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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Far right threats to Scottish football journalists (UK)

The National Union of Journalists is planning to raise concerns over far right threats to journalists in Scotland with the first minister, Alex Salmond.

The Journalist reports that the move "follows threats and defamatory comments made on unofficial football supporters' websites."

The NUJ's Scottish organiser, Paul Holleran, said: "We are aware of several journalists working in the area of Scottish football that have been threatened and smeared...

"These people are no ordinary football fans; they are far right elements using intimidatory behaviour to attack journalists who write copy they disagree with."

One targeted journalist identified by Holleran is Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, a member of the union's Irish executive council. He writes regularly about the politics and culture of Scottish football, including for The Guardian (see here).

Holleran said: "Alex Salmond has already spoken out against this behaviour as unacceptable, and I hope we can agree steps to prevent publication of this bigoted diatribe which borders on fascism.

"I know that Mr Salmond and the SNP want to be seen to be cleaning up Scotland. They can start with these toxic websites that defame and threaten our members and other people."

The Scottish government is preparing to fast track legislation to deal with football bigotry following a series of incidents over the past season.

Neil Lennon, the manager of Celtic, has been sent bullets and letter bombs, and was assaulted during a match in Edinburgh. He has also been subjected to a vicious online campaign.

Ministers are said to be considering making sectarian conduct at football matches a specific criminal offence, which would carry a five-year jail sentence.


MPACUK Press Release: EDL's Vicious Attack on Muslim Bystanders (UK)

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) reports an attack on two Muslim bystanders during an anti-Muslim march in Dagenham by the far-right group, the English Defence League. The viscous attack occurred on Saturday 18th June, when the two Muslim men, both in their mid 20’s, were walking through their town when they encountered the EDL march. It is estimated that around 250 EDL members were present at the march and were shouting Islamophobic and racist chants.

Surprisingly, there was not a single uniformed policeman in the area and local residents were not warned by the police prior to the march that they must remain vigilant.

The two victims, Aftab Baig and Mohammed Baig crossed over to the other side of the road to avoid the EDL thugs but some of the EDL protesters followed them and started hurling abuse at the two men. Six of the EDL members then launched a violent attack on the two men, throwing them to the ground where they were kicked and punched repeatedly.

Both men sustained multiple injuries and Mohammed Baig was hospitalised suffering head injuries and a broken jaw.

MPACUK would like to know why the problem of the EDL is not being taken seriously by the government or the police despite the EDL having a track record of violence and disorder. A number of EDL members have criminal records for violent offences. The EDL is an extremist group that should be banned.


Norwich man sentenced over racist Twitter comments (UK)

A Norwich man who made racist comments on a social networking site about a new Norwich City signing has been ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work.

Luke O’Donoughoe, of Johnson Place, was handed a lifetime ban from Carrow Road by the club following his comments on Twitter, and today he was sentenced to community work after pleading guilty at magistrates’ court.

O’Donoughoe, 23, made racist comments about James Vaughan and the Canaries’ current playing squad shortly after the Premier League club’s signing of the former Everton striker at the end of May.

A complaint from a member of the public to Norfolk police was investigated and O’Donoughoe was subsequently charged with sending an offensive message by public communication network.

Today, he appeared at Norwich Magistrates Court, where he pleaded guilty.

At the beginning of the month he became the first person to be banned from a football ground for making racist remarks on Twitter.

In taking the action, the club reiterated that they took a zero tolerance policy on racisim or discrimination of any kind, something that is in its supporters’ charter and ground regulations. This action was backed by Kick It Out – the national campaign for equality and inclusion in football.

O’Donoughoe, who was a season ticket holder for nine years at Carrow Road before 2007, had also seen his original comments deplored by Canaries fans on Twitter, while football pundit and former player Mark Bright was the loudest in his protests at the original comments on the website.

Shortly afterwards he deleted the offensive comments and offered his “sincere apologies” to James Vaughan via Twitter. His account has been deleted.

O’Donoughoe was sentenced to a 12 month community order and 120 hours of unpaid work.

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English Defence League to march in Cambridge (UK)

The right-wing English Defence League (EDL) is to hold a march in Cambridge for the first time.

Cambridgeshire police has confirmed it has been approached by the organisation to hold a demonstration on Saturday, July 9.

A counter-demonstration will be held on the day organised by the Cambridge branch of Unite Against Fascism, which will meet in market square at 11am.

Martin Booth, spokesman for Unison at Cambridge health branch, said: “We have a lot of diversity at Addenbrooke’s and in Cambridge and we don’t want these characters coming to the city.”

An EDL march in Peterborough last year was policed by about 1,000 officers from 18 forces.

A police spokeswoman said: “We have been approached by a member of the English Defence League to inform us of a protest in Cambridge on July 9.

“Plans are underway to ensure an appropriate police response on the day.

“The force fully supports people's right to peaceful protest, as well as ensuring minimal disruption to the people of Cambridge.”
Trade unionists, politicians, faith group and community leaders have already signed up to a statement opposing the EDL and supporting the multi-cultural “We are Cambridge” event.

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