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Friday, 5 August 2011

Griffin's day gets worse by Nick Lowles at Hope Not Hate (UK)

If it could … but yes it has done.

John Walker, former party treasurer and the host of the BNP's (awful) Red White and Blue radio station has today quit the party.

And in good old fashioned BNP style, he has not gone quietly. Using his Twitter account to address the BNP's Nazi shame exposed earlier today, Walker wrote:

#NickGriffin re Sun today, not so many years ago he attended similar events. What rank hypocracy, the clear out should start with HIM!

Griffin may have had other things on his mind however. It looks as if the ever diminishing BNP funds will be taking another hit. We're hearing that Griffin lost his appeal in court today against party rebels, known as the Decembrists, which could cost more than £100,000.

I think we'll sleep very well tonight!

Hope Not Hate