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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Polish Neo-Nazi web site editors get prison sentences

A District Court in the western city of Wroclaw has sentenced three editors of the neo-Nazi Redwatch web site for propagating racism.

Mariusz T. from the southern city of Bielsko-Biala, Andrzej P. from the coastal city of Swinoujscie and Bartosz B. from the northern town of Slupsk were sentenced to up to one and half year in prison for promoting a totalitarian regime in Poland and encouraging hatred towards people of different ethnic origin, nationality, race and religion.

The Polish Redwatch site included a so-called “death list” containing personal data of people who ‘supported’ homosexuality. In July 2006, Polish police shut down the website after a political activist whose name was on the list was stabbed.

The Redwatch web site belongs to a British fascist organization “Blood and Honour”, which has branches in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

 Redwatch publishes photographs and personal information of left-wing, anarchist, anti-fascist, gay and feminist activists. It also popularizes racial hatred and incites violence against people called “enemies of the race”.

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The head of Austria's far right Freedom Party says he wants to meet with representatives of the ultraconservative U.S. tea party movement. Heinz-Christian Strache described the movement as "highly interesting" and claims his party has received and will accept invitations from the United States. Strache made the comments in an interview with Austria's Die Presse newspaper published Sunday. Spokesman Karl Heinz Gruensteidl confirmed the remarks but declined to provide more details. The anti-immigration Freedom Party is the third largest political force in Austria's parliament and recently saw a surge in support in local elections in Vienna, the country's capital, following a campaign laced with anti-Islamic rhetoric.

Associated Press

Two men charged over sick poppy-burning rally (UK)

Two men accused of burning poppies during the Armistice Day silence have been charged with a public order offence.

Mohammed Haque, 30, and Amdadur Choudhury, 26, were arrested at a rally by the extremist group Muslims Against Crusades in Kensington, West London, on November 11.

They allegedly burned a model poppy and chanted “British soldiers burn in hell” during the two-minute silence.

The founder of the far-right English Defence League, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, 27, was also arrested as his group staged a counter protest.

Haque and Choudhury will appear at City of ­Westminster magistrates court next Wednesday.

The Mirror

Neo-Nazi admits being racist, denies stabbing neighbors (USA)

John Ditullio admitted he hated black people and cops. He admitted he lived with a group of neo-Nazis, men he admired like they were his brothers, who believed in the supremacy of the white race. He admitted they abused prescription drugs and drank whiskey and kept illegal guns. He admitted harassing the neighbors next door with racial slurs.

But he denied killing anyone.

"I'm guilty of being an a------," he said Monday, "but not of murder."

Ditullio, 24, is accused in a 2006 double stabbing that injured a woman and left a teenager dead. He went to trial last year on charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder, but the jury, leaning toward acquittal, ended up deadlocked.

He took the stand in his own defense then and again Monday, calmly answering questions, never losing his temper and revealing much about his mentality at the time.

Ditullio said he was working as a tattoo apprentice in New Port Richey when a friend introduced him to the American Nazi group living in a mobile home on Teak Street.

"He suggested there would be some tattoo work I could make some money on," he said.

But he quickly formed stronger ties.

"I was blown away, man. I get to this place. It's like a 19-year-old's dream. Everybody was drinking. There was guns everywhere. I was blown away by the theatrics," he said.

"You viewed this group as a family?" one of his attorneys, J. Jervis Wise, asked him.

"As a brotherhood, as a family, absolutely," Ditullio said.

He felt a particular bond with Brian Buckley, the group's president, who is now serving a prison sentence for burglary.

"I was just overwhelmed with finding a father figure in my life," Ditullio said.

He soon became a prospect, vying for full membership. That meant he had to follow orders, wear a uniform, perform manual labor and submit to hazing.

He also took part in harassing the neighbors next door: a woman named Patricia Wells, who lived there with her son, Brandon Wininger, who was gay. Kristofer King, a friend of Wininger, often stayed over.

