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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fears of violence if far-right group marches against Asians (New Zeland)

Police are concerned that a clash of rallies against a far-right Christchurch group's anti-Asian stance could end in violence.

"We can always anticipate and expect problems when people are in direct conflict, but we will take every step to minimise any harm and ensure the safety of everyone," said Superintendent Wally Haumaha, general manager Maori Pacific and Ethnic Services.

"We will do whatever it takes to ensure that Asian communities are well protected, and have the right to be safe within their respective communities."

The Right Wing Resistance, led by former National Front leader Kyle Chapman is planning an Anti-Asian rally to protest against mass Asian immigration, which he claimed "stole jobs" and "destroyed white New Zealand culture and heritage".

At least two counter rallies are being organised, through Facebook, with over a thousand people already signed up to attend.

Police ethnic advisory board member Susan Zhu, who is helping to promote the marches, said she saw them as a good way to "promote support for multiculturalism and diversity".

An organiser said the date for both marches will be on the same day as the Right Wing Resistance rally, which has not yet been set.

"Through this counter march I hope the Government, media, public and the world will see that the average Kiwi are willing to stand up against racism and fascism," he said.

"Kyle Chapman and his outfit should be classed as criminals for inciting racism and hate."

Susan Zhu, a police ethnic advisory board member, who is helping to promote the counter marches said they are an opportunity "to promote diversity and multiculturalism".

But Manying Ip, a professor of Asian studies at the University of Auckland, is advising organisers to "think more carefully" about going ahead with their plans.

"It will just put everyone in a situation where emotions can easily get out of control and where violence could erupt," she said.

"We should be getting our message out to thinking New Zealanders, rather than waste our time on these fascists."

Professor Ip added: "Most thinking New Zealanders are on our side, no one wants the country to be divided or be set by ethnic hatred. So, we should refrain from doing anything that play into the hands of these guys."

Asoka Banayake, spokeswoman for the Auckland Council ethnic panel is advising those who have concerns about their safety to go to the police, rather than take to the streets.

The panel, which is holding its first public forum today, is expecting fear and anger arising from the claims of an Asian invasion to be a hotly discussed topic.

More than half a dozen Facebook pages, mostly against the far right group and its leader Kyle Chapman, have also sprouted in the last 48 hours on the social networking site.

Titles include "Kiwis against anti-Asian racists", "F**k Kyle Chapman" and "Kyle Chapman - NZ's No 1 biggot".

"This makes me sick...please guys, spread the word that Kyle Chapman and his minions are a small minority in NZ. I am personally offended as a Caucasian NZer to be associated with such behaviour," said Ashleigh Pope in one post.

"New Zealand White people weren't even first to NZ. Maori were. This is stupid and blunt racism," posted another, Trina Marie MacMillan.

 NZ Herald


A Munich court has found Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk guilty of helping in the murder of 27,900 Jews during World War II. The 91-year-old has been sentenced to five years in jail.

Judges in Munich found Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk guilty of assisting in the murders of thousands of Jews during World War II, sentencing him to five years in prison on Thursday. Demjanjuk rejected the opportunity to make a final statement in the Munich state court. Judges had denied requests by the defense to seek more evidence. The 91-year-old sat in a wheelchair wearing dark glasses as the verdict was announced to him through a translator. He showed no reaction. His defense team had said earlier that it would appeal any guilty verdict. Prosecutors had called for Demjanjuk to serve six years for his role in the killings of 27,900 Jews at the Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1943. They said this would take into account the time that he has already served in jail in the United States, Israel and Germany. The prosecution said the defendant had participated willingly in transporting death camp victims to the gas chambers. Demjanjuk's attorney, Ulrich Busch, on Wednesday said there was no evidence to show that his client had ever worked as one of the SS helpers known as Trawniki guards, recruited from among Soviet prisoners. A member of the Red Army, Demjanjuk became a German prisoner of war in 1942. At the end of four days of summing up by the defense, Busch added that many Soviet prisoners who had worked for the Nazis had done so under pain of death, rather than willingly. A large part of the case hinged on the authenticity of an identity card purportedly issued by the SS, which showed that Demjanjuk served as a death camp guard.

