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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

'Nazi' knife thug facing jail over racist attack (UK)

A Hitler impersonating knife thug was yesterday facing jail over a racist attack.

Gary Oswald - who is pictured on a social networking site giving a Nazi salute pretending to be Hitler - launched a tirade of racist abuse at an Asian woman.

When her partner leapt to her defence, Oswald pulled out a knife and slashed his victim's arm.

Oswald, whose Bebo page also states he is "scared of black people" then bit David Dandie's ear before fleeing the flat in Dundee.

Oswald and his two victims had been guests at a New Year party at the flat before the attack, which took place at around 4am on New Year's Day.

When charged by police with racially abusing Amelita Benn, he told cops: "I'm not bothered".

Nicola Gillespie, prosecuting, told Dundee Sheriff Court: "Oswald began making racist comments like 'P***' and 'Get back to your corner shop'.

"He was confronted about his behaviour by Mr Dandie. Oswald then came towards him and swung a knife."

In the struggle that followed, Oswald bit Mr Dandie's ear and wouldn't stop.

Oswald, 22, of Beauly Avenue, Dundee, admitted assaulting Mr Dandie to his severe injury and disfigurement.

Sheriff Tom Hughes deferred sentence until next month and remanded Oswald in custody.

Daily Record