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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Native Canadians to recall boarding school abuse

Hundreds of indigenous Canadians are to give evidence before a commission of their experiences at state-funded schools set up to enforce assimilation.

About 150,000 children attended the Church-run boarding schools which operated up to the 1990s.

The pupils were forced to abandon their cultural identity and many were physically and sexually abused.

The truth and reconciliation commission is part of a settlement agreed by the Canadian government four years ago.
The settlement also included an apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and more than C$2bn (£1.3bn) compensation for surviving former schoolchildren and their families.

The BBC's Lee Carter in Toronto says the so-called Indian residential schools represent one of the darkest chapters in Canadian history.

For some survivors, disclosing their experiences to the commission may prove extremely distressing, he adds.

The schools, which operated from the late 19th Century, were designed to assimilate the children into European-Canadian society by removing their language, religion and culture.

Many former students recall being beaten for speaking their native language.

The federal government has already acknowledged that physical and sexual abuse were rampant in the schools.
Although some schools operated until the 1990s, most were shut down in the 1970s.
Buffy Sainte-Marie, a native Canadian singer-songwriter who took part in the commission's opening ceremonies on Wednesday, says the shock is still deeply felt by indigenous Canadians.

"It is just totally heartbreaking," she said.

"The things that happened for generations of children, just removed from their homes. How can you say to a child, we're going to take away your parents, your sisters, your brothers your home - everything? You are going to be up for grabs for anyone who wants to do anything to you. And it was done."

The hearings opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a traditional sacred fire. It is the first of seven events to be held across the country.
Manitoba Justice Murray Sinclair, the head of the commission, said the experiences of former students will no longer be relegated to the sidelines of Canadian history.

"They will tell you something they have never told anyone before," he said.

"It is the kind of truth that causes you to squirm."

He added: "The truth eventually will heal us all."

BBC News

World Cup 2010: HMV withdraws 'racist' anti-England posters from Scottish stores

High street retailer HMV has withdrawn "Anyone But England" World Cup posters and T-shirts from its Scottish stores following complaints they were racist.
HMV took the decision after Fife police visited a store in the Kirkcaldy constituency of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) contacted police about the "insensitive and provocative" items which, their website claimed were "criminally irresponsible".

The CEP said: "We understand HMV have agreed to withdraw their insensitive and provocative 'Anyone but England' window displays and T-shirts from their Scottish stores following complaints from members of the public and a complaint by the CEP to Fife Police for incitement to racial hatred.

"During the last World Cup, a number of racist attacks were committed in Scotland against English people and anti-English racism remains a problem whether it's a World Cup year or not."

An HMV spokesman told The Scotsman newspaper: "If we thought the shirts were in any way racist, then we certainly wouldn't have stocked them.

"In our view, the shirts are not against England or the English, but are simply about some Scottish fans expressing a view that they want any team other than England to win this year's World Cup.

"This is about the World Cup and should not be turned into a race issue."

Scotland failed to reach the finals after a dismal qualifying campaign.


Neo Nazi Gettysburg Rally peaceful despite threats (USA)

Chambersburg resident Christopher Moats picked Saturday, June 19 to wear his Barack Obama T-shirt -- the one with the silhouette of the president and the words "The New Face of America" splashed across as the front as if in graffiti.

The wardrobe choice would seem appropriate considering the day, known as Juneteenth, marks an annual celebration of civil rights. But 16-year-old Christopher had other reasons for the shirt.

"I have a problem when anybody tries to force their views on the rest of us," Christopher said, motioning to the patch of lawn at Gettysburg National Military Park where the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations was expected to appear.
"We might have different color skin, but we're all the same on the inside," Christopher said, "we all bleed red."

On Saturday afternoon, both Aryan Nations members and protesters shouted threats to spill blood and other acts of violence across the park's lawn, just west of the old Cyclorama Center.

The Aryan Nations identifies itself as a white-supremacist organization and the group has been named a "continuing terrorist threat" by the FBI. Although park officials said they do not support the views of the group, they're still obligated to accommodate those exercising their First Amendment rights.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were in attendance during the two-hour rally, including local and national park police as well as officers from Cumberland Township and the Borough of Gettysburg. Similarly, K-9 units patrolled the surrounding areas and a National Park Service helicopter buzzed overhead.

The white supremacists carried no visible weapons, despite earlier statements from Young saying the group would be armed. Instead, members brandished flags representing the Aryan Nations, the Confederacy and white supremacy. One individual, dressed in military garb, clutched a Bible to his chest while another held a stack of papers -- which showed a fearful-looking white family and the words "Earth's Most Endangered Species."

Both Aryan Nations members and protesters were required to pass through police checkpoints -- where backpacks and pockets were searched for potential weapons -- before allowed access to the rally.

As protesters amassed, Aryan Nations Alabama State Leader Bradley Jenkins urged the opposition forward.
"Okay everybody, I would like to invite them to come and speak with us," he said.

Protesters were held in check by police forces.

"Hey hippies come here," Jenkins added. "Power to the white man you pieces of s---."

