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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Waffen SS veterans hold official memorial march in Latvian capital Riga

Latvian Waffen SS veterans have been parading in the Latvian capital Riga to honor their comrades who died fighting on the German side during the Second World War.
The event, which is held annually, never fails to stir controversy, causing outrage both in Latvia and abroad, as many consider it a glorification of Nazism.

The authorities in Riga banned the parade earlier this month because of security concerns.
Regardless, on Monday, a Riga court lifted the ban, saying there was no threat to security in the city, although anti-fascist groups are holding a counter-demonstration.

From 1998 to 2000, the 16th of March has been an official remembrance day in the country to pay tribute to the Latvian Legion.

The Legion was created in 1943 on the order of Adolf Hitler.

The danger of such events as the march of the SS legionaries in Riga is in making neo-Nazism or racism something that is acceptable, warned Glyn Ford, a former member of the European parliament from the British Labour Party.

Latvia is not alone in its glorification of Nazi collaborators as a way of criticizing the Soviet era, but “one could be critical of the Soviet era without actually getting into bed with neo-Nazis


Wales BNP Deputy Leader now threatens Labours Baroness Uddin on Facebook

Wales BNP’s Deputy Leader in more controversy for threatening Labours Baroness Uddin on Facebook.

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This is after the death threat phone calls to Mark Wattson that he will now have to defend himself against in court.

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Facebook users warned over stalk-my-profile scam

A bogus application that lures Facebook users by falsely offering to show who has been viewing their profile has been exposed as a scam.

Rik Ferguson, a senior security consultant at Trend Micro, warns he has already identified 25 different copies of the same rogue app but using different monikers such as peeppeep-pro, profile-check-online and stalk-my-profile.
All of the rogue apps are spread by updates seeking to lure the friends of previous victims to give the stalkerware a try. Some even offer a photo montage of a victim's contacts in a bid to add more authenticity. However, none of the apps actually do anything except profit their creators via ad affiliate revenues and deceptive tactics.

"The app itself is designed to look convincing enough, but none of the many 'Continue' buttons it offers will activate some under-the-counter profile checking functionality - they will just push you into another Facebook app earning the scammer advertising revenue in the process," Ferguson explains in a blog post containing screenshots illustrating the scam, which resurfaced over the weekend.

"There is no officially sanctioned Facebook functionality that will allow you to view who has been checking your profile."

for more on this story please visit the Register

Cemetery request risks new racial rifts (Switzerland)

Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Basel, Thun and Lucerne already have special sections in cemeteries set aside for Muslim burials, but requests for such accommodation have been rejected in smaller communes around the country. They say they have too few Muslim residents to justify allocating the extra space. Now the country’s leading Muslim organization is preparing legal action to demand that such sections be made mandatory in every canton. They say it falls under their constitutional right to freedom of religion as Islamic law says Muslims cannot be buried with individuals of other faiths. But some fear legal action is not a very constructive approach, and that it will only fan the flames of growing Islamophobia.


Jobbik pledges to be hard on Gypsy crime (Hungary)

Hungary's radical nationalist Jobbik party said on Friday it would focus on fighting "subsistance crime, also known as gypsy crime" if elected to power in the April elections.

Jobbik leader Gabor Vona presented Janos Volner, the spokesman for the banned paramilitary Hungarian Guard, as the candidate to head a new law enforcement ministry, which the party has envisaged in the next government.
Jobbik promotes order and will be determined to persecute all forms of criminal activity, including crimes by politicians or economic crimes, Vona said.

Jobbik announced in February that it is setting up a shadow government. Its members, in addition to Volner, are Marton Gyongyosi for foreign policy, Tamas Gaudi-Nagy for Justice, Lajos Posze for the Prime Minister's Office and Geza Gyenes for health care.

Polls indicate Jobbik as one of three parties to get seats in Parliament after the general elections in April.

Far Right Nationalists the Freedom party unhappy about TV coverage

The Freedom party complains in a press release about a gross disadvantage in the TV coverage of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”. Freedom parties general secretary Harald Vilimsky was talking about “agitation programs against his party” and used the turn of expression that such a behaviour of the medias “takes the biscuit.”

The upset politican explains that the ORF always tries to connect his Freedom party with National Socialism. Last time a journalist has ordered Skinheads to a Freedom party event who should scream “Sieg Heil!” into the cameras of the medias, claims Vilimsky and termed that such a business is the atrocity propaganda of the Socialdemocrats.
Harald Vilimsky told that the Freedom party always tried to find a basis of dialogue with the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, but now all those efforts count as failed. “The ORF presents a journalistic work of the final-rate as never before”, he confirmed.


Lesbian air force sergeant discharged after police tell of her sexuality (USA)

A lesbian sergeant in the US air force was discharged after police told her superiors about her sexual orientation.

Jene Newsome, 28, did not violate the US military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy on gay soldiers keeping their sexual orientation secret.
But she was outed by police officers who spotted her Iowa marriage certificate when searching for her wife in November.
Ms Newsome, a Rapid City, South Dakota, resident, was discharged in January.
Officers had visited her home seeking her wife, who was facing theft charges for an incident last year in Alaska.
They saw her marriage certificate lying on the kitchen table through a window and informed staff at Ellsworth Air Force Base, where Ms Newsome worked.
She and the American Civil Liberties Union of South Dakota have filed a complaint, saying the officers violated her privacy. They are considering whether to file a lawsuit against the police department.
Ms Newsome told Associated Press: "I played by Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

"I just don't agree with what the Rapid City police department did. … They violated a lot of internal polices on their end, and I feel like my privacy was violated."

