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Thursday, 4 February 2010

You Tube Neo-Nazi Used Cliff Richard To Promote Anti-Semitic Hate

A neo-Nazi anti-Semitic You Tube user with the user id of DrHochbichler yesterday had his channel image and video as pictured below.
If you can’t make it out it’s Ann Frank in a bathing suit outside Auschwitz with Hitler as the Sun and the video choice is Cliff Richard singing “Summer Holiday”. Oh and his user ID image is of Joseph Mengele.
Now most people will find this an extremely sick ‘joke’; however today he has changed it to an image of Gaza with Israeli soldiers, a dead Palestinian (we believe), an image of Joseph Mengele and a Wham video of “wake me up before you Go Go”.

This channel can be found at http://www.youtube.com/DrHochbichler

The user has posted comments on various videos on YouTube which include

(speaking about the single for the Haiti appeal)
“I'm not giving a fucking penny to those black bastards,,,all they do is take,,take,,take,,f*** them ,,let them all die fucking worthless shits”

(speaking about the hospital collapsing Haiti)
“They should have put some NEGRO children in there so they could practice emergency rescue”

“jews offend me every fuc**** day”

“I once tried to hang a cat but it slipped out it's collar and ran away”

“The good old days,,,back when you could kill your nig*** then claim on the insurance”
“Nig**** OUT”

You Tube allows this to happen. It is down to the other users to see this content, find it offensive and complain. Even if reported it still may take some time before You Tube does anything to the user or channel, such as remove it and suspend the user.

This is a demonstration of how power corrupts as you Tube has forgotten what is considered extremely offensive in the real world.
You will also notice both these these images of the channel had adverts on the page at the time the screen capture was taken .

And for


We do wonder how these advertisers will feel when the realise that their wares are being advertised next to extreme anti-Semitic content.

German Police Arrest Serbian Neo-Nazi Leader Goran "the Fuhrer" Davidovic

German police have arrested Serbian neo-Nazi leader Goran "the Fuhrer" Davidovic, media reported on Wednesday (February 3rd). Justice Minister Snezana Malovic said authorities have requested his extradition. Interpol issued an arrest warrant for Davidovic who was sentenced in Serbia to a year in prison for inciting national, ethnic and religious hatred stemming from a 2005 attack against participants of an anti-Fascist meeting. He was arrested on the warrant last April in Italy but was freed on appeal. Authorities are not sure how he made it to Germany

Alleged skinhead pleads guilty in plot to kill Obama

JACKSON, Tennessee - An Arkansas man pleaded guilty to charges he plotted to kill then-Sen. Barack Obama and dozens of other Black people in 2008.
Paul Schlesselman, 19, of Arkansas, pleaded guilty Jan. 14 to one count of conspiracy, one count of threatening to kill and harm a presidential candidate and one count of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.
He faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced in April.

A co-defendant, Daniel Cowart, 21, of Tennessee, remains in custody.
Authorities have described the two as White supremacist skinheads who hatched a plot for a cross-country robbery and killing spree that was to culminate with an attack on Mr. Obama, who was then a candidate for president.
They were arrested in October 2008 and have been held without bond since.
“Despite great civil rights progress, hate-fueled violence remains all too common in our country, as illustrated by this unthinkable conspiracy,” Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division in the Justice Department, said in a statement.

An after hours message left with the federal public defenders office, who represented Mr. Schlesselman, was not immediately returned.
Authorities have said that although the two had enough guns to create carnage, they never got close to carrying out their plans.
When arrested, suspects Cowart and Schlesselman were staying with Mr. Cowart's grandparents in rural northwest Tennessee. Much of the government's evidence against the two was seized by sheriff's deputies from the grandparents' home. Items seized from the home included a sawed-off shotgun, a high-powered rifle, a handgun and several swords and knives.
Federal investigators have said the two gave statements about their plans, which included shooting at Obama from a speeding car while wearing white tuxedoes and top hats.
Prosecutors have said investigators were looking for Mr. Schlesselman and Mr. Cowart on a tip from an informant when the two drove up to the home of Mr. Cowart's grandfather in a car emblazoned with a large swastika on the hood and the slogan “Honk if you love Hitler” on the back.
Authorities say Mr. Cowart and Mr. Schlesselman met over the Internet where they shared common White supremacist views.
The Final Call


Hungary's caretaker government has introduced legislation to make Holocaust denial punishable by three years’ imprisonment. Passage of the long-delayed proposal could take place before the April 11 parliamentary elections, said Attila Mesterhazy, the prime ministerial candidate of the ruling Socialists, if the opposition parties agree. Political observers here believe that is unlikely to happen, but the proposal may well pave the way for such law reform by the next Parliament following April's elections. The government’s latest of several attempts to make Holocaust denial illegal was introduced on Jan. 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day. At ceremonies in Budapest last week to honor the Holocaust dead, who included some 600,000 Hungarian Jews, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the most effective approach to counter the aggressive rise of anti-Semitism in Hungary would be through the legislative process.
Meanwhile, some neo-Nazi movements in Europe are organizing their annual “Day of Honor” in Hungary to mark the last stand of the Nazis and their Hungarian supporters against the Soviet Army at Buda Castle on Feb. 11, 1945. The organizers, including the Hungarian National Front, have neither sought nor received official permission to hold the event this year, but reportedly they have said they assume the rally will take place as usual at Heroes’ Square in this capital city.


