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Sunday, 14 February 2010

BNP changes all-white constitution and ejects Times reporter from meeting

The British National Party voted today to change its constitution to allow black and Asian people to become members.
The decision came at an extraordinary general meeting in Essex that was called after a court ordered the far-right party to comply with race relations laws. A court will decide in March whether the changes bring the BNP within the legislation.
However, the party’s democratic credentials were called into question when a reporter from The Times was bundled out of a press conference shortly before Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, was due to speak. A party official objected to a profile which had appeared in the newspaper at the weekend.
The Times had been invited by Simon Darby, the party's press officer, with other media, to hear Mr Griffin describe the constitutional changes.

However Richard Barmbrook, a local councillor and a member of the London Assembly, who was upset by an article about him in The Times on Saturday, said that the newspaper was unwelcome inside the Elm Park pub in Hornchurch, where the meeting took place.
After The Times tried to explain that the newspaper had been officially invited into the building, the BNP's security staff lifted and shoved its reporter out of the building, grabbing his nose. A punch was also thrown by security staff and the reporter was flung at a parked car outside.
Mr Griffin said The Times had lied about the party. He said: “Because he is from The Times, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and it lies and it lies and it lies about this party.
“So he was told ’we’re sorry, you told one lie too many’, The Times, so we are not allowing anyone from The Times in – kindly leave.
“He refused to leave when he was asked so he had to be encouraged to leave.”
A BBC reporter asked if he would be removed if he said the wrong thing. Mr Griffin replied: “If you utter some outrageous lie about me... you won’t be welcome again.”
Mr Griffin told Sky News he expected a “trickle, rather than a flood” of applications from black and Asian people.
He said: “Anyone can be a member of this party. We are happy to accept anyone as a member providing they agree with us that this country should remain fundamentally British.”

The Times Online

BNP votes to allow black members (as if they had a choice)

The British National Party has voted to approve changes to its constitution that would allow black and Asian people to become members, a party spokesman said.
The decision came after the far-right party held an extraordinary general meeting at a secret location in Essex, a party spokesman said.
It was arranged after the Central London County Court told the BNP to amend its constitution to comply with race relations laws or face legal action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
Party leader Nick Griffin told Sky News he expected a "trickle, rather than a flood" of applications from black and Asian people.
He said: "Anyone can be a member of this party. We are happy to accept anyone as a member providing they agree with us that this country should remain fundamentally British."

The party's democratic credentials were questioned by a BBC reporter who told Mr Griffin he had seen a journalist being "bundled out" of the meeting.
The BNP leader said the Times newspaper, where the reporter works, had lied about the party.
He said: "Because he is from The Times, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and it lies and it lies and it lies about this party. So he was told 'we're sorry, you told one lie too many', the Times, so we are not allowing anyone from the Times in - kindly leave. He refused to leave when he was asked so he had to be encouraged to leave."
The BBC reporter asked if he would be removed if he said the wrong thing. Mr Griffin replied: "If you utter some outrageous lie about me... you won't be welcome again."
A spokesman for News International confirmed one of their reporters had been removed from the meeting.


What we really like is the fact that the BNP had this pretense. As if they had a choice ! ! !

Muslim graves hit for third time (UK)

Vandals have targeted Muslim graves at a south Manchester cemetery for the third time in two months.
More than 20 headstones at the Southern Cemetery on Barlow Moor Road were pushed over in what police are treating as a racially-motivated attack.
The offenders struck sometime between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, a police spokesman confirmed.
Det Ch Insp Steve Eckersley called it "mindless racist behaviour" that was being treated as a hate crime.
On 29 September, 26 Muslim headstones were vandalised and three days later 27 were targeted.
Police have now increased their patrols in the area.
Det Ch Insp Eckersley added: "It is an absolute disgrace that whoever is responsible thinks it acceptable to repeatedly target the graves of loved ones.
"The repeated nature of these attacks and the fact the offenders are only targeting Muslim graves means we are treating this as a hate crime.
"This sort of mindless, racist behaviour must be utterly condemned and I'm sure the whole community will be outraged.
"To those who know who is responsible or have been told who is responsible I would like to ask how you would feel if someone damaged a grave of one of your loved ones and how hurt or upset that would make you.
"Please do the right thing, tell us what you know and help us put a stop to this."

