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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Tension on the 35th anniversary of Franco's death (Spain)

Anti-fascist and fascist demonstrators met at Franco's mausoleum

Saturday was the 35th anniversary of the death of Francisco Franco, and saw a group of his supporters coincide with a group of those against the dead dictator at his grave at the Valle de los Caídos, at El Escorial, near Madrid.

The groups could not gain access to the site because of building work and held their demonstrations at the gate. There were no serious incidents.

Two coaches carrying some 100 members of the Madrid Region Memory Forum and the Guadarrama Sierra Social Forum, had permission to hold a demonstration under the slogan ‘Truth, justice and reparation for the victims of Franco’.

The other group was of some 20 who had travelled to the Basilica to pray for and praise Franco. They did not have permission but refused to leave on the orders of the Guardia Civil.

There were shouts of ‘Viva Franco!’ on the one side and ‘We will not forget’ on the other. The chanting and stand-off lasted for some 35 minutes.

It comes as left wing collectives have called for the massive cross which stands on the mountain above the mausoleum to be blown up, considering that it extols fascism.

President of the State Federation for Memory Forums, José María Pedreño, said that the Valle de los Caídos is ‘the only monument which extols fascism to remain in Europe’. He said the grand cross is not a reference to Christianity, but to fascist power – ‘a cross more of crime and bullying’. He said that Franco’s remains, and those of his deputy, Primo de Rivera, should be removed from the site and handed over to their families, and then the archives should be studied to try and identify the remains of the hundreds of people buried at the site, so their remains could also be handed to their families.

Typically Spanish


Austria's far-right Freedom Party has become the country's second-most popular party. The party, which campaigns on an anti-immigrant platform, even ranks first among voters under 30, a new poll found.

The launch of the Freedom Party's (FPO) campaign for the recent local elections in Vienna may seem bizarre but has proven to be successful. Heinz-Christian Strache, the party's leader, stepped into the ring at a suburban shopping center, acting the part of a fighter who will take on all comers but especially left-wingers and Greens. Strache's party went on to win second place in the Vienna election. And a recent national opinion poll says 27 percent would vote for him in a national election. That puts the Freedom Party just ahead of the conservative People's Party and just behind the Social Democrats. Austria no longer has just two major parties - it has three: One on the center-left, the other one on the center-right, and now the Freedom Party, which operates on the far-right. Austria currently has a so-called grand coalition government made up of the Social Democrats and the conservative People's Party. But their popularity is declining in the face of Freedom Party gains.

Anti-immigrant platform
The same situation existed just over a decade ago when former leader Joerg Haider took the party into a coalition government. Before his death in a car accident, Haider campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform. And party leader Strache is tapping into the same rich vein of voters, according to political commentator Herbert Lackner. "If the government threw out all the people that came into Austria over the past 10 or 20 years, if they would throw them all out but one, the Freedom Party would still campaign against this one single person," Lackner told Deutsche Welle. "And a 100,000 people would still believe that there are too many foreigners." One of the most surprising results from the latest survey is the Freedom Party's popularity among young Austrians. It's the number one choice for people under 30. Strache appeals most strongly to young males, as did his predecessor Haider. "He wants to scream, he wants to fight, he wants to yell. That's something for prostate-bearing people - not for women. It's just a male party. It has always been a male party," said Lackner.

Popularity based on austerity measures
Analysts point out that part of the recent surge by the far right is due to the coalition's austerity measures. Their cost-cutting budget is currently working its way through parliament. Lackner believes Austrians will only vote for Heinz-Christian Strache in the next general election in three years if they are sure he won't become part of a government. "If people see that Strache could come into the position to become part of a government I think that would scare many people off."

The Deutsche Welle


Richard Williamson, planned to stand trial over questioning the scope of the Holocaust, hires member of far-right NPD part after previous lawyer pulled out the case.

British Bishop Richard Williamson has appointed a radical right-wing lawyer to defend him in a German trial over his denial of scope of the Holocaust, Spiegel news magazine reported Saturday. The lawyer, Wolfram Nahrath, is a member of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), the magazine wrote. He also led the Viking Youth, a neo-Nazi organization modeled on the Hitler Youth, until it was banned in 1994. Earlier this week, his previous defense lawyer unexpectedly pulled out of the case, indicating that this was due to Williamson's choice of a new lawyer. The case is scheduled before court later this month.

Williamson, of the ultra-orthodox Catholic Society of St Pius X (SSPX), denied in a television interview last year that the Nazis had systematically murdered millions of Jews. The interview, for a Swedish television channel, took place in Germany, where Holocaust denial is a criminal offence. Nahrath has reportedly asked the court to postpone the trial, scheduled for November 29, so he can familiarize himself with the material. SSPX - which is seeking official recognition from the Vatican - has distanced itself from the lawyer and said it "could not accept the appointment of a neo-Nazi judge," Spiegel wrote.

