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Sunday, 20 June 2010

World Cup 2010: HMV withdraws 'racist' anti-England posters from Scottish stores

High street retailer HMV has withdrawn "Anyone But England" World Cup posters and T-shirts from its Scottish stores following complaints they were racist.
HMV took the decision after Fife police visited a store in the Kirkcaldy constituency of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) contacted police about the "insensitive and provocative" items which, their website claimed were "criminally irresponsible".

The CEP said: "We understand HMV have agreed to withdraw their insensitive and provocative 'Anyone but England' window displays and T-shirts from their Scottish stores following complaints from members of the public and a complaint by the CEP to Fife Police for incitement to racial hatred.

"During the last World Cup, a number of racist attacks were committed in Scotland against English people and anti-English racism remains a problem whether it's a World Cup year or not."

An HMV spokesman told The Scotsman newspaper: "If we thought the shirts were in any way racist, then we certainly wouldn't have stocked them.

"In our view, the shirts are not against England or the English, but are simply about some Scottish fans expressing a view that they want any team other than England to win this year's World Cup.

"This is about the World Cup and should not be turned into a race issue."

Scotland failed to reach the finals after a dismal qualifying campaign.