BNP4UK now wouldn’t that be a good idea?

Many people will know that the BNP today are asking member to vote on a change to their party’s highly racist whites only membership rule.

And as the BNP have drawn a large number of followers/supporters to the party through their whites only policy this is a serious problem. As a substantial change to their stance will make many members feel lost as this is not the party they joined.
So the BNP should expect a number of people to leave and move their support to some of the even more extreme elements of the far right like the National Front and Combat18. So what can be done? Obviously this exodus will cause a loss of earnings for the party and thus hamper their election funds.
So we at the StandUpToHate have come forward with an idea for Mr Griffin and the BNP that not only will generate more members, increase their monetary resources but will be greatly supported by the majority of British people.
We all know that Islam4UK has been banned, so why don’t the BNP take these people into their ranks.

No wait think about it.

The BNP has to change its non-white policy to continue, they have no choice. The Muslim extremists that were members of Islam4UK, have lost a cause to follow. A joint effort between the BNP and the former Isalm4UK would be an ideal solution.  We know there will be teething problems but think of the benefits to the British public.

1) BNP4UK it’s a catchy name
2) British people will know where all the extremists are.
3) As both the organisations often show up at the same protest venues, it would save them travelling costs. They could travel together. Thus saving the environment. (even though we suggest that policy to the new BNP4UK we don’t mind them using it)
4) They could practice away from any disturbances what they intend to do, who’s going to hit who etc. it would give people a better show.
5) both organisations have uncharismatic leaders, perhaps by working together they could create one person with a some kind of human personality British people might like.
6) It would be a great publicity gimmick and gain worldwide headlines.

But here’s the deal clincher (or so to speak), as the BNP want to remove all Muslim’s from the UK but especially the extremists ones first.
If they ever gained any power as the BNP4UK then the BNP4UK would be the first people to leave the country.

It’s a win, win situation.

Now the only problem we foresee in the whole thing is if they can’t convince Collette and Barnbrook to wear burkhas.

SDLP slams racist Facebook group (Ireland)

The SDLP (Social Democratic Labour Party) has slammed a Facebook Group which targets rose sellers from the Roma community in Belfast.
According to South Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt many of the the racist comments left on the page are by students from the University of Ulster and Queens University, who make up some of the 11,000 members.
Mr McDevitt said: “ We must have zero tolerance for racism in Ireland, North and South.”
The Facebook group has recruited thousands of members in a matter of days, proving to be a most popular subject to comment on between students in the area who say they are “hassled” by rose sellers on nights out.

Mr McDevitt had a similar Facebook group shut down last year after he blogged about it on the Sluggerotoole.com website.
Mr McDevitt added that: “What is worrying about these online groups is that so many young people seem not to realise they are being racist. That it has become acceptable to treat members of minority communities in such a racist way is a terrible indictment of us all.”
Mr McDevitt has brought the matter to the attention of the PSNI Hate Crime Unit.
Over 100 members of the Roma community in Belfast were forced to flee their homes in the city following violent attacks last June.

Court in uproar over racism sentence (Canada)