New life in the States
After the war, Demjanjuk emigrated to the United States where he began a new life as a car mechanic. However, he faced trial before an Israeli court in the 1980s on charges of serving as a guard at the Treblinka death camp - where he was alleged to have been known as Ivan the Terrible. Although he was found guilty and sentenced to death, the verdict was overturned in 1993 by Israel's supreme court after fresh evidence that appeared to exonerate him. Demjanjuk was extradited to Germany in May 2009 and was stripped of his US citizenship over irregularities in his immigration application. His 18-month-long trial was delayed a number of times due to Demjanjuk's complaints of ill-health.



The National Socialist Party (NSFAP) is attempting to register in Finland and has submitted to state authorities a slightly adjusted version of the program for Hitler's NSDAP from the interwar period. Minimal adjustments have been made to the text; for example, the new party wants to overthrow Muslims instead of Jews, reports news server iDNES.cz. The Swedish-language daily Hufvudstadsbladet reports the aim of the party is to campaign in the next elections. As an anti-immigrant group, NSFAP intends to accept only people with "ties of blood, culture or fate" into the Finnish nation. Instead of the death penalty, the party is calling for deportation from the country for unacceptable immigrants.

For the time being, officials have not rejected the application. Last week the Finnish press reported that three various ministries had agreed that the request "did not contain any tie to fascism or serious violations of existing laws." The Finnish Patent and Registration Office as returned the request for completion, calling for specifics on what the party concretely imagines the concept of "national socialism" to represent. The office also pointed out many legal and technical flaws in the registration application. The institution should make its decision within two weeks. Should it decide to register the party, the NSFAP will then have to submit 5 000 voters' signatures in order to run in local or parliamentary elections.

According to party leader Pekka Luoma, the party so far consists of several dozen activists. Luoma said on the radio that his formation wants to "fight against immigrants, mainly colored ones". Until now the populist party "Real Finns" has been considered the representative of the extreme right. That group became the third-strongest formation in Parliament after the recent elections and should become a member of the governing coalition. The media predicts that following Finnish political tradition, it will eventually tone down its program rhetoric in order to achieve compromise.


Racist mother told children their parents would be 'chop suey' (UK)

A mother who racially abused three schoolchildren telling them she would chop up their parents and cook them in a chop suey has avoided jail.

Michelle Boyce smiled in the dock as an account of her foul-mouthed rant towards the Asian youngsters - one an eight-year-old boy - was read out at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

And a sheriff ordered the 36-year-old - who made the comments in front of her 11-year-old daughter - to scrub up her parenting skills.

Boyce was sentenced to a year's probation for verbally attacking and threatening the three siblings with violence in Sluie Drive, Dyce, on May 12 last year.

Fiscal depute Alan Thomson said the mother confronted the young boy and his two older sisters and accused them of picking on her daughter.

He said Boyce called the siblings racist names as they walked away from the situation, before shouting: "I'll chop your mum and dad up and put them in my chop suey."

Defence agent Bob Anderson said Boyce claims she only intervened in a quarrel between the youngsters because she saw her daughter being threatened with a stick outside the property.

He said: "There has been no repetition of this and things have calmed down."

But Sheriff Kieran McLernan said the mother was immature and asked her what sort of example he thought her behaviour had given her daughter.

Boyce relied: "None at all."

The sheriff added: "This account of events is like those you would find in a primary school playground in which there are not four but five children involved - you being the fifth.

"You are going to get the opportunity to further learning in how to get out of situations of stress and deal with bringing up your child in a way where she will not get an example of bad behaviour and inappropriate reactions. You require to change."

Calm urged after racist attacks in Greece (UK)

Government officials appealed for calm yesterday after three days of attacks by ultranationalist mobs on dark-skinned foreigners in Athens, sparked by the fatal mugging of a Greek man in the capital’s crime-infested center.

The public order minister, Christos Papoutsis, said there was a “very high risk of hate crimes’’ amid rising social tension and promised action to address inner-city crime.

Greece is in the throes of a major financial crisis. It is also the main gateway to the European Union for tens of thousands of illegal migrants from Asia and Africa that have transformed the capital’s ethnic makeup by moving into depressed central neighborhoods. The influx has helped fuel a nationalist backlash that reached a climax this week.

Greece’s Pakistani community says more than 100 Asian and African immigrants were attacked Thursday by rampaging youths protesting the mugging in a march.

Nobody has been arrested for Tuesday’s killing near the National Archaeological Museum, the biggest showcase of Greece’s rich ancient history.