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Our intention is to inform people of racist, homophobic, religious extreme hate speech perpetrators across social networking internet sites. And we also aim to be a focal point for people to access information and resources to report such perpetrators to appropriate web sites, governmental departments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Attention ! please report the following You Tube Race Hate Promoters

Attention ! please report the following You Tube Race Hate Promoters


An extreme racist and anti-Semitic hate promoter who has posted a link to another users twitter account in a obvious attempt to generate abuse at that user.


A bigoted extreme racist who has been suspended on numerous occasions for extreme racial hatred promotion and abuse.


this user has created a clone channel of another You Tube user with the Id of inevergiveup1402.

What this racist abusive user has done is instead of using the number “0” in their user clone id they have substituted the letter “O” in its place.
Make sure please when reporting this user you report the correct one which is inevergiveup14O2 (“O” being the letter O as on Orange not the number “0” zero).

All these users can be reported by using the tools at the Stop Racism Canada web site

or by using the You Tube Safety tool