A young newswoman walked momentarily between the groups -- red hair, skirt, high heels -- moving deliberately though the tall grass.

Aryan Nations leader Gordon Young called to her -- "Honey," he said, asking if she wanted to join them. She smiled politely and put her head down while passing by.

"Here they come gentleman, get ready. Here come the devil's spawn," shouted Young, as a group of protesters advanced toward the rally point.

"Death ... Death ... death to fascists. Power ... Power ... power to the people," responded about 17 members of the communist group Progressive Labor Party.

"Aryan Nations you can't hide, we charge you with genocide," added nearly two dozen members of an approaching anarchist group. "Yo Nazis ... Yo Nazis ... what's up ... what's up. Come to our town ... we'll f--- you up."
Young shouted back, "Force will be met by force," through a PA system across the lawn.

Separating the roughly 70 protesters lawn. Police barricades kept the groups apart and officers were posted around the area.

Despite the threats, U.S. Park Police Sgt. David Schlosser said things went "smoothly" and no acts of violence had been reported.
In total, 12 Aryan Nation members participated in the rally and the group arrived in a yellow school bus, which park officials say picked them up from a private site nearby.

In the weeks prior to the rally, Young had said the group was having trouble enlisting a bus company. Drivers, he said, were afraid of rocks being thrown through bus windows.

Noel Phillips, who identified herself as one of a group of communist protesters, said she came from New York to attend the day's rally. Many of the protesters said they learned about the rally on the Internet.

"We're here to take the Battle of Gettysburg one step further against these fascist scum," she said.

Young's response came through the PA system.
"All we want is our white rights," he said, calmly now. "You give it to the Negro beasts and the Hispanics. In my opinion, the monkeys here in Yankee country should be taught a lesson by the ropes and the draggings."

The white supremacists weren't the only ones issuing threats.

Among the group of anarchists was a 21-year old who identified himself as Peter Kropotkin, after the famed Russian anarchist.

The protester said he was 16 when he had "Liberation or death" tattooed across his left forearm, scrawled in cursive with black ink. And on the underside of his right tricep, in similar script, was "This machine kills fascists."
But among those "fascists" was a boy, who couldn't have been be older than 11 -- one of the Aryan Nations members bused in for the rally. A white bandana was pulled tight across his face because, as a rule, the identities of Aryan Nations children is guarded to protect against retribution.

The adults, Young says, can handle themselves.

Short-cropped hair, gray tanktop, the boy looked like the hundreds of others that scoured the park that day -- most of them members of Boy Scout packs or camp groups. Only instead of a plastic musket an Aryan Nations flag was perched in the crook of his arm.

And a woman -- the group's only -- took his flag to block him from view while he drank from a bottle of water.

When finished, the woman replaced the bandana and wiped the sweat from his nose with her thumb. Then she returned to him the flag and together they moved to face the crowd.

Alleged Bulgarian Neo-Nazi Attackers to Remain in Jail

The Sofia City Court has decided to keep in jail the six alleged “neo-Nazis” who have been arrested for attacking youngsters in a tram in the Bulgaria's capital.

Dimitar Lazarov, Vasil Pavlov, Matey Penev, Emil Aleksiev, Rosen Kanev, and Mario Abdel Gamal beat four youngsters between 17 and 23 years old in Sofia public transport tram on June 6.

The Court convened Friday with increased security measures. Even though a number of people flocked to the courthouse in order to attend the hearing, only relatives were allowed in.

An hour after the beginning of the trial, the Prosecution's Office delivered the protocols from interrogations and the expert's reports, which were previously declared “missing” by the defense.
The mother of Rosen Kanev, one of the defendants, stated that her entire family could guarantee that during the attack Rosen was home. She claimed the police came and arrested him from his room, seizing only his computer.

According to the defense, there were violations during the identification of the defendants. They also claim that the publications in the Bulgarian media have also influenced the Court's ruling.

The victims of the alleged neo-Nazis were on their way to a rally against the illegal detention of foreigners at the Special Center for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners in Busmantsi, a Sofia suburb, widely known as the Bulgarian Guantanamo.

The Center has come under fierce criticism by NGOs and intellectuals for making locking people up pretty much the norm, holding people not temporarily but for years, providing no information how long they are going to be detained, imposing information blackout on the self-abuse and suicide attempts many detainees resort to.


British National Party challenged again on its rules by the Human Rights Commission EHRC

Apparently the BNP have once again has been contacted by the EHRC about it’s membership policy.

The actual facts about this right now are sketchy to say the least as the item has only been mentioned on the BNP website. But Nick Griffin is claiming that they are trying to seek legal action to send him to prison.

Mr Griffin who’s leadership position is in jeopardy after their disastrous general election thrashing is now calling all members of the racist party to support him.
(another not so cunning plan perhaps).

At the present time we have no idea how true it all is, but it is well worth a read and a slight giggle of hope.

Link to story on the BNP Website

BNP Member Peter Tierney guilty of actual bodily harm

High-profile BNP member Peter Tierney has been found guilty of assault and causing actual bodily harm to an anti-fascist protester on St George’s Day last year.

