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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pig’s head ‘hate crime’ culprit 'lives among us' (UK)

Muslims fear the person who dumped a pig’s head outside a city mosque lives in their midst.

Shock waves have rippled through the city’s Islamic community after the attack at the Darwin Drive prayer centre.

Worshippers found the severed head on the steps of the building on Monday night at about 9pm on their way to prayers, as the News reported.

Abdul Arain, who runs the city’s Muslim helpline, said: “Muslims understand that this person has their own agenda but it will not affect our agenda to live peacefully.

“People are angry, sad, and some people say this is not representative of Cambridge and is a sectarian attack.

“The attack was carried out on a small and little known centre so we think it must have been someone local who has done this.”

Cambridge mum Farah Mogul, 36, of Girton, who has been raising supplies for flood-hit Pakistan, said: “I am getting worried about the things going on at the moment.

“It is happening all over the world. It’s terrible it should come to our doorsteps here in Cambridge.”

Muslims held an emergency meeting on Tuesday after the incident at the Shah Jalal Bangladeshi Community House.

The dumping of the pig’s head has been condemned by the city’s MP Julian Huppert and the community’s leaders.

Now Muslims across the city are trying to take in the distressing news as the police continue to investigate the incident.

Cambridge News Online was inundated with comments on the suspected hate crime.

One contributor said: “This is an entirely unprovoked attack on the Muslim community . . . what kind of person would do this? I am not a Muslim, nor am I any other religion, but even I feel quite personally sickened by this!”

Richard Green called for the culprits to be brought to justice and made a rallying call to stamp out hate crime.

He said: “Islam is under siege from all sides and it’s about time decent people of all faiths and persuasions took a stand against vile behaviour of this kind.”

Some 40 families attend the centre. Police took the head away for forensic examination.

Shaikh Abdul Mabud, from the Islamic Academy in Cambridge, branded the incident a “hate crime”. He said: “This is very sad and shows a lack of understanding, and intolerance.”

Anyone with information about the incident should call police on 0345 456 4564.

Cambridge News

Man wrote racist graffiti on black neighbour's door (UK)

A racist German daubed graffiti on a black neighbour's door to "warn" people that he could have the deadly Ebola virus, a court heard.

August Fink, 62, wrote the highly offensive phrases on his neighbour's door because he felt he should tell others that he could be infectious – even though the man had no such illness.

Bristol Magistrates' Court heard that on June 28 PC Mike Lewis was called to a flat in Burlington Court on Burlington Road in Redland. When he arrived he spoke to the man whose door had been covered with the graffiti, and while they chatted Fink approached PC Lewis and asked if he had checked the neighbour's permit to live there.

PC Lewis said: "I noticed the graffiti on the front door written in marker pen, which read 'No. Ebola. Bazillos' and then a racist comment.

"The man identified himself as August Fink, the occupant of the flat. He admitted to me that he had written it on the flat door because he was concerned about his neighbour, who was black and believed that he carried the Ebola virus."

There was also graffiti on another door, in the same marker pen, with racist remarks against Jewish people, although Fink denied that he was responsible for it.

After he was arrested the court heard Fink admitted to officers at the scene that he had written it to warn people that black people have Ebola.

In an interview with police Fink said: "When I saw there was a Negro in the house I wrote something against infectious illnesses on the door.

"It was to inform them of possible infectious illnesses because of a black person living in the house.

"Bazillo is a similar virus. I wrote this because black people could have this infection and other people could be infected because of it."

Fink also said that any infection of a monkey could infect humans, and that black people were dying because of Ebola.

Fink was not in court, and in his absence District Judge David Parsons found him guilty of one charge of a racially aggravated public order offence.

He said: "Having heard from PC Lewis, and his admission in interview, I find he did display the signs.

"I am sure that it was insulting, and on that basis find him guilty of causing harassment, alarm or distress."

Five other charges, including causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment, harassment without violence and using threatening words or behaviour were dropped because witnesses refused to come forward.

Fink failed to answer bail for the court hearing, so a warrant was ordered for his arrest so he can be sentenced.

This is Bristol

Outrage over 'retelling' of Nazi film that incited holocaust murderers

IT was the film that was supposed to mobilise the German nation to murder the Jews: Jud Suss, a notorious  1940 classic of anti-Semitic propaganda.