Victim arrested after man who attacked Asian anglers jailed 2 years
Emotions erupted in the Newmarket courthouse Friday as a Sutton man was sentenced to two years less a day in jail for a racist attack on Asian anglers, and one of the victims – upset at the light sentence – wound up handcuffed and arrested.
Justice Alfred Stong found that Trevor Middleton, 23, was motivated partly by racism when he and three truckloads of Georgina Township youths shoved Ruohang Liu, 24, and Charles Hogan, 24, into Lake Simcoe early in the morning of Sept. 16, 2007, in the type of attack some locals referred to as "Nip-" or "Nipper-tipping." One of their friends was left with permanent brain damage in the attack.
Loud sighs, sobs and swearing were heard in the packed courtroom after the judge read his sentence, which also included three years' probation, a 10-year driving ban and an order for Middleton to take cultural sensitivity training.
"There is no justice in Canada," an Asian-Canadian man shouted in the hallway of the courthouse.
Liu was handcuffed and arrested by police after the armrest of a courthouse chair was thrown at a hallway window, shattering it. Police did not immediately comment on whether he had been charged.
Liu said he has nightmares about the attack, which left his friend, Shayne Berwick, 26, with brain damage and requiring a wheelchair.
"I will not go fishing ever in Canada again," Liu said in his victim impact statement. "I no longer trust anyone I meet. I feel like I can only trust people I have from the past."
In sentencing Middleton, the judge noted that he had no criminal record before a jury found him guilty of four counts of aggravated assault and two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.
The judge also noted that Middleton, a professional motorcycle racer, was only 20 at the time of the attacks near what locals call the Blue Bridge, at Mossington Park near Jackson's Point.
Four police squad cars pulled up in front of the courthouse as angry spectators left the building. Middleton's lawyer, Gerald Logan, was cursed as he walked out.
The Crown had sought a sentence of eight to 10 years.
Berwick's father, Colin, shook his head in disbelief outside court as his wife, Terry, cried. Hate crime legislation has proved to be toothless, he said, adding, "That didn't do any good, did it?"
A man who was in Liu's car as it was rammed repeatedly by Middleton's pickup and forced off the road into a tree said the violence still haunts him. "I fear for the future," said Shiv Kumar, 24. "I feel that I am not wanted in the community."
Toronto lawyer Susan Eng, part of a coalition of Asian-Canadians who monitored the case, said it was a victory the attack was recognized as a hate crime. "This wasn't an individual case. This is something that belongs to the community."
Toronto Star

British National Party accounts investigated by Electoral Commission

The British National Party’s financial accounts are under investigation by the Electoral Commission over an alleged breach of the law.
The commission said yesterday there were a “number of concerns” and that the far-right party’s latest accounts were “under review”. The investigation concerns a suspected breach of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act, which requires all party treasurers to file full and accurate accounts each year.
The revelations come as Margaret Hodge, the Labour incumbent in Barking, East London, has threatened the party with legal action over campaign material. And the moves cast doubt on the credibility of the BNP at a time when Nick Griffin, its leader, is trying to persuade voters that he is a serious alternative to mainstream politicians at the general election.
The BNP has already been fined over its failure to produce its accounts on time and was recently exposed for exaggerating its spending during last year’s European elections.

It is also facing court action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission over its policy of excluding ethnic minorities from membership. Its membership meets tomorrow to discuss changes to its constitution.
The commission’s investigation relates to accounts for 2008, which the BNP filed six months late. The party was asked to provide more information last month but it is understood that the extra information was unsatisfactory and the party has still failed to meet the requirements of the Act.with a maximum penalty of a £5,000 or one year imprisonment.
John Walker, a BNP spokesman, said: “We’re not the only party to have problems with finances.”
The Times Online

Racism still rife in Italian football

With Italy hoping to be awarded the Euro 2016 tournament in a few months time, it says it is taking serious measures to crack down on racism in football.

But, as Emma Wallis reports from Rome, there is plenty of evidence the phenomenon is still rife on the terraces - and even on the pitch.
Mario Balotelli - or Super Mario, as he is known by fans of Inter Milan - knows that as well as anyone.

