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Thursday, 27 January 2011

European leader calls for 'zero-tolerance' for antisemitism

 Europe should have "zero tolerance" for far-right parties that spew antisemitism, European Jewish Congress president Moshe Kantor said in a press conference here today, ahead of ceremonies marking Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Mr Kantor and other Jewish leaders met today with right-populist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who now holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, to discuss problems with the antisemitic far-right Jobbik party and to urge him to overturn his controversial new media law, which subjects news reporting to a litmus test. Mr Orban has come in for severe criticism over the law, which critics consider anti-democratic.

"To some developments we should show zero tolerance in Europe," said Mr Kantor, who was joined in the press conference by Israeli Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Yuli Edelstein.

According to a press release following the private meeting with Mr Orban, Mr Kantor described the meeting as positive. He reported that Mr Orban agreed that some verbal attacks on Israel are comparable to classic antisemitism, and that both are unacceptable. He expressed opposition to what Mr Kantor described as a campaign assaulting Israel's legitimacy.

The EU parliament and its president, Jerzy Buzek, former prime minister of Poland, hosted tonight's Holocaust memorial ceremony organised by the EJC, marking the 66th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp by Red Army soldiers on January 27 1945.

Several survivors, and the son of a rescuer, were among those who lit candles in honor of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

The event featured an exhibition on Auschwitz presented by Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, chairman of Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial, and addresses by Rabbi Lau, Mr Buzek, Mr Kantor and Mr Edelstein.

World Jewish Congress (WJC) President Ronald Lauder said that his family's visit to the Auschwitz camp memorial in Poland more than 20 years ago changed all of their lives.

"I saw the ruins, and the human hair and shoes. Everything was deteriorating," he said. "And I realized that someday there would not only be no more survivors, but also nothing remaining" as proof of history.

He subsequently raised $40 million from governments and private individuals, together with Holocaust survivors Ernest Michel, WJC senior vice president, and Kalman Sultanik, honorary WJC vice president, to help ensure the preservation of the infamous site for posterity.

The Jewish Chronicle

Amren White supremacist gathering in NC in limbo (USA)

A planned gathering in Charlotte of a group known for its white supremacist and anti-immigrant views is in limbo after a hotel canceled the group's reservations.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel cited guest safety in making the decision.

The white nationalist magazine sponsoring the gathering next week, American Renaissance, says it's had no luck so far finding other accommodations in Charlotte.

Editor Jared Taylor says Charlotte City Councilman Patrick Cannon violated the group's First Amendment rights by contacting hotels about the upcoming conference.

Cannon says he was just finding information in response to a question from a constituent.

Anti-racist groups have said they plan to protest the conference on Feb. 5.

News Observer

Admitted Ridgewood Neo-Nazi Arrested for Threatening New York Anti-Defamation League Head (USA)

A former history professor who has publicly admitted being a neo-Nazi was arrested Wednesday morning at his Heights Road apartment for making multiple threats against the director of the Anti-Defamation League in New York, New Jersey State Police have confirmed.

Jacques Pluss, 57, an ex-adjunct history professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University and other universities, has ties to neo-Nazi organizations and is known to frequent neo-Nazi websites, New Jersey State Police say.

Pluss was fired from FDU in 2005 after it had been made public that he was a leader of the American Nazi Party, according to reports. He admitted his status as a neo-Nazi in 2007 to the History News Network and has called the unversity a "Jewish plutocracy" to the Associated Press shortly after being fired. The University said Pluss was fired not because of his political views but because he was absent for classes.

Pluss is alleged to have sent multiple threatening e-mails to the head of the Anti-Defamation League in New York, which were handed over to the New Jersey State Police, Acting Lieutenant Stephen Jones of the agency's Public Information Office said.

"At 6:30 this morning, State Police detectives with the assistance of our TEAMS Unit, Cyber Crimes Unit and K-9 Unit executed a search warrant at Heights Road," Jones said.

In addition to Pluss being taken into custody, "several" rifles were confiscated during the search of the apartment, Jones said.

The former history professor has been charged with bias intimidation, harassment, contempt of court and weapons possession. Because of a prior court action, Pluss was not allowed to possess weapons, State Police say.

Bail was set at $25,000 with a 10-percent option and Pluss was taken to Bergen County Jail.

Multiple agencies aided in the investigation, led by the NJ State Police's Central Security Unit, which handles threats made against public figures. The Division of Criminal Justice, State Police Crime Scene Investigators and the Ridgewood Police Department were involved in the investigation and arrest of Pluss, Jones said.

The New Jersey Attorney General's Office will likely be handling prosecution, Jones said.

Ridgewood Patch

Flintshire Muslim Cultural Society accuses English Defence League of stirring racial tension in Shotton (UK)

 More than 100 activists from far-right group the English Defence League (EDL) marched through Shotton to protest against plans to build an Islamic cultural centre in the town.

North Wales Police officers were out in force to ensure the protest on Saturday – which saw EDL members from Chester, Stoke, Burnley, Manchester, Cardiff and Liverpool congregate – passed without incident.

