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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Greek police detain 7 suspects linked to domestic terrorism group

Greek counter-terrorism police Monday detained seven suspects with links to a domestic terrorism group in Athens and the central city of Volos, local media reported.

During raids on at least two hideouts, police arrested five men and two women and seized a number of arms. More raids were under way in Athens.

Police confiscated two AK-47 rifles, six pistols, ammunition, wigs, police uniforms, bullet-proof vests, police wireless radios and other objects, which were being examined at a police crime lab.

Three of the detainees were wanted for participation in the "Conspiracy of Nuclei Cells of Fire" guerrilla group, which has claimed responsibility for a string of attacks against political, police and financial targets in the country over the past few years.

The latest attacks were a strong bomb explosion at a courthouse in Athens last December, several parcel bombs against European leaders and foreign embassies in Athens in November, and a similar one against the Greek Justice Ministry in January.

Greece has suffered heavily from attacks of local guerrilla groups for decades. Domestic terrorists have stepped up attacks since December 2008, when a teenager was fatally injured by police fire in Athens and unprecedented riots were triggered.

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