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Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

After the second world war in Europe and the atrocities carried out by the Nazi’s many nations gathered and agreed a declaration was need that should be a guideline of how humans should be treated by their governments.
That simplistic glorious idea became the

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UKIP go after BNP supporters with Ban Burka ploy

Submitted by Stevie D

Yesterday the UKIP party took another step towards the ideology of the BNP and their radical racial views. For some time now the BNP have been jumping up and down shouting beware Islam like some demented child and thus gaining support from people who believe their hate propaganda.

Now it appears UKIP has decided they want a piece of the action as they have now put forward their argument to ban the burka and the niqab — the Islamic cloak that covers women from head to toe.

Lord Pearson of Rannoch, the leader of UKIP said “We are taking expert advice on how we could do it. It makes sense to ban the burka — or anything which conceals a woman’s face — in public buildings. But we want to make it possible to ban them in private buildings. It isn’t right that you can’t see someone’s face in an airport.”

He went on to say “We are not Muslim bashing, but this is incompatible with Britain’s values of freedom and democracy.”.

Eh? So a value of freedom and democracy is then to ban a relegious garment?

Sorry Lord Pearson, you are talking gibberish.

Freedom and democracy gives the person the right to wear such items. Inflicting a ban on them is thus removing the persons freedom in a democracy.
Also are balaclavas, scarfs over faces, hoodies, hallowen masks also going to be banned? Or could it be just because it’s a relegious item?

Or is this as many expect a simple act to try and gain votes of the people who are torn between voting for UKIP or the BNP.

Really its not that hard to work out.

Neo-Nazi Storms Out Of Oregon Campus Meeting

Neo-Nazi Jimmy Marr of the Pacifica Forum stormed out of the University of Oregon forum on Friday afternoon during a discussion about the Swastika.
Hundreds gathered on Friday to protest against the group called Pacifica Forum who they claim openly promotes hate speech. The group were holding a discussion at Agate Hall called “Symbolism of the Swastika.” The discussion included Jimmy Marr, a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi.
“Despite what this group says, they are violent. They are not executing free speech, they are executing hate speech,” protesters wrote on a Facebook group.

On Friday protestors packed the Agate Hall disgusted at the presence of Marr.
Upset at the protester’s presence, Marr left the discussion before his scheduled time to speak.

A video report on this story can be seen by following the link below