She also accused them of retaliating against her and said they knew she would be fired.

The Rapid City Police Department argues that Ms Newsome did not cooperate with them and refused to immediately return home from the base to look for her wife.

Police chief Steve Allender said that the marriage licence was relevant because it demonstrated the relationship between the two women.
He said: "It's an emotional issue and it's unfortunate that Newsome lost her job, but I disagree with the notion that our department might be expected to ignore the licence, or not document the licence, or withhold it from the Air Force once we did know about it."
An internal investigation found the police had not acted improperly when alerting the military to Ms Newsome's sexual orientation.

The military gay ban is currently under review.
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New Colombian party linked to right-wing gangs

A new party accused of ties to far-right criminal bands has emerged as a surprising force in Colombian politics, adding to worries that President Alvaro Uribe has failed to weaken drug-funded paramilitaries in the provinces.
Voters made the Party of National Integration, or PIN, Colombia's fourth-strongest party in Sunday's election to replace a Congress already badly tarnished by lawmaker links to far-right militias.

The party, comprised in a large part by relatives and friends of lawmakers jailed or under investigation for alleged paramilitary links, won nearly a million votes in elections dominated by Uribe allies.

"It is no secret that drug mafias and some remnants of paramilitary groups have penetrated Colombia's political system," said Michael Shifter of the Inter-American Dialogue think tank in Washington. "But their capacity to organize politically in the current context is notable, and deeply troubling."
The vote was a key indicator of Colombians' preferences heading into the May 30 presidential election, providing a measure of Uribe's performance against this Andean nation's twin demons: organized crime and drug corruption. Uribe remains highly popular in Colombia for weakening leftist guerrillas.

While the vote highlighted the popularity of his administration's vigorous U.S.-backed military campaign against the drug-funded rebels, it also underlines the failure to curtail the power of the paramilitaries. The rightist groups emerged in the 1980s to counter leftist rebels but evolved into drug-trafficking gangs blamed for well over 20,000 murders.

Ariel Avila, a researcher with the independent Arco Iris Foundation, said the governing party has obtained loyalty through political patronage - doling out ambassadorships and other posts in exchange for loyalty - as few other Colombian governments have.

He accused the outgoing Uribe administration of being "one of the most corrupt governments ever" in Colombia.
Colombia's next president - a February court decision disqualified Uribe from running for a third straight four-year term - will have to decide whether to include PIN in the governing coalition.
The current front-runner, former Defense Minister Manuel Santos, ducked the question Monday.

"We're not at the moment planning to make mechanical alliances," he told reporters.

His National Unity party - Uribe's former standard-bearer - won the most votes Sunday, followed by the allied Conservative party. Together they fall just short of a majority in Congress and will need allies. The opposition Liberal party was the third-largest vote-getter, PIN was fourth and the Uribe-allied Radical Change party finished fifth.
Some of the Uribe-allied parties won seats with candidates who are relatives or friends of politicians jailed for ties to the paramilitaries. But PIN, which was created in November, had the most.

Its candidates won eight of the Senate's 102 seats.

They include Teresita Garcia. Her brother Alvaro Garcia, an ex-senator, was convicted and sentenced last month to 40 years in prison for ordering a 2000 massacre of 15 peasants in the remote northern town of Macayepo.
Also prominent among PIN's senators-elect is Hector Julio Lopez, son of Enilce Lopez, a jailed lottery entrepreneur known as "La Gata" who has been on trial on charges of murder and money-laundering.

Vote-buying, nothing new in Colombian politics, apparently remained rampant outside the cosmopolitan capital of Bogota, where a nascent anti-corruption Green Party emerged Sunday.

One of the spots cited by Organization of American States election observers was Lopez's stronghold of Magangue near the Caribbean coast. They said votes were paid for there Sunday "at the very voting table." Veteran columnist Maria Jimena Duzan says the going rate in the region is about $50-$70 per voter.

PIN's legal representative, Alvaro Caicedo, disputed the claim of critics that PIN's success provides compelling evidence that right-wing criminal bands involved in drug trafficking continue to plague Colombia's countryside.

"Under no circumstance does the party have anything to do with the guerrillas, or with paramilitarism or drug-trafficking," he told The Associated Press in his office at Bogota's city council, to which he was elected two years ago.
He insisted he assiduously vetted each of the more than 80 congressional candidates the party ran.

Caicedo also denied published reports that the true power behind PIN is former Sen. Luis Alberto Gil, who has been jailed since 1988 on criminal conspiracy charges for alleged collusion with paramilitaries.
But Caicedo, a self-described peasant from the southern state of Narino, acknowledged he regularly visits Gil, whose wife ran unsuccessfully for the Senate on the PIN slate, and other jailed politicians at La Picota penitentiary.

More than 40 members of the outgoing Congress have been arrested since 2006 on criminal conspiracy charges for allegedly benefiting from ties with paramilitaries, and a similar number are under investigation. That's roughly a third of Congress.