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Sunday, 14 February 2010

BNP4UK now wouldn’t that be a good idea?

Many people will know that the BNP today are asking member to vote on a change to their party’s highly racist whites only membership rule.

And as the BNP have drawn a large number of followers/supporters to the party through their whites only policy this is a serious problem. As a substantial change to their stance will make many members feel lost as this is not the party they joined.
So the BNP should expect a number of people to leave and move their support to some of the even more extreme elements of the far right like the National Front and Combat18. So what can be done? Obviously this exodus will cause a loss of earnings for the party and thus hamper their election funds.
So we at the StandUpToHate have come forward with an idea for Mr Griffin and the BNP that not only will generate more members, increase their monetary resources but will be greatly supported by the majority of British people.
We all know that Islam4UK has been banned, so why don’t the BNP take these people into their ranks.

No wait think about it.

The BNP has to change its non-white policy to continue, they have no choice. The Muslim extremists that were members of Islam4UK, have lost a cause to follow. A joint effort between the BNP and the former Isalm4UK would be an ideal solution.  We know there will be teething problems but think of the benefits to the British public.

1) BNP4UK it’s a catchy name
2) British people will know where all the extremists are.
3) As both the organisations often show up at the same protest venues, it would save them travelling costs. They could travel together. Thus saving the environment. (even though we suggest that policy to the new BNP4UK we don’t mind them using it)
4) They could practice away from any disturbances what they intend to do, who’s going to hit who etc. it would give people a better show.
5) both organisations have uncharismatic leaders, perhaps by working together they could create one person with a some kind of human personality British people might like.
6) It would be a great publicity gimmick and gain worldwide headlines.

But here’s the deal clincher (or so to speak), as the BNP want to remove all Muslim’s from the UK but especially the extremists ones first.
If they ever gained any power as the BNP4UK then the BNP4UK would be the first people to leave the country.

It’s a win, win situation.

Now the only problem we foresee in the whole thing is if they can’t convince Collette and Barnbrook to wear burkhas.