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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Are the Czech Republic Romanies the most discriminated against minority in the EU

The Czech government has protested against a European survey that in early December said Czech Romanies are a minority that is the most discriminated against in the EU. Michael Kocab, Czech minister in charge of human rights and minorities, told journalists that a number of Romany intellectuals live in the Czech Republic, who are able to distinguish and describe discrimination and report on it abroad. The Czech government is trying to solve the problem openly and transparently, which, however, does not mean that it can admit Czech Romanies being [referred to as] the most discriminated against in the EU, Kocab said. According to Kocab, the survey's results reflect the relatively high legal awareness on the part of Czech Romanies, their higher ability to identify discrimination in society in which they are far better integrated than Romanies in other countries. "In view of this, Czech Romanies have a much bigger chance of full-fledged integration in society, though they show a strong feeling of being discriminated against," Kocab said in a press release. He said Romanies in the Czech Republic have good knowledge of the country's anti-discrimination measures and of the organisations providing help and advice in this area. This corresponds to the developed network of NGOs that focus on fighting discrimination in the Czech Republic, he said. The Romanies are aware of the impacts of the social and economic transformation. "However, they consider them a violation of the egalitarianism applied by the previous communist regime. They are able to orient themselves in their rights and demand their observance," Kocab said. He said an improvement in this area also ensues from the report on Czech Romanies' emigration to Canada that the cabinet discussed today.

The cabinet also approved a manual for Czech embassies concerning the Romany issue. It will serve for diplomats to respond basic questions about the Czech Republic's approach to Romany integration, Kocab said. The study was worked out by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) on the basis of interviews with 23,000 immigrants and ethnic minority members. According to it, 64 percent of Romanies in the Czech Republic were discriminated against in the past 12 months, and 42 percent of Czech Romanies fell victim to crime. The Czech government's office for Romany affairs, however, says the situation is in fact not that alarming. The office director Gabriela Hrabanova told CTK previously that the objective situation of Romanies in the Czech Republic is better than in some other states, mainly in east Europe. Residents of Romany settlements in Slovakia and Romania face far worse living conditions, she said. Hrabanova, too, pointed to the relatively large integration of Czech Romanies with the majority society, "At some places they live in total segregation. As a result, they do not meet with discrimination at all," she said. She said most Czech Romanies are in contact with the majority society, therefore they better realise mutual differences. The FRA has examined minority members' experiences with discrimination in nine areas of everyday life - in seeking jobs and at work, in housing, health care and social services, at schools, in cafes, pubs and night clubs, in shops and in banks. It also looked into wehther minority members fell victim to crime. The FRA found the strongest discrimination in terms of access to education and work, but said there are shortcomings in other areas as well.

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New service for homophobic hate crime victims in Wales

A partnership between Victim Support and Stonewall Cymru has launched a new service to help victims of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes.
The service has received £50,000 funding from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which Victim Support is using to train staff and volunteers in offering emotional support and practical help to gay and trans people.
This will include advice on personal safety, how to deal with police and the Prosecution Service and support for victims and witnesses during trials.
Gaynor McKeown, Victim Support’s regional manager for Wales, said that support would be tailored to victims' individual needs.
She said: “With more staff and volunteers we will now be able to give a more robust service to victims and witnesses of homophobic and transphobic crimes.
"It’s essential that all victims have someone they can turn to for support, someone who will understand the issues and challenges they may face. Victims and witnesses need easily accessible help and support to suit their needs – that’s why we’ve set up this new service.”
Jenny Porter, community liaison officer at Stonewall Cymru, said: "We at Stonewall Cymru urge victims of homophobic and other hate crimes to take up this offer from Victim Support, receiving focused support and information at such a critical time can make a huge difference to coping with the experience."

Victims of homophobic or transphobic crime can call the helpline on 0845 6 121 900.

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Billy Bragg Concert to fight fascism for Hope Not Hate

If you are unaware the Hope Not Hate is an excellent organisation in the UK that campaigns against UK’s extreme racist political party the British National Party “BNP”.

The HNH organisation has been very successful with their work and their website is a must view resource for any one seeking information about the BNP or other extreme far right groups in the UK.
The following video is a simple advert for the forthcoming Billy Brag concert in support of the HNH cause.

For tickets and more information please click the link below.
Hope Not Hate

Attention ! please report the following You Tube Race Hate Promoters

Attention ! please report the following You Tube Race Hate Promoters


An extreme racist and anti-Semitic hate promoter who has posted a link to another users twitter account in a obvious attempt to generate abuse at that user.


A bigoted extreme racist who has been suspended on numerous occasions for extreme racial hatred promotion and abuse.


this user has created a clone channel of another You Tube user with the Id of inevergiveup1402.

What this racist abusive user has done is instead of using the number “0” in their user clone id they have substituted the letter “O” in its place.
Make sure please when reporting this user you report the correct one which is inevergiveup14O2 (“O” being the letter O as on Orange not the number “0” zero).

All these users can be reported by using the tools at the Stop Racism Canada web site

or by using the You Tube Safety tool

Jailed British Godfather Threatened Enemies From Facebook Account

A convicted criminal used Facebook to threaten his enemies while in a maximum security prison for conspiracy to murder, it emerged tonight.
Colin Gunn, an underworld godfather who ordered the killing of a couple, had his social networking site account shut down yesterday, a source said.
The Sunday Times reported the 42-year-old said in one posting: 'I will be home one day and I can't wait to look into certain people's eyes and see the fear of me being there.'
Gunn, from Nottingham, was jailed over the revenge murders of John and Joan Stirland in 2004.
According to the Ministry of Justice, prisoners are prohibited from accessing social networking sites.
But the latest internet breach comes after Jade Braithwaite, jailed for knifing to death Ben Kinsella, 16, used Facebook to taunt his victim's family.
Earlier this month, relatives of victims of violent crime called for the introduction of electronic anti-social behaviour orders, or 'E-Asbos' to stop convicted killers bragging online.
A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: 'We are extremely concerned that prisoners are able to update Facebook and other social networking sites either through illicit technology or via outside contacts.
'The Public Order Act 1986 created offences dealing with causing harassment, alarm or distress. We will not hesitate to refer to the police any published material that appears to breach this.
'We recognise that it is deeply distressing for victims and their families and friends and we have made it clear to Facebook that we do not think it acceptable or appropriate for these sites to remain active, something Facebook agrees with.'
He added that serving prisoners do not have access to the internet 'except for educational purposes, when access is closely monitored by staff' and access to social networking sites is prohibited.
Justice Secretary Jack Straw said: 'I have sought the assistance of Facebook to have these profiles removed and we will continue to press for removal of these whenever we find them or whenever they are drawn to our attention.
'I am also hoping to meet with Ofcom, Facebook, victims' representatives and other government departments with an interest in this area to identify a solution to what is an issue of considerable concern to myself, victims and their families, and many members of the public.
'We will not hesitate to refer to the police any published material that appears to breach the law.'
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1247422/British-Godfather-taunted-foes-prison-facebook-messages.html#ixzz0eBBcAZu2

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