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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Neo Nazi bomber loses sentencing appeal (UK)

A NEO Nazi nail bomber who killed three people – including a pregnant woman from Colchester and one of her friends – has failed in a bid to cut his sentence.

David Copeland was given six life sentences in June 2000 for a blast at a Soho pub which killed Andrea Dykes, 27 of Tarragona Mews, Colchester, John Light, 32, of Mill Street, Colchester and Nik Moore, who lived in Suffolk.

Yesterday, the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, said there was nothing wrong with a sentence that will mean Copeland, now 35, will stay in prison at least until he is in his seventies.

Sitting at the Court of Appeal with Mr Justice Owen and Mr Justice Walker, he said Copeland’s crimes were of the most serious kind.

He said Mr Justice Burton, who set Copeland’s minimum term of 50 years back in 2007, was right to call the murders “exceptionally grave”.

He said: “It is difficult to exaggerate the horror of these appalling crimes, which stemmed, as far as we can see, from the appellant’s abhorrent beliefs.

“Having reflected on this awful case, we have come to the conclusion that the appeal should be dismissed.”

When police searched Copeland’s bedroom they found walls adorned with Nazi flags.

On April 30, 1999 Copeland, who grew up in Hampshire, planted three bombs in London.

The first two, in Brixton and Brick Lane, failed to detonate but the third, at the Admiral Duncan, a gay pub, caused three fatalities and many serious injuries.

At the time, bingo hall worker Mrs Dykes, husband Julian and friend Mr Light, who had just been asked to be their unborn child’s godfather, were having a drink before going to watch Abba musical Mamma Mia.

Mr Dykes, a computer programmer, suffered serious injuries, of including extensive burns and nails lodged in his lungs.

He had been left in a coma for weeks, unaware his wife and child had been murdered.

Daily Gazette

EDL Jewish division leader Roberta Moore quits (UK)

The hardline activist at the forefront of the "Jewish Division" of the extreme right-wing English Defence League has announced that she does not wish to be a part of it any longer because of Nazi elements within it.

Roberta Moore, who has led the Jewish Division since it was launched more than a year ago, was accused earlier this month of being a divisive figure in the EDL.

Ms Moore had attempted to co-ordinate her efforts with those of the far-right American Jewish Task Force, whose leader Victor Vancier has been imprisoned for terrorism offences. The move, in February, was heavily criticised by the EDL leadership.

In a statement which she posted on Facebook, the Brazilian-born Ms Moore said she had been offered work on "an international level" elsewhere and so had decided to step down from the Jewish Division.

Although she described the EDL as "doing a fantastic job" she said the party had been hijacked by elements who wanted to use it "for their own Nazi purposes".

Ms Moore said she still supported the EDL leaders and "all the genuine patriots out there who struggle to get their voices heard" but added that she no longer wished to be a part of it.

"I sincerely hope that the leaders will get the strength to squash the Nazis within," she said.

"They will destroy this movement if allowed to remain."

Jewish Chronicle


Animals have to be stunned before being slaughtered in halal or kosher rituals, except if it could be proven they would suffer less without it, Dutch lawmakers decided Tuesday. Dutch law states that all animals must be stunned before being butchered, but has previously made an exception for halal and kosher ritual slaughter. Tabled by the country's Party for the Animals (PvdD), which has two seats in the 150-seat parliament, a majority of the Dutch lower house adopted an amendment abolishing this exception. Parliamentarians, however, also adopted a separate amendment stating that ritual slaughter can be performed without stunning if "independent proof" could be shown that an animal would suffer less if it was not dazed.

Jewish and Muslim representatives insist that ritual slaughter respects animal welfare, citing methods used to limit suffering and arguing that ritual butchers receive expert training. They implored the Dutch government, unsuccessfully, not to change the law as it would impact on their freedom of religion. More than two million animals -- mainly sheep and chickens -- were ritually slaughtered in the Netherlands every year, the PvdD said. Abdelfattah Ali-Salah, director of Halal Correct, the organisation that issues halal certificates in the country, has called this figure "inexact", saying it was closer to 250,000.


Brons accuses Griffin of Euro fraud (Hope Not Hate, UK)

Relations between the two BNP MEPs hit an all-time low yesterday when Andrew Brons accused Nick Griffin of attempting to defraud the European Union. In a statement posted on his website, Brons claimed that Griffin has been using European Union funds to bankroll the BNP and support his friends in a clear violation of EU rules.

Brons claimed that in 2009 Griffin asked him to pay half of the office costs for the BNP-front trade union Solidarity, run by Griffin loyalist and former National Front leader Patrick Harrington. Brons refused but he has still been sent a bill to cover 18 months of rent.

He also alleges that Griffin has tried to get him to pay the wages of Christopher Barnet “who was in charge of the Party’s Alfred programme to put canvassing returns onto a data base for future elections.”

Brons refused but was still sent an invoice for £2,000.

The Yorkshire MEP has also revealed that the party is already under investigation for using an EU-funded MEP office as the party headquarters.

It appears that Brons has exposed this alleged corruption ahead of a series of claims of financial mismanagement against him by Griffin.

With the BNP leadership election only weeks away it is clear that the acrimonious split between the two MEPs is going to result in one, undoubtedly Brons, leaving the party.

Hope Not Hate

EDL protesters banned from city centre pub (UK)

English Defence League protesters planning to march on Cambridge have been banned from a city centre pub.

The group tried to book a huge number of breakfasts at The Regal in St Andrew’s Street, but bosses of the biggest bar in the city refused to cater for them, saying the pub will be closed during the demonstration.

The EDL wanted to meet at the pub before its march on Saturday, July 9 – the same day as Big Weekend celebrations on Parker’s Piece.

The group has previously used other pubs in the JD Wetherspoon chain as meeting points.

Sarah Hemingway, The Regal’s manager, said: "They tried to book the pub and were asking for breakfasts for anything from 500 to 1,000 people. We do not want anything to do with this group and refused. We will be closing that day until about 4pm or whenever the police give us the all clear."

She added they had been talking to police and would keep in contact with them throughout the day.

"The EDL have been associated with our pubs in other parts of the country but we do not want to be associated with this group."

Officers are planning how to police the march but have not been told what route the EDL will take.

The group is protesting against the building of a mosque in Mill Road and it is expected the street, which is home to many of the city’s 7,000 Muslims, will be on the route.

Officers expect a city centre protest around noon. A counter demonstration by Unite Against Fascism and the Trades Union Council will meet outside the Guildhall at 11am.

Police have warned protesters they will not tolerate violence.

Inspector Robin Sissons said: "We understand people may be concerned but there will be a police presence on the day and we are planning for a variety of circumstances."

City MP Julian Huppert, Cambridge City Council leader Cllr Sian Reid, mayor Ian Nimmo-Smith and Lib Dem city and county councillors have signed a statement saying the EDL is not welcome.

Cllr Reid said: "There is no place in our city for anyone who does not share our view that diversity enriches our city.

"We are proud to welcome people from different nationalities and different faiths; we believe this is what makes Cambridge such a wonderful city in which to live."

Cambridge News