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Monday, 25 April 2011

The case of the missing EDL Facebook Page takes another twist

The latest twist in this ever changing blog post of the vanishing EDL Facebook page is that the hacker crew called ZCompany, Team Poison are now putting forward their version of what has happened.

Posted by TriCk from ZHC...

TriCk Owns
- Just to clarify everything,
1. the offical edl facebook account was closed down by facebook
......2. the new edl facebook account was hacked by an ex-edl admin/stafff because of some personal issues with the leadership
3. the Leak was exposed & written by me (TriCk) TeaMp0isoN
4. The website was hacked by TeaMp0isoN
5. the accounts were hacked by me
6. the email was hacked by zhc.
- WE (TeaMp0isoN & ZHC) are not fame whores, we only take credit when credit is due.

 Hmm and the plot thickens. 


Russian neo-Nazis rally in Moscow against Caucasus

Hundreds of neo-Nazis rallied in Moscow against the Kremlin’s policies in the violence-plagued Caucasus region.

About 300 protesters, including activists from banned or unregistered neo-Nazi groups, called on the Kremlin on Saturday to stop feeding the Caucasus.

The predominantly Muslim region hosts at least 100 ethnicities including Chechens, who have waged two separatist wars against Moscow after the 1991 Soviet collapse.

After pacifying Chechnya, the Kremlin has spent billions of dollars on restoring the region and funding provincial governments notorious for corruption and cronyism.


Online war against intolerance (New Zeland)

Danny Webster's grandfather fought for freedom in World War II.

Now Webster is waging his own war on intolerance, but his battlefield is online.

Right Wing Resistance is a New Zealand-wide white supremacist group run by Kyle Chapman, former leader of the National Front.

The group's recent recruitment campaign in Christchurch included Stop the Asian Invasion pamphlets.

Conveniently, Webster says, the group's blogspot advertising this campaign, included cellphone numbers and email addresses, which prompted him to fight back with a Facebook campaign, Spam A Nazi, launched this weekend.

Webster advocates spamming the group with texts and YouTube links to the Chinese National Anthem and songs such as I think I'm Turning Japanese, and People Are People.

"My flatmates and I found this racist pamphlet in our letterbox and we came up with the idea of sending them a message back," Webster said.

"Now we have 140 members on Spam A Nazi. I think the Right Wing Resistance campaign is more to intimidate than recruit.

"My grandfather died from war-related injuries when my dad was eight. It's sad to think that this intolerance still exists two generations on.

"After all we've been through in Christchurch, I wanted to send a clear message that this hatred won't be tolerated. I'm not sure of the legalities around spamming but I'm sure few will have any sympathy for them."

When contacted yesterday, a spokesman for the Right Wing Resistance, who did not wish to be identified, said they had received spam from "gay porn" to "foreign" texts.

"I didn't understand what they said, they're just wasting their time. I just delete them. It's like squashing an annoying bug to me, I don't even think about it."


Racist gang attack on man in Harpurhey (UK)

A man was hit in the head with a rock, punched, kicked, stamped on and attacked with a stick in a racist gang attack.

The 21-year-old suffered a deep cut to his head in the attack on Kesteven Road, Harpurhey. He was also racially abused.

The victim, who is from the Sudan, was walking home at about 4am on Saturday, April 23, when two white men asked for a cigarette.

When he offered them one, they hurled racist insults and punched him in the stomach.

He tried to run off but was chased by the pair, who were joined by up to four others.

One managed to catch him up and attack him again.

When he escaped, he was caught up and attacked for a third time. He was repeatedly kicked, punched and stamped on.

He was also struck with a wooden stick and hit with a large rock, leaving him with a deep cut that needed stitches.

A member of the public saw what was happening and shouted, causing them to run off.

The attackers are white and between 19 and 20 years old.

One had dark short hair and wore a plain blue short-sleeved shirt and dark shorts.

The other wore a white T-shirt and light coloured trousers.

Detective Sergeant Shagufta Khan said: "Greater Manchester Police takes all reports of racial abuse, whether it be verbal or physical, extremely seriously.

"It is extremely sad that in this day and age people are motivated by racial hatred.

"Racism is something we all abhor and I want to stress we are doing all we can to find the culprits so they can be brought to justice for what they have done.

"Not only did they shout racist abuse, they took it further by using such a level of violence it is thankful the man did not suffer more serious injuries.

"The fact they were prepared to strike him in the head with a large stone shows not only are they racist, but they are dangerous and we need to catch them.

"I would appeal to anyone who witnessed what happened to call us."

Anyone with information should call police in north Manchester on 0161 856 3913 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Manchester Evening News

English Defence League demo cost police £2million (UK)

Taxpayers forked out nearly £2million for policing an English Defence League demonstration – twice the original estimated cost.

The £1million bill spiralled out of control as police chiefs drafted in extra support to cover the protest.

About 1,500 officers provided security as 2,000 EDL extremists and 1,000 Unite Against Fascism counter protesters gathered in Luton in February.

Seven arrests were made in Bedfordshire Police’s biggest ever operation.

Peter Conniff, Bedfordshire Police Authority chairman, said: “When we first talked about how much it would cost, we were only ­estimating. We didn’t realise how much extra help we would need.”

The Home Office is to ­reimburse the force in full.

