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Monday, 25 April 2011

The case of the missing EDL Facebook Page takes another twist

The latest twist in this ever changing blog post of the vanishing EDL Facebook page is that the hacker crew called ZCompany, Team Poison are now putting forward their version of what has happened.

Posted by TriCk from ZHC...

TriCk Owns
- Just to clarify everything,
1. the offical edl facebook account was closed down by facebook
......2. the new edl facebook account was hacked by an ex-edl admin/stafff because of some personal issues with the leadership
3. the Leak was exposed & written by me (TriCk) TeaMp0isoN
4. The website was hacked by TeaMp0isoN
5. the accounts were hacked by me
6. the email was hacked by zhc.
- WE (TeaMp0isoN & ZHC) are not fame whores, we only take credit when credit is due.

 Hmm and the plot thickens.