MP Plans Immigrant Benefit Ban To Battle BNP

A senior Labour Minister has said new immigrants should be banned from claiming benefitsCulture Minister Margaret Hodge claims the needs of those who have lived in Britain longer should come first, with immigrants having to 'earn' benefits.
"In the same way that we feel comfortable in talking about cracking down on people playing the system, we should also feel comfortable in talking about prioritizing the needs of people who have lived in an area all of their lives," she said.
"At the moment we have the worst of both worlds.
"The issue is so controversial that we avoid talking about it or attack those who do.
"Because there is no good hard data on what actually happens, we are left with anecdotal evidence indicating there is a problem."
The MP for Barking and Dagenham spoke out as she prepares to battle BNP leader Nick Griffin in the general election.
Writing in the Daily Mail, she said politicians need to be braver about discussing controversial issues to combat the rising popularity of the nationalist party.
"People believe rightly or wrongly that others are getting the housing before they do," she said.
"The result is people feel resentful about what they see as an injustice in the system and the BNP and other right wing parties seek to turn this resentment into popular support for them.
"The very mention of the word immigration causes controversy and the whole debate is often seen through the prism of racism.
"The result is parties like the BNP tap into people's frustrations and that's why we've seen a rise in support for them.
"It's not because people like what the BNP stand for, in fact people are repulsed by Nick Griffin's views on the Holocaust and his sympathy with the Nazis."
Ms Hodge said her constituents in Barking and Dagenham have legitimate concerns about the strain that a population swelled by immigration puts on jobs and services.
Her solution is a point system based on length of residence, citizenship or national insurance contributions.
"This isn't about race, it's about having a transparent system which people understand and which is fair," she said.
The minister stressed that she was not referring to the treatment of refugees who come to the country to escape persecution.

UK’s Neo-Nazi groups membership lists coming soon “fingers crossed!”

Wiki-Leaks the people behind the leaked lists of BNP members promised some time ago that they were soon to release membership lists of the Neo-Nazi, far right extremist groups in the UK.
However due to financial overheads Wiki-Leaks has suspended all activity until they could raise the money to carry on.
The great news has reached us today that Wiki-leaks has reached the required funding and are soon to be back up and running.
So let’s hope one of the first things they do is post these much anticipated membership lists. It will be interesting to see if any of these extremist are known to us or are members of the BNP.

Interesting times ahead folks

A third of Britons think Peter Griffin from Family Guy is the leader of the BNP

One in three members of the public matched a picture of Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, with the name of Peter Griffin, the protagonist of the cartoon sitcom.
The survey of 1,498 people found more were able to identify a picture of Alex Reid, the new husband of Katie Price, than recognised Gordon Brown, the prime minister.

The study, in which respondents were asked to put names to photographs of well-known public figures, showed that David Cameron is the best recognised opposition politician, with 73 per cent of people identifying him as the leader of the Conservative Party.
Gordon Brown was the most recognised politician with 81% of people matching his face to his name, but Alex Reid, the cage fighter was still better known, with 84 per cent of respondents recognising him.
The survey, by the money-saving website MyVoucherCodes, also showed that 41 per cent of people identified a photograph of Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, as the Dragons' Den entrepreneur Peter Jones.
Katia Ivanova, the former girlfriend of Ronnie Wood, also proved more recognisable than a number of leading politicians. Mark Pearson, managing director of the money-saving website, said: "The fact that Katia Ivanova, who is famous for having slept with a Rolling Stone, is better known that Jack Straw and Alan Johnson put together is indicative of the fact that the public are heavily influenced by the media.”
“It isn’t for us to judge whether or not this is right or wrong, but put forward the facts: one of which being that a third of people think that Peter Griffin is the leader of the BNP.”

Court limits Geert Wilders' witness list (Amsterdam the Netherlands)

The killer of Theo van Gogh and 14 of the other witnesses anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders wanted to call in his defence against charges of discrimination and inciting hatred have been ruled inadmissible by Amsterdam district court.
But three Islam experts proposed by Wilders will be heard behind closed doors, the judges said on Wednesday afternoon. They include American Syrian psychiatrist Wafa Sultan who believes the world is witness to 'a battle between modernity and barbarism which Islam will lose'.
The court also turned down Wilders' request to hear five legal experts on the grounds that the MP will have ample opportunity to say whether or not he agrees with them during the trial. He had wanted to call 18 experts and Muslim radicals.