 Daily Mirror

EDL thug may be allowed to continue studies at University of Birmingham (UK)

An English Defence League thug jailed for his part in a soccer riot could still be allowed to take up a place at a Midland university.

A-level student Joel Titus, 18, was caught on CCTV throwing objects and brawling with rival hooligans.

His defence team asked an Old Bailey judge not to jail the EDL ringleader after he pleaded guilty to affray, as he had secured a place at the University of Birmingham.

But Titus, who has a string of previous convictions including battery of a journalist, possession of a knife, and making threats to police, was sentenced to nine months.

Yet the teenager has NOT been banned from taking up his place at the University of Birmingham upon his release. A spokeswoman said: “We do not want to deny an applicant a place because of youthful indiscretions, especially when there is genuine remorse expressed.

‘‘However, we must take into account our wider responsibilities to the whole student body and to the wider community.

‘‘Criminal convictions, which must be declared by prospective students, are considered on a case by case basis. These discussions may also involve an applicant’s probation officer where relevant.

‘‘We do not discuss individual cases.”

Titus had acted as a youth organiser for the EDL and even appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight to defend the violent anti-Islamic group.

He was cautioned for battery after punching a journalist at a demonstration against the ‘Islamification of Europe’ in December 2009. Last summer Titus took part in the soccer riot between Brentford and Leyton Orient supporters in central London. He was captured on CCTV hurling objects at rivals and fighting over a wooden pole with another thug.

Titus later told police he was an Arsenal fan and had been out that night celebrating the end of the football season, when he had become involved in the brawl.

At his sentencing Veronica Ramsden, defending, said he had “done well academically”.

She said he was studying for A-levels including media studies, aiming for an A-grade, and that he planned to go on to Birmingham University to pursue a degree. Miss Ramsden said Titus was “heartily sorry” to have been involved in the violence.

But while on bail for the football brawl he was also convicted for threatening behaviour for snarling “f*** off” at a police officer who tried to break up a fight. He is due to be sentenced for that offence at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court in May.

The EDL has held violent protests on the streets of Midland towns and cities including Birmingham, Stoke and Dudley over the past two years. The anti-Islamic group has been involved in running battles with anti-facist protesters and local Muslim groups.

An EDL protest in Leicester in February was policed by more than a thousand riot cops.

Sunday Mercury

Now you see it, Now you don’t. The Mystery of the EDL’s missing Facebook page.

Over the last two days we have reported on this blog that the EDL’s page had been removed from Facebook due to a breach of the sites user policies.

Well apparently that may well not be the case.

 As a recent statement released by the EDL about this occurrence paints a very different picture of the events.

Apparently the original and main EDL Facebook page still exists and has not been removed from Facebook. But now it’s under the control of people unknown via a compromised account of one of the EDL’s admin.

And those people have "hidden" the page and changed it's settings so no one can view it or access it.

And not only is that page under the control of others, but also the replacement EDL page is also under the control of others. 

Ahhhh the fun and games of on-line anti-racism are seldom dull where the EDL are concerned.

Anyway here’s a statement from the EDL putting forward their view of what has happened.

Official EDL statement.

To be honest it is getting boring having to talk about this so much and waist our days trying to find out who is trying to hack our accounts etc. We need to be fighting our enemy not dealing with silly things like this. Lets get one thing straight neither the MDL or team poison have hacked any Facebook pages they do not have the skills to do this. We will try and put to you what has actually happened over the last few days.

On Friday evening unfortunately the Facebook account details of one of our Admin’s ell into the wrong hands we are still not 100% sure which admin this was and how it happened (although we are pretty sure) we are also asking Facebook to assist us with sorting this. We are also not sure what group this is but have our suspicions and are gathering proof of this so will refer to them as 'They' for the rest of this statement.

This account was admin on the main page linked here

Once 'They' had access to the main page they removed all admin and put 'Their' own admin on the page they then made the page hidden (there is an option to make the page Admin view only)

There was a post put out by Teampoison stating they have details of EDL but if you check what they are leaking 99% of it is all old information that has been all over the internet for a while. If you remember when team poison got on the page last time they actually write hacked by team poison they don’t pretend to be us as is happening now.

Once we realised that the page had gone we then created a new page at this point we thought Facebook had taken the page down (hence the reason for starting a new one) we put all the old admin’s back on and asked people to join this was that page

Unfortunately as we thought the old group was of Facebook’s doing we put all admin’s back on. Again the account that was held by 'Them' was used to remove all admin’s and again put 'Their' admin on. This page is now pretending to be an official EDL page. We urge all members to remove themselves from this page and report it.

Contrary to what is being said on this page the website has not been hacked and can be used to obtain all information needed to verify statements.

Also contrary to what is being said on this page Tommy will not be releasing a video about the pages there is no need for this. If you want to check what is happening, speak to your Division Admin or your Regional Organiser.

Throughout the day the 88k page has been brought up again sporadically to post stuff about our leadership or the EDL. We are fairly certain which people are behind this and do not understand why they want to disrupt us in our fight against Islamism.

In the mean time until Facebook let us know about their investigations we have this page, which is fully secured and is the only official communication method on Facebook of the EDL

Finally Facebook is a good recruiting tool but is not the be all and end all of the EDL we all know each other and communicate in many other ways the EDL will come back from this minor technical glitch better BIGGER and STRONGER

No Surrender
Your EDL Leadership Team