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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Exhibition to mark anniversary of Hungary's post-WWI anti-Semitic laws

An exhibition and international conference is being mounted by the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Centre to mark the 90th anniversary of the passing of a Hungarian anti-Semitic law, the quota law, which was the first in Europe, the organisers told MTI on Tuesday.

The exhibition will take place between October 14 and February 1, and will show "which events strengthened anti-Semitism of the 1920s and how Hungarian politics and society got from the point of reception to exclusion", with posters, contemporary news cuttings, photos and memoirs.

The centre said that it strives to recreate the atmosphere of the time through personal historical accounts and present the law's embrace by the League of Nations and its consequences up to the present.

A two-day academic conference will start on October 15 headed by Maria Schmitt, the director of the Budapest House of Terror.

The so-called numerus clausus (quota) law was passed by the Hungarian parliament on September 21, 1920 at the behest of Pal Teleki, the prime minister.