Christian Thouvenot, the secretary general of SSPX reportedly said that this choice would inevitably cause them to separate from Williamson. The bishop was fined 10,000 euros (14,000 dollars) in April over his remarks but his lawyer appealed against the fine, invoking a court appearance. Williamson's remarks shook the Catholic Church last year, as Pope Benedict XVI had ended the excommunication of Williamson and three other SSPX leaders weeks earlier. In the TV interview, Williamson stated that no more than 300,000 people had died in concentration camps, and that nobody was killed in gas chambers.


Hertfordshire Constabulary offer support to victims of disabled hate crime (UK)

 Police in Hertfordshire are using the end of Anti-Bullying Week as an opportunity to encourage victims and witness of disability hate crimes to come forward.

If a person is verbally and physically harassed or assaulted because of their disability, they are not only victims of bullying, but are also considered victims of disability hate crime.

The offence is punishable by law and offenders can face a significantly more serious sentence if the case comes to court.

Police have specially-trained hate crime officers that offer victims help, support and advice and will assist the victims if the case goes to court.

Inspector Ian Tycer, who specialises in tackling hate crime, said: "What might seem to others as harmless banter towards at a disabled person, is taken just as seriously by police as if someone had been assaulted or robbed because they are disabled.

"Anti bullying week is a great platform for us to reinforce the message that any form of crime where victims are taken advantage of because they are disabled is totally unacceptable.

"We are committed to reducing the harm disability hate crime causes to victims, their families and to the wider community and it is vitally important that incidents are reported to police so action can be taken.

"It is understandable that many disability hate crimes still go unreported as victims may feel awkward or embarrassed talking to police face to face.”

Forms to report disability hate crime will be available in the following outlets next year:

    * The One Stop Shop in the Town Hall in Watford.
    * Citizens Advice Bureau, Watford; Thrive Homes.
    * Three Rivers House, Rickmansworth.
    * Watford Community Housing Trust, Clarendon Road.

      Witnesses and victims can also call 0845 33 00 222 to contact hate crime officers.

      Hertfordshire Constabulary offer support to victims of disabled hate crime

Watford Observer

Police disperse unplanned Wolverhampton EDL Protest (UK)

Cops had to disperse a surprise protest in Wolverhampton city centre held by the Far Right English Defence League yesterday.

About 50 members of the extremist organisation marched through shopping areas on Saturday morning before being moved on by police.

Shoppers and city centre staff were forced to flee as the chanting protesters moved along Dudley Street.

“There were about 50 of them walking up the street,” said one shop worker, who did not want to be named.

“They had banners and were chanting and singing.

“It didn’t last very long but was quite scary.”

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: “Protesters arrived at 11.45am and dispersed just before 2pm. There were no reports of disorder.

“An additional police presence remained in the city and local officers visited shops to update staff and shoppers.”

The spokesman added the force were aware that the EDL were planning an event and were prepared for it.

Two people were arrested after the protest but cops said they may not have been connected to EDL activities.

Sunday Mercury


Heated clashes are expected at a court hearing tomorrow for the leader of the English Defence League.

Hundreds of EDL supporters, ­Islamic extremists and members of anti-fascist groups are set to converge as the EDL’s founder Stephen Lennon appears in the dock.

The far-right leader was arrested on Armistice Day at a demo by Islamic extremists who burned poppies during the two-minute silence.

Violent clashes broke out after members of the EDL reacted angrily to the sick stunt by the group Muslims Against Crusades (MAC).

Lennon – who goes by the name ­Tommy Robinson – was charged with assaulting a police officer during the fracas.
The 27-year-old is due at West London magistrates’ court tomorrow morning. And he is expected to be supported by hundreds of EDL members who will travel to the capital from across the UK.

The group’s Facebook page has been swamped with messages of support for Lennon.

One EDL fan Paul Szilvasi said: “EDL all the way. We shouldn’t have to stand for this shit in our country right on Tommy. Will be there!”

Police fear the protest will be hijacked by members of Islamic extremist groups and activists from anti-Fascist groups sparking angry clashes.

One EDL fan, Daniel Smith, threatened violence on his Facebook page, stating: “You bet my white, british, Cross-Flag-flyin’, Bacon Munchin, ­Jihad-hating, Patriotic ass i’ll be there, ready to take on any MAC/MDL/UAF scum who cross our path trying to take us and our beautiful country down.”

But Islamic extremists are unperturbed by the threats.

Hate cleric Anjem Choudary, 43 – whose group Islam4Uk was banned by the Government – said: “The EDL want to destroy Islam. Wherever the EDL are you can expect protest from Muslims.”

Members of MAC also chanted ­“British soldiers burn in hell” during their Remembrance Day protest.

Four EDL supporters arrested on suspicion of affray were bailed until December, along with two members of Muslims Against Crusades who were detained for public order offences.

Meanwhile Muslim extremists are celebrating after hearing that jailed hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed could be released days after his arrest for training terrorists in Lebanon.

The 54-year-old rabble-rouser will be set free from jail in Beirut on Thursday or Friday, according to his supporters.

Daily Star