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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Far right threats to Scottish football journalists (UK)

The National Union of Journalists is planning to raise concerns over far right threats to journalists in Scotland with the first minister, Alex Salmond.

The Journalist reports that the move "follows threats and defamatory comments made on unofficial football supporters' websites."

The NUJ's Scottish organiser, Paul Holleran, said: "We are aware of several journalists working in the area of Scottish football that have been threatened and smeared...

"These people are no ordinary football fans; they are far right elements using intimidatory behaviour to attack journalists who write copy they disagree with."

One targeted journalist identified by Holleran is Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, a member of the union's Irish executive council. He writes regularly about the politics and culture of Scottish football, including for The Guardian (see here).

Holleran said: "Alex Salmond has already spoken out against this behaviour as unacceptable, and I hope we can agree steps to prevent publication of this bigoted diatribe which borders on fascism.

"I know that Mr Salmond and the SNP want to be seen to be cleaning up Scotland. They can start with these toxic websites that defame and threaten our members and other people."

The Scottish government is preparing to fast track legislation to deal with football bigotry following a series of incidents over the past season.

Neil Lennon, the manager of Celtic, has been sent bullets and letter bombs, and was assaulted during a match in Edinburgh. He has also been subjected to a vicious online campaign.

Ministers are said to be considering making sectarian conduct at football matches a specific criminal offence, which would carry a five-year jail sentence.