Ditullio said he didn't harbor any particular malice toward gay people, but he admitted shouting slurs at Wininger.

On March 22, authorities say, Ditullio put on a gas mask and barged into Wells' house, stabbing her in the face and hands as she ran to a bedroom where King was using the computer. Then he turned on King, 17, who died of his stab wounds.

But Ditullio testified that he never left the neo-Nazi house that night after the group had forced a familiar hazing ritual on him: lacing his drink with Xanax, then taunting to him to stay awake.

He said he was starting to pass out on the couch when Shawn Plott, another group member, tossed the gas mask at him and told him to hang it up.

"He had the look on his face like when an animal sees a human for the first time," Ditullio said. "He was shaken."

Ditullio said Plott was wearing khaki pants and a white T-shirt — the same clothes Wells described her attacker as wearing. She also said the attacker had no tattoos on his arms, and Ditullio's lawyer had him show the jury the tattoos that cover both of his arms.

Ditullio was soon alone in the compound, thinking another hazing was unfolding. They called it "code red" and his challenge was to stay inside with guns, make sure they were loaded and guard the compound.

He had no idea, he said, what had happened next door.

In and out of sleep, he said the next thing he knew, there were deputies everywhere, surrounding the compound.

With the neo-Nazi group, he learned about events like Ruby Ridge and Waco, when government agents targeted separatist groups. He thought that's what was happening to him.

He took more Xanax and went to sleep. And sometime during the night he wrote a missive declaring he was ready to die for his race.

"I see that it's not okay for me to go over to their house and exterminate them, but it's okay for the pigs to come in here and shoot me," he wrote.

Ditullio, who said he didn't remember writing the note but acknowledged it was his, said he was referring only to the police — not the stabbing victims.

Prosecutors have called two DNA analysts who said they found blood on Ditullio's boot containing Wells' DNA.

Jury members, who were allowed to write down their own questions for Ditullio, zeroed in on that issue.

How could her blood have gotten on his boot? one of them asked.

Ditullio answered that when he was arrested the day after the stabbing, officers walked him through the crime scene.

"Blood was everywhere," he said.


Councillor accuses party of racism in resignation letter (UK)

A Rochdale Councillor who today (Monday 13 December 2010) resigned from the Liberal Democrats has made racist allegations against the party.

Councillor Mohammad Sharif has resigned from the party because issues he raised with the acting leader of the party, Councillor Dale Mulgrew, have not been resolved.

Below, is Councillor Sharif’s letter of resignation. The letter lists what Councillor Sharif said are his 'five reasons' for resigning.

Dear Councillor Mulgrew

In our meeting on Monday 22 November 2010, I raised five issues with you namely:

1. What are you offering to local BME community?

2. When one third of councillors in the group is unhappy with the group leadership, then the honourable thing is to resign. When are you resigning?

3. The Lib-Dem group hasn’t accepted Shah as one of your Councillors. Lib-Dem does not have equality and diversity policy at all, what are you going to do about?

4. Vetting process must be changed, because it is unfair process.

5. There are five Councillor in your group who are racist would you name them or shall I?

Since the meeting you have not responded to me nor have you have addressed those issues.

Therefore I would not be part of the group which has racist elements, and now I am resigning from LIB-DEM party, but I will continue as a Milkstone and Deeplish ward Councillor.

Yours Sincerely,

Councillor Sharif

When asked to expand on his reasons for resigning, Councillor Sharif told Rochdale Online, “The letter is very clear.”

Speaking about the letter, Councillor Dale Mulgrew said: “Clearly there are serious allegations about racism that Councillor Sharif makes in this letter.

“The Liberal Democrats refute all allegations of racism. We have demonstrated over the years that we are committed to diversity and equality. This has led to the current Mayor of Rochdale being an Asian Councillor and he is an excellent ambassador for community cohesion."

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