they're just as Norwegians as others, it contributes to them feeling more distanced," Solberg told VG.


Griffin's day gets worse by Nick Lowles at Hope Not Hate (UK)

If it could … but yes it has done.

John Walker, former party treasurer and the host of the BNP's (awful) Red White and Blue radio station has today quit the party.

And in good old fashioned BNP style, he has not gone quietly. Using his Twitter account to address the BNP's Nazi shame exposed earlier today, Walker wrote:

#NickGriffin re Sun today, not so many years ago he attended similar events. What rank hypocracy, the clear out should start with HIM!

Griffin may have had other things on his mind however. It looks as if the ever diminishing BNP funds will be taking another hit. We're hearing that Griffin lost his appeal in court today against party rebels, known as the Decembrists, which could cost more than £100,000.

I think we'll sleep very well tonight!

Hope Not Hate