The black striker, who is an Italian citizen, has become a target of racist abuse wherever he plays.
Juventus fans taunted him so viciously the club was fined and forced to play a match behind closed doors.
"Racist hooligans have a problem with themselves and with society, it's not Mario's problem," says Cristina Balotelli, the 19-year-old striker's older sister.
"How would you feel if you had to listen to racist comments?" she asks. "Anyone would be angry, and shocked.
"He [Mario] is disgusted, I believe. Those [racists] should be sent home."
Balotelli is determined to overcome the hostility. Born to Ghanaian parents but adopted by Italians, he has so far turned down appeals to play for Ghana and has set his sights on a place in the Italian team.
Ms Balotelli is not the only one to think that sometimes the football authorities in Italy do not do enough to enforce their zero-tolerance policy towards racism.
Daniela Conti, an anti-racist campaigner for UISP, Italy's sport-for-all organisation, explained that her organisation sends letters to all the clubs in Italy's top leagues regarding anti-racist projects.
Usually, they get no response. Only three big teams have active anti-racist campaigns, Ms Conti says: Sampdoria and Siena in Serie A, and Hellas Verona in Serie C1.

Reaching out
Ms Conti says it is not good enough for clubs simply to declare
Projects should come from the grass roots. The most devoted fans - known in Italy as Ultras - should be encouraged to paint their own anti-racist banners, she says.

Clubs should be reaching out to the community, she adds, going into schools and getting their players to talk about racism.
"It's about a two pronged attack, education and social action as well as fines and repression," says Ms Conti.
In January, Interior Minister Roberto Maroni called for referees to be given powers to stop matches if racism reared its ugly head.
The Italian football federation (FIGC) responded by saying that their referees already had a lot to do, and it should be up to police at the match to call it off if necessary.

Make a stand
Near the Umbrian town of Terni a few weeks ago, a small amateur team, ASD Nuova Casteltodino, made national headlines when the whole team walked off the pitch after one of their two players of Nigerian origin was called a "dirty Negro" by an opposition
Club Secretary Francesco Ribeca compared their struggle to the American civil rights movement.

"You might think that we don't count, but if you think of Rosa Parks in America and how that one gesture of sitting down on a bus sparked a whole civil rights movement, we felt we had to make a stand too," he said.
"Even if we manage to change just a few people's minds that will be a huge success for us. We threw away a football result to get a result for society."
Club President Maurizio Venturi said the insult was the fourth such incident this season. He sees the two brothers Narcisio and Emeka, who were born in Italy to Nigerian parents, as "200% Italian".
Unfortunately, many in Italy do not think the same.


One of the favourite chants for racist fans is: "There are no black Italians".
But this assertion is increasingly being proved wrong. In Italy, citizenship is still about having Italian blood, and is not dependent on where individuals were born.

For those born in Italy to non-Italian parents, there is a long and complicated bureaucratic process at the age of 18 to request Italian citizenship.
While Narcisio is Italian in the eyes of the law Emeka, at 25, is still waiting to gain his citizenship.
He shrugs off racism as something that happens, admitting that in Italy, black people are still "treated like outsiders and it's difficult to integrate fully".
"But you have to go on with life," he adds.
In a country where Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi famously described US President Barack Obama as "tanned", it is perhaps not surprising that tackling racism is a minefield.
Writer Francesco Pacifico says the concept of racism is different in Italy. He says it is difficult to eradicate racist attitudes because "in Italy there is no notion of a few rotten apples... we're all rotten apples".
"Everything is so blurred and impossible to reform in a way, and authorities of all kinds know that. That left-wing spirit which just wants to do as if we were a northern European country is misled, because that is not the reality."
Casteltodino's Francesco Ribeca says that with the economic interests of top flight football, the "money factories" of Serie A would probably not be favourable to stopping matches every time a racist insult was hurled.
Seen in this light, perhaps it is easier to understand why it is so rare for teams like Casteltodino to stand up to be counted in Italy's anti-racist struggle.


The British National Party is due to decide on whether to scrap its whites-only membership policy.
The far-right party is due to hold an extraordinary general meeting for members to vote on proposed changes to its constitution that would allow black and Asian people to join.
The meeting was arranged after the Central London County Court told the BNP to amend its constitution to comply with race relations laws or face legal action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

After the hearing on January 28, the BNP rushed out letters to its 14,000 members in order to allow for the 14 days needed to alert them to the proposed changes.
But there remained queries over whether the amended version would go far enough to appease lawyers from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
Further changes are likely to be needed at the meeting, which is to be held at a secret location.

The Express