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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Greek police detain 7 suspects linked to domestic terrorism group

Greek counter-terrorism police Monday detained seven suspects with links to a domestic terrorism group in Athens and the central city of Volos, local media reported.

During raids on at least two hideouts, police arrested five men and two women and seized a number of arms. More raids were under way in Athens.

Police confiscated two AK-47 rifles, six pistols, ammunition, wigs, police uniforms, bullet-proof vests, police wireless radios and other objects, which were being examined at a police crime lab.

Three of the detainees were wanted for participation in the "Conspiracy of Nuclei Cells of Fire" guerrilla group, which has claimed responsibility for a string of attacks against political, police and financial targets in the country over the past few years.

The latest attacks were a strong bomb explosion at a courthouse in Athens last December, several parcel bombs against European leaders and foreign embassies in Athens in November, and a similar one against the Greek Justice Ministry in January.

Greece has suffered heavily from attacks of local guerrilla groups for decades. Domestic terrorists have stepped up attacks since December 2008, when a teenager was fatally injured by police fire in Athens and unprecedented riots were triggered.

People Daily

Germans still struggling to resolve issues of race

The country has no xenophobic far-right party, yet a book arguing that Turks have inferior genes is a runaway bestseller.

On 18 February 1943, Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda, took to the stage at Berlin's sports palace calling for "total war". "Two thousand years of western civilisation are in danger," he said, before going on to blame his favourite scapegoat. "Things have gone so far in Europe that one cannot call a danger a danger when it is caused by the Jews."

Seventy years later, on the same spot, stands a housing estate called the Pallasseum, whose facade of vividly coloured satellite dishes and various flags hanging from balconies reveals how far Europe has come from Goebbels's moribund concept of "western civilisation".

Around 40% of the inhabitants are German, 40% of Turkish extraction and 20% hail from elsewhere, ranging from Bangladesh and Somalia to Australia and France. The different communities don't always mix, but neither do they clash.

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UCLA Student's racist rant goes viral.

Sometimes, just sometimes there is a need not only to expose and challenge racism and ignorance but to also ridicule the people who show it.

And there is a real need to ridicule American college student Alexandra Wallace.

On the day that Japan was hit by an earthquake and tsunami, Alexandra decides to post a racist rant about Asian's on the You Tube website.

A spokesperson for UCLA has stated that her views are "repugnant and contrary to the values the university believes in". 

Here's her video so you can see this glorious ignorance in action.

And here is really great video response.

Please support the video up-loader  Xuyah  by subscribing to his channel.

'Nazi' knife thug facing jail over racist attack (UK)

A Hitler impersonating knife thug was yesterday facing jail over a racist attack.

Gary Oswald - who is pictured on a social networking site giving a Nazi salute pretending to be Hitler - launched a tirade of racist abuse at an Asian woman.

When her partner leapt to her defence, Oswald pulled out a knife and slashed his victim's arm.

Oswald, whose Bebo page also states he is "scared of black people" then bit David Dandie's ear before fleeing the flat in Dundee.

Oswald and his two victims had been guests at a New Year party at the flat before the attack, which took place at around 4am on New Year's Day.

When charged by police with racially abusing Amelita Benn, he told cops: "I'm not bothered".

Nicola Gillespie, prosecuting, told Dundee Sheriff Court: "Oswald began making racist comments like 'P***' and 'Get back to your corner shop'.

"He was confronted about his behaviour by Mr Dandie. Oswald then came towards him and swung a knife."

In the struggle that followed, Oswald bit Mr Dandie's ear and wouldn't stop.

Oswald, 22, of Beauly Avenue, Dundee, admitted assaulting Mr Dandie to his severe injury and disfigurement.

Sheriff Tom Hughes deferred sentence until next month and remanded Oswald in custody.

Daily Record

EDL set to demonstrate in Blackburn (UK)

An English Defence League protest will take place in Blackburn next month.

The right-wing group said it planned to hold a three-and-a-half hour ‘peaceful’ demonstration on Saturday, April 2.

Lancashire Police is preparing for more than 1,000 supporters in the town centre.

At the same time, Blackburn & Darwen United Against Racism has called a counter-protest.

It is supported by Blackburn Trades Council, Blackburn College Student Union, Unite Against Fascism and Youth On A Mission.

Final negotiations were taking place yesterday between police and council chiefs over a suitable location.

The key issue is finding somewhere for a large-scale demonstration to take place safely.

Similar events in Bolton, Preston and Rochdale have taken place in the past.

The Preston demo in November led to 14 arrests but there was no major disorder.

A police spokesman said: “We are aware that the English Defence League may wish to hold an event in Blackburn on Saturday, April 2.

“The right to peacefully protest is a fundamental democratic right and we have a duty to facilitate that.

“At present nothing has been formally agreed or approved and we will work to ensure that these events pass off peacefully and with as little disruption as possible, if they go ahead.

“We will, of course, be working very closely with Blackburn with Darwen Council and other partner agencies throughout.”

According to the main EDL website and its Facebook page, which has 81,000 members, the Blackburn protest will run from 1pm until 4.30pm on Saturday, April 2.

Some promotional material on the internet has mentioned the case of Amy Houston, who died after being knocked down by a failed asylum seeker.

Former Darwen councillor Michael Johnson, 48, who has spoken at previous EDL demos, said: “I’ve spoken to Paul (Amy’s dad) and he doesn’t want people using his situation for political gain.”

In recent months, the EDL has held several protests outside the KFC in Blackburn, which has been trialling a halal menu.

Lancashire Telegraph

Three sentenced for their parts in EDL protest disorder in Leicester (UK)

Three men were sentenced yesterday for their part in the public disorder which accompanied the English Defence League protest in Leicester.

Two of the men, who denied having any official political affiliation with the EDL, were among a group hurling missiles at the international arts centre Fabrika, in Humberstone Gate.

Christopher Chapman (22), of Armdale Drive, Netherhall, Leicester, was handed a 12-week suspended prison sentence, by city magistrates.

Unemployed Chapman pleaded guilty to causing £1,000 worth of damage to doors and windows at the venue and using threatening words and behaviour which caused people to fear for their safety.

At a previous hearing, Chapman's solicitor said he was "politically naive" and was still "suffering the effects" of the previous night's drinking.

Andrew Millard (27), of Bradmore Grove, Birmingham, was ordered to do 100 hours unpaid community work.

Millard, who has a five-year banning order from football grounds for hooliganism, admitted a charge of attempting to damage the arts centre with a large wooden pole.

Ian Johnson, prosecuting Millard, said the group attacked the building after spotting members of the media covering last October's protest from first floor windows. CCTV cameras filmed Millard picking up a large wooden pole, throwing it at the building but missing.

Chris Stewart, in mitigation, said: "It was a pathetic and half-hearted attempt."

Ryan Stapleford, of Ashby Road, Ibstock, was ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work in the community after admitting to launching a "flying kick" on a Muslim man on the afternoon of the EDL demonstration.

The 18-year-old, who was filmed on CCTV attacking the man outside Benny's Chicken, in Granby Street, claimed he had been defending a friend who had persuaded him to accompany him to the protest.

This is Leicestershire