The EDL vehemently opposes the plans for what it calls a ‘mosque’, which could be built on the site of the former Shotton Lane Social Club.

But Monchab Ali, chairman of the Flintshire Muslim Cultural Society, which is more than halfway to raising the money to buy the venue, insisted the proposal was for an Islamic cultural centre which would benefit the community.

He told the Chronicle: “The EDL has come from outside Shotton in an attempt to divide the community.

“I have been in business for more than 22 years and throughout that time I have not seen any signs of racial tension or problems in the community.

“We have been supporting local football teams, cricket clubs and primary schools – whatever opportunity we have had, we have been supporting the community.”

Mr Ali also attacked a leaflet campaign co-ordinated by BNP councillor John Walker to fight the proposed centre.

In the leaflet Cllr Walker said: “We strongly oppose a development of this kind in the heart of our community.

“Deeside has had its fair share of immigration over the years, but this is a step too far.

“The owner of the Shotton Bengal Dynasty restaurant (Mr Ali) is...seeking to open this Islamic centre.

“Please bear in mind if you dine at this establishment you may well be inadvertently funding this new development.”

Mr Ali countered: “That is completely untrue. Mr Walker lives in Mancot – what is his part to the community and why is he saying such unfounded allegations?”

The society currently rents the Queensferry Institute building for Islamic and Arabic classes, which are held twice a week.

Martin Smith, spokesman for campaign group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) said: “The UAF deplores the EDL’s protest against building a cultural centre.

“Instead of spreading lies and hate towards the Muslim community in Britain, we believe we should be able to celebrate anybody’s culture and live a life free of hate and bigotry.”

North Wales Police Superintendent Dave Owens, the senior officer at the protest on Saturday, said the parade passed without incident.

He said: “Our intention was to facilitate a peaceful protest and we were helped in achieving this by the organisers, who discussed their plans with us before the event and were fully co-operative throughout.”

Supt Owens said the Deeside neighbourhood police team, led by Sergeant Tony Heaword, will continue to work with community leaders ‘to address any ongoing concerns’.

Flintshire Chronicle

St Ethelwold’s Church, Shotton, criticises BNP and EDL Islam centre opposition (UK)

A Church leader has criticised the British National Party’s (BNP) leafleting campaign against the proposed Shotton Islamic centre.

St Ethelwold’s Church was pictured in the leaflet co-ordinated by BNP community councillor John Walker without authorisation.

And vicar Rev Steven Green wants to make it clear the church does not support the far-right organisation’s opposition to the controversial plans.

Within the leaflet Cllr Walker said: “With declining church attendances and the local clergy falling over themselves to welcome other religions into the area, what future does Christianity have in Deeside?”

Mr Green said: “I would suggest the author of this letter should be better informed, as all the churches on Deeside work well together and are involved in many projects such as Fairtrade, community development and many other initiatives.

“The Christian communities are faithful and confident in their own faith, but that faith reflecting the love of Jesus seeks to welcome and offer hospitality.

“Church life on Deeside is in good heart, supported by loyal, faithful and generous Christians who stand for peace and tolerance on our streets and respect for all people of peace and goodwill.”

Mr Green also criticised the English Defence League’s town centre protest on Saturday.

“I find it difficult to believe such a demonstration has anything to do with the people of Deeside,” he said.

“Deeside people are warm, generous and tolerant people who have witnessed and adapted to many changes over the last 30 years.”

Flintshire Chronicle

Mersey Police Authority awards £5,000 to tackle hate crime (UK)

Merseyside Police Authority has awarded £5,000 to an action group to assist their work tackling hate crime.

Homotopia’s "Project Triangle" works with young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to develop projects and resources promoting equality and diversity and challenging hate crime.

The police authority - a 17-strong public body made up of councillors from all five Merseyside councils as well as individuals from the community - presented Homotopia with the £5,000 to purchase film production and editing equipment.

Using this, the group has produced a new film: "Sex, Drags and Rock N Roll", which premiered at the Unity Theatre as part of the Homotopia festival.

The film has already been selected for the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and will feature in a Merseyside-wide youth hate crime conference being organised for February.

Bev Ayre, who manages the project, said the MPA cash: "has vastly increased our ability to work with young people and spread an anti-hate message locally, across the country and internationally.

"We are so grateful to Merseyside Police Authority for their continued support of our work tackling hate crime."

He said MPA's support means more than 20,000 young people across Merseyside have accessed diversity and equality resources.

In 2009, the police authority funded a trip for 12 young people from Project Triangle to visit Auschwitz and Warsaw to raise awareness of hate crime and increase people’s confidence in reporting it.

Following the visit, Project Triangle produced a hate crime education resource pack which has been endorsed by Sir Ian McKellen, the NUT and Merseyside Police Chief Constable John Murphy.

Those involved in the project will be visiting the authority on Thursday to talk to members about how the money is being spent.

For more information on how you can apply for a grant through the authority’s Police Property Acts Fund, click the first link below...

Wirral Globe