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Friday, 16 July 2010

Kick in the teeth for Liverpool BNP activist

Two vocal supporters of Eddy Butler’s challenge to Nick Griffin’s leadership of the British National Party have been suspended with immediate effect.

The Liverpool activists Peter Stafford and Tony Ward have received letters from Clive Jefferson, the party’s national organiser who acts as Griffin’s Rottweiler, suspending them “pending an investigation into alleged serious breaches of the BNP Code of Conduct”.

While suspended they are not allowed to take part in any party event. Failure to comply “could result in your expulsion from membership of the Party, and Civil or Criminal proceedings being taken against you”, as if Griffin has not got the BNP embroiled in enough expensive and hopeless legal actions already.

Tony Ward is a long-time activist whom party members held in esteem after he got hit in the head with a hammer when protesters objected to the presence of a BNP campaign trailer in Leigh, Greater Manchester, in March last year. Now, the hammer blow to his head has been followed by a kick in the teeth.

Stafford, who is openly gay and has attracted opprobrium in the BNP because of it, posted on Facebook that Jefferson had been kicked out of a Liverpool BNP meeting last night “when the membership demanded answers he wouldn’t give”.

Stafford continued: “He thought he could throw his weight about and destroy a strong branch and the members would roll over. He was mistaken!”

Hope Not Hate

Arizona policeman challenges new state immigration law

An Arizona policeman has asked a federal court to overturn a state immigration law he says will force him to use racial profiling.

The law requires police to question people about their immigration status if officers suspect the person is in the US illegally and if they have stopped them for a legitimate reason.

Officer David Salgado says the law would force him to break federal laws.

The case is one of many challenging the measure, which takes effect on 29 July.

The Obama administration's justice department has also challenged the legislation in federal court, arguing it usurps the federal administration's authority to set immigration policy.

The next hearing in that case is scheduled for 22 July.

Civil rights
Mr Salgado, a Phoenix police officer, said he did not intend to question people he stops about their immigration status because he believes he does not have the legal authority to do so, the Arizona Daily Star reports.
"If he refuses to enforce the act, he can be disciplined by his employer or subjected to costly private enforcement actions under the act," the lawsuit says, according to the newspaper.

"Conversely, if he enforces the act, he can be subjected to costly civil actions alleging the deprivation of civil rights of the individual against whom he enforces the act."

The law has also been challenged by the governments of Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico.

BBC News

Geert Wilders to spread anti-Muslim movement to UK

Geert Wilders, the controversial anti-Muslim Dutch MP, has said he is forming an international alliance to spread his message to Britain and across the West in a bid to ban immigration from Islamic countries

Mr Wilders will launch the movement late this year, initially in five countries: the US, Canada, Britain, France and Germany.

"The message, 'stop Islam, defend freedom,' is a message that's not only important for the Netherlands but for the whole free Western world," Mr Wilders said at the Dutch parliament.
Among the group's aims will be outlawing immigration from Islamic countries to the West and a ban on Islamic law.

Starting as a grass-roots movement, he hopes it eventually will produce its own lawmakers or influence other legislators.

Ayhan Tonca, a prominent spokesman for Dutch Muslims, said he feared Mr Wilders' message would fall on fertile ground in much of Europe, where anti-Islam sentiment has been swelling for years.

"So long as things are going badly with the economy, a lot of people always need a scapegoat," Mr Tonca said. "At the moment, that is the Muslims in Western Europe."

Mr Tonca called on "well meaning people in Europe to oppose this."

Mr Wilders has won awards in the Netherlands for his debating skills and regularly stands up for gay and women's rights.
But he rose to local and then international prominence with his firebrand anti-Islam rhetoric that has led to him being charged under Dutch anti-hate speech laws and banned from visiting Britain - until a court ordered that he be allowed into the country.

He said he hopes to position the alliance between traditional Conservative parties and far-Right wing groups, saying that in Britain there is "an enormous gap" between the ruling Conservative Party and the far-Right British National Party.

"The BNP is a party that, whatever you think of it, it's not my party - I think it's a racist party," Mr Wilders said.
Mr Wilders, who calls Islam a "fascist" religion, has seen his support in the Netherlands soar in recent years, even while he has been subjected to round-the-clock protection because of death threats.