During the incident, which was captured on CCTV, Tierney swung a camera tripod at the back of the activist’s head. The victim subsequently needed his head wound gluing up at hospital.

The jury took just an hour to find Tierney guilty, rejecting the notion that he acted in self-defence and was “in danger for my life.”

A spokesperson for Liverpool Antifascists said: “This is absolutely a positive result.

“Tierney’s guilt was clear-cut, as we have seen from the CCTV footage, and it is absurd that he has been able to drag this out for so long – at unneccesary expense to the taxpayer and stress to the victim.

“Liverpool Antifascists have protested at every single one of Tierney’s court appearances.

“Despite the wish of the BNP that this incident be forgotten, we have refused to turn a blind eye to the violent criminality of so prominent a member in Liverpool BNP. This result vindicates our stance.”

The sentence will be announced on July 12th. Judge John Roberts, adjourning, said: “I have not made a final decision on sentencing. That would be wrong at this stage, but provisionally I am thinking of some kind of community service.

“To decide how I should sentence you I will need a report from probation services.”

Peter Tierney has engaged in aggression and violence during BNP activism, and in full view of his fellow members. Liverpool BNP’s support of him, and of this violent criminality, has been unwavering throughout the trial.
Political violence is a characteristic of fascism, and Liverpool Antifascists are glad that the truth has come out.
Liverpool Antifascists

BNP activist given suspended prison sentence in ammo case

A LEADING British National Party activist who admitted unlawfully possessing ammunition and gunpowder has escaped an immediate prison sentence.

Police officers who went to a static caravan at Black Dyke Farm near Lakenheath in April last year, where David Lucas had been staying, found a plastic tub containing a small amount of gunpowder and 2,500 rounds of ammunition that he wasn’t authorised to possess, Ipswich Crown Court heard.
Lucas, 49, of South Road, Lakenheath, admitted possessing gunpowder without an explosives licence, two offences of possessing prohibited ammunition and one offence of possessing ammunition without a firearm certificate.

Sentencing Lucas, Judge David Goodin said the offences crossed the custody threshold but agreed to pass a 12-month sentence suspended for 12 months after coming to the conclusion that Lucas was eccentric rather than a danger to the public.

He ordered Lucas to pay £250 towards prosecution costs and ordered him to reside for 13 weeks at his mother’s house.
He told Lucas that in the wrong hands the ammunition was potentially dangerous and warned him to take more care in the future.

Jonathan Davies for Lucas said his client’s attitude had been “negligent and indifferent” rather than a flagrant disregard for the law.
He said the small amount of gunpowder found in the caravan was used to set off traps on the farm and he had collected the ammunition over a number of years and planned to display some of the cartridges in picture frames in hunting and fishing lodges.

Mr Davies said Lucas had led a law-abiding life and had been made bankrupt after losing his transport business because of the foot and mouth outbreak in the county in 2001.

He said Lucas helped local people by being a parish councillor and was well-respected locally.


'I wish Cumbrian murderer shot illegal immigrants' says BNP election candidate Charlotte Lewis

A BNP election candidate advocated the murder of illegal immigrants in the wake of the recent Cumbrian massacre.

Right-wing activist Charlotte Lewis, from Thornton Heath, wrote on her Facebook page that mass-murderer Derrick Bird should have come to London and slaughtered illegal immigrants rather than his "fellow British people".
Her tirade is the latest in a string of hate-filled rants and calls for violence against "pakis" through her Facebook page.

The latest post reads: "Ok, so I may well get in to trouble for saying this - but I've got to get it off my chest.

"I wish that Derrick Bird could have come down to London & shot dead some illegal immigrants, rather than killing his fellow British people.

"If that offends you then tough; it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it."

Her comments refer to taxi driver Derrick Bird, who went on a killing spree in west Cumbria on June 2, shooting dead 12 people and injuring 11 others.
Her latest Facebook rant was highlighted by website Hope Not Hate, Searchlight's campaign to counter racism and fascism in elections and beyond.

Gerry Gable from Searchlight said: "I think anybody advocating the murder of illegal immigrants should be prosecuted.
"People may view Charlotte Lewis as being a bit potty, but the overwhelming interest in firearms of the BNP tells a much more serious story."

When contacted by the Croydon Guardian Miss Lewis, 37, questioned why her "innocuous" comments were being treated so seriously.

In a bizarre rant she flip-flopped repeatedly over whether illegal immigrants should be murdered or not, before asking why her love of Chandi the dancing dog in Britain's Got Talent was not being treated as a story.
She said: "It would be preferable to kill illegal immigrants than fellow British people, because they shouldn’t be in this country."

Miss Lewis' true face was revealed in April after pictures were discovered of her swigging from a bottle of alcopops while clad in a burqa during a Halloween party.

The Carshalton and Wallington parliamentary candidate, who also ran for Croydon Council’s Shirley ward in the May elections, was snapped revealing her contempt for Muslims by hitching up her costume to reveal her underwear.

Your Local Guardian