Now, exactly 70 years after it was first shown in the cinemas of the Third Reich, a new version has been released. It is being booed by preview audiences, blasted by critics and dismissed as a historical distortion. The Central Board of German Jewry has condemned it, saying that it peddles the old anti-Semitic stereotypes.

The intent of the new work, Jud Suss - Film Without A Conscience, is naturally quite different. It is not so much a remake as a "making of" film that tries to explain how respectable actors were drawn into the project by the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

"It tells the story of the main actor in Jud Suss, Ferdinand Marian," said Oskar Roehler, the director. "He is sucked into the manipulative machine of Goebbels, who wants to use the film to kick off a campaign of extermination against the Jews."

Shown to 20 million Germans before 1945 - including SS troopers before they were sent off to the killing fields of Poland and Eastern Europe - the original Jud Suss was put under wraps after the war. At least one of the actors was thrown into a prison camp by Soviet forces while Marian died in a mysterious car crash in 1946.

To this day, the original film can be shown only to restricted audiences and has to be prefaced and followed by commentaries from vetted historians.

It was a crude depiction by the director, Veit Harlan, of the Jewish merchant Joseph Suss Oppenheimer, who advised a south German duke on financial affairs in the early 18th century. He transformed the duchy's finances but was despised by those outside court and was accused of seducing the Christian daughter of a rival. For this he was executed in 1738.

The Nazi reconstruction of this historical episode portrays Suss as a leering lecher and is aimed at raising a cheer from cinema audiences when he is eventually killed.

The Hitler regime outlawed sex and marriage between so-called Aryans and Jews and, among other things, the film demonstrated that the practice had deep Germanic roots.

Despite attempts by Marian to introduce some likeable character traits into his depiction of the merchant, he comes over as evil and thus made the whole film into a blunt piece of emotional manipulation.

The new film shows Marian as a charming but weak adulterer. The scene that drew loud boos in the preview features Marian - played by Tobias Moretti, the Austrian actor - in a hotel room in Berlin while Allied aircraft bomb the city. He is with the wife of the Nazi commander of a Jewish ghetto. She demands that Marian utter some of the text from Jud Suss, then shouts out - a quote from the Nazi film - "Take me, Jew" and raises her skirt. They make love to the sounds of the Allied bombardment.

That, plainly, was too close to the bone for the selected audience and is likely to cause a stir when the film goes on general release today.

There have been many recent films attempting to find new ways of telling the story of Hitler and the Holocaust. The German-made Downfall depicted Hitler's final ten days in his Berlin bunker; Quentin Tarrantino's Inglourious Basterds had a group of American Jewish soldiers seeking blood-curdling revenge on the Germans; Mein Fuhrer tried to poke fun at Hitler.

Roehler's film, however, directly tackles wartime Germany's attitudes to the Jews - and it does not make pleasant viewing. Charlotte Knobloch, the head of the Central Board of German Jewry, declared that the film should not be put on general release. Her logic is that dramatising anti-Semitism, even if the goal is to expose its evils, in itself encourages the stereotyping of Jews.

To counter such depictions the Jewish museums of Berlin and Vienna have put together a joint exhibition entitled Typical! Cliches about Jews and Others to confront the enduring prejudices held by some Germans and Austrians.

Critics are complaining about the clumsy way that the new film tries to distance itself from the dark intentions of the original. Roehler has his dubious hero Marian go on a Nazi-ordered visit to German troops on the site of the future Auschwitz concentration camp. There is the slightest of hints that the Jewish slave workers on the site will be later massacred by the SS just as soon as the troopers have watched Jud Suss. But the director shies away from actually saying that.

"Not so much to protect the nerves of the cinema audiences," said Andreas Kilb, of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, "more because he does not want to blacken the image of his main protagonist. In this film, the courage to deal with a dangerous subject walks hand in hand with narrative cowardice."

In reality, SS men did go out and kill Jews after watching the original Jud Suss. "The exaggerated acting performances do little to enlighten us about the Nazi world of moving pictures or even shed light on our present attitudes to those times," said Christiane Peitz, of Der Tagesspiegel. "The film commutes between outright camp and historical correctness."