His Freedom Party won the biggest gains in a national election last month, coming third with 24 seats in the 150-seat Parliament, up from the nine before the election.

However, mainstream parties will not form a coalition with Mr Wilders, leaving him on the margins of Dutch politics for the next parliamentary term.

Mr Wilders is due to stand trial in October on hate speech charges stemming from his short internet film "Fitna," which denounced the Quran as a fascist book that inspires terrorism. The film aroused anti-Dutch protests around the Muslim world, and he was banned for several months from entering Britain

The Telegraph

Labour blasted over BNP invite

WIGAN’S Labour council has been blasted by anti-racists – for inviting BNP leader Nick Griffin to town.

The boss of the far-right party, accompanied by six minders, was among guests who turned up at St James’s Church, Orrell, last Sunday morning for new Mayor Coun Mike Winstanley’s traditional civic service.

The British National Party has been routinely lambasted by politicians of varying hues in the Wigan council chamber to the point of passing motions condemning its electoral campaigns and successes.
But invitations were sent out from the town hall to all North West MPs and MEPs – and Mr Griffin numbers among the latter since the last Euro elections.

The authority would not be drawn today as to whether his inclusion was deliberate or an oversight.

But pressure group Wigan Against Racism today said the BNP boss should have been snubbed – and in not doing so, the local authority was helping to “normalise” his politics.

The organisation’s spokeswoman, Fran McCaul, said: “What on earth is going on? This is highly distasteful.
“Wigan Council makes pronouncements about being anti-racist and then goes and completely contradicts itself.

“You can’t treat Nick Griffin like anyone else. His party is not like any other party. Saying he is automatically on the guest list is a weak response.

“There are exceptions to every rule and there should be a discussion about who gets invited.

“Nick Griffin being welcomed to events like this undermines the anti-racist movement and helps to normalise his type of politics.”

But Wigan Council’s executive director of business support services, David Smith, said: “We would like to reiterate the council’s pledge on anti-racism.

“The council is committed to respect for all ethnic groups and will encourage others to do the same.

“We are totally committed to an anti-racist future and we will support all those who suffer racism by doing everything in our power to tackle it

“We can confirm that our invitation list for the mayor’s Civic Sunday includes local constituency MPs and all North West MEPs.

“It was on this basis alone that Mr Griffin received an invitation.”

Charles Mather, Wigan and Leigh BNP group organiser, said: “I am not surprised Mr Griffin accepted the invitation as he is a hands-on MEP and takes his duties to his constituency seriously and would always endeavour to attend constituency functions if possible in spite of his busy schedule.

“I compliment Wigan Metro on this sudden concern for the democratic process in contrast to their previous use of council premises to attack our progress.

“Mr Griffin – as an elected MEP with over 7,000 votes in our area – has every right to receive and accept invitations to events such as this.

“We have a right to have our views represented and for our MEP to be invited to functions in our area.

“I take issue with the unelected Wigan Against Racism group’s definition of us as racist when our only aim is to protect and preserve the community and culture our forefathers worked and died to bequeath us.”

Mr Griffin also received support from a member of the St James’s congregation.

Local man Shaun Campbell was there with his young family when he saw Mr Griffin sitting near the front.

He said: “At first I thought it was someone who looked like him, but after mass we saw Mr Griffin’s bodyguards standing at the gates with the road blocked off by the police.

“Then I knew it had to be him so I waited for him to leave. Being a member of the BNP, I was chuffed to see him here in our village. He’s the last person I would have expected to see here.

“I had a little chat with him and he is a really nice bloke, had plenty of time to speak to us and even stopped for a picture. He and his bodyguards even took an interest in my baby son.”

Conservative Coun Winstanley, who did not draw up the guest list and who says he is trying to remain politically neutral during his year in office, declined to comment.

Wigan Today

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass as you leave Mr Barnbrook.

The news of the week has to be that the BNP’s poster boy Richard Barnbrook has been sacked.

What incredible criminal act has he committed to warrant his racist ass being thrown out into the cold?

Try not to rupture a kidney laughing but…

He has shown support for Eddy Butler who is challenging Nick Griffin for the parties’ fuhrer status.

This is another lesson to all who support and follow the BNP.

You support a fascist ideology, you get a dictator.

For the full story please follow the link and mosey on over to Lancaster Unity.

Lancaster Unity