Yet the critics are agreed on one thing: Germans should grit their teeth and go and see the new work - if only to understand why a film seen by millions of their great-grandparents has been kept under lock and key for the past seven decades.

The Australian

Exhibition to mark anniversary of Hungary's post-WWI anti-Semitic laws

An exhibition and international conference is being mounted by the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Centre to mark the 90th anniversary of the passing of a Hungarian anti-Semitic law, the quota law, which was the first in Europe, the organisers told MTI on Tuesday.

The exhibition will take place between October 14 and February 1, and will show "which events strengthened anti-Semitism of the 1920s and how Hungarian politics and society got from the point of reception to exclusion", with posters, contemporary news cuttings, photos and memoirs.

The centre said that it strives to recreate the atmosphere of the time through personal historical accounts and present the law's embrace by the League of Nations and its consequences up to the present.

A two-day academic conference will start on October 15 headed by Maria Schmitt, the director of the Budapest House of Terror.

The so-called numerus clausus (quota) law was passed by the Hungarian parliament on September 21, 1920 at the behest of Pal Teleki, the prime minister.


BNP activists set up stall in Halesowen over the weekend (UK)

The BNP took to the streets of Halesowen this weekend to demand the withdrawal of British troops from Afganistan.

The far right organisation handed out ‘Bring Our Boys Home’ leaflets from their Union Jack bedecked stall in the town centre on Saturday.

The party also collected donations and gave out information packs.

BNP organiser Robert Weale said: “Hardly anyone had a bad word to say, or was derisory about the British National Party, and indeed, three people amongst those who came to show their support, were in fact, card carrying members.

“The amount of people who were BNP voters was also encouraging, and topics ranging from the war, to crime, immigration, and the economy were all discussed.”

halesowen News

Say No to BNP in Stroud meeting organised (uk)

Community groups, trade union activists and political representatives are to stage a meeting called Say No To The BNP in Stroud following news that the party is moving its national media department to the Five Valleys.

The meeting will be held at The Space in Lansdown and organisers say they want to send out a message that the party is not welcome here.

Speakers will include former MP David Drew and district councillor John Marjoram (Green, Trinity), who has gathered more than 100 signatures on a letter protesting against the decision to open the publicity department at Unit 13 on the Salmon Springs Trading Estate between Stroud and Painswick.

Chris Moore, a member of the Stroud branch of the Socialist Party, who recently co-ordinated the town's Save Our Post Offices campaign, is organising the meeting.

"I was shocked and disgusted to hear the BNP was proposing to set up a national propaganda centre in Stroud," he said.

"Maybe the party thinks it can get away with it, thinking Stroud is just a little town.

"But we have a long history of organising demonstrations and protesting."

British National Party leader Nick Griffin recently sent an email to supporters, which is available on the party's website, announcing details about the new centre for media and communications, which will also run party's website.

In a statement sent to the SNJ, a spokesman for the BNP said the party had been using space on the industrial estate as an office for the last two years.

"We have had departments or staff working out of our Stroud office for several years now with no fuss, hassle or grief at any time," he said.

"We are utilising an existing office unit, refurbishing it and relaunching it as a campaigns and communications hub.

"Stroud is a beautiful location and we are happy with the surrounding area and amenities."

The Say No To The BNP in Stroud meeting is on Wednesday, September 29 at 7.30pm. All are welcome. Anyone who wants to help with the campaign should email yrehq@yahoo.co.u

Stroud News Journal

Electrical fire burns neo-Nazi's Roanoke home (USA)

An electrical fire in a Southwest Roanoke house owned by neo-Nazi William A. White caused $15,000 in damage early Tuesday, a fire department spokeswoman said. No one was hurt.

The white, two-story house in the 800 block of Campbell Avenue was being renovated and was unoccupied. Firefighters arrived about 12:11 a.m. and found thick smoke spewing from the front and side of the house, department spokeswoman Tiffany Bradbury said.

Firefighters found no one inside. The blaze was out in about a half-hour.

The fire started in the basement above the electrical panel, Bradbury said.

The house is owned by White Homes and Land LLC, a company run by White, the racist activist serving a 2 ½-year prison sentence for making racially charged threats. White filed for bankruptcy protection in 2008.