Wilders has stated his case not only rests on freedom of speech legislation but on the fact that he is speaking the truth.
'This court is apparently not interested in the truth. I can conclude nothing else other than that the court does not wish me a fair trial,' he was reported as saying by news agency ANP after the judges' statement.
Wilders faces five counts of religious insult and anti-Muslim incitement. In January, the public prosecution department extended the prosecution case to include inciting hatred of Muslims, Moroccans and non-Western immigrants.

Open court
The court also turned down the prosecution's call for Wilders himself to be interviewed by an examining judge behind closed doors. Wilders had said he wanted to be questioned in open court.
The prosecution is not planning to bring any witnesses.
The case will take place at some point between June 1 and October 31, news agency ANP reported.
Dutch News

Jewish council lauds 'renaissance' in Germany

Germany is experiencing a “renaissance of Judaism” as the number of synagogues and community members continues to grow some 65 years after the end of the Nazi reign of terror, the German Jewish Council said on Wednesday.

“I am very happy that we can now experience the renaissance that we’ve been talking about for so many years,” council President Charlotte Knobloch told daily Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.
Since the end of the Second World War 107 Jewish congregations have developed with a total of 106,000 members, the paper reported.
“Twenty years ago we referred to 30,000 as a lot,” the 77-year-old said ahead opening a new synagogue and community centre in Osnabrück on Wednesday.
Jews in Germany no longer sit on what Knobloch called “packed suitcases.” Instead they have become a part of German society and want to participate in its future, she said.
Knobloch also called for stronger action against racism and anti-Semitism in Germany, saying she was concerned by the high incidence of anti-Semitic attacks in parts of the country.
The Local

Prisoners Online Facebook Threats

Like many of its 350 million users worldwide, jailed underworld boss Colin Gunn used his Facebook account to let his friends know what was on his mind.

Gunn, a big-time Nottingham gangster who ordered the revenge killings of John and Joan Stirland, threatened: "I will be home one day and I can't wait to look into certain people's eyes and see the fear of me being there."
An inquest opened this week to determine whether police corruption contributed to the Stirlands' death. They were gunned down at their bungalow in Lincolnshire in 2004.
Gunn had set up his Facebook profile in November, claiming prison authorities had relaxed their attitude towards him after he had served part of his sentence in Whitemoor jail, Cambridgeshire, the Sunday Times reported at the weekend.
The Ministry of Justice says prisoners are banned from using social networking sites, and his page was closed by Facebook for violating its policies.
But Gunn is the latest in a line of convicted criminals who have used social networking sites to abuse victims and boast about life in prison.

Taunting victims
Last month, Jade Braithwaite, jailed for knifing to death Ben Kinsella, 16, used the site to taunt his victim's family. The 20-year-old boasted he was "down but not out" and wanted a remote control so he could "mute or delete people when I need to".  Manchester gangster Domenyk Noonan, also known as Lattlay-Fottfoy, 45, was believed to have used a smuggled mobile telephone to add photos and comments to his webpage.
And prolific burglar Roy Boodle, 28, taunted detectives on Facebook for 18 months saying that he could not be caught. But he was and was jailed for three-and-a-half years.
Earlier this month, relatives of victims of violent crime called for the introduction of electronic anti-social behaviour orders, or "e-Asbos" to stop convicted killers bragging online. A group including Mr Kinsella's sister, actress Brooke, plus relatives of murdered teenagers Jimmy Mizen and Rob Knox revealed how they had been tormented online.

They have posted their petition on the Downing Street website and attracted 742 signatures.
Ben's father George told ITV: "Ben's sisters, younger sisters, look at Facebook regularly and my wife found it very distressing to read some of the comments that were being put on there on virtually a daily basis."
The Mizens said they saw a message posted on Twitter which said altar boy Jimmy was a "pathetic loser".
Barry Mizen, whose son Jimmy died when he was attacked in a bakery in Lee, south-east London, said the family were also "bullied" via Facebook.
He told the programme: "We're basically being intimidated, we're being bullied by this site, by the things that were being said. I found it very distressful - our children, my wife etc, all put in complaints directly to Facebook. There is an option on there to do that. And nothing."

Censoring letters
David Wilson, professor of criminology at Birmingham City University, said there has always been concern about prisoners gaining access to the outside world. "When I first worked in the prison service in 1984 there was concern about letters. We were still censoring prisoners' letters, someone would go through every single letter with a black felt-tip pen," he said. "Then it was giving prisoners access to phones, with anxiety about who they were talking to and what they were saying. Now there's the same issue with mobiles and the internet."
He said there should not be a "knee-jerk reaction" to these incidents, as it was important to allow prisoners to communicate "We get a lot of intelligence about crime from prisoners. The amount gathered through phone calls being monitored is staggering. There's a real benefit from monitoring what they're saying," he said.

He said there were also social and educational reasons for giving prisoners access to the outside world.
"Whether you like it or not, every single prisoner, with the exception of 34 (serving whole life terms), are going to come back into the community and when they come out they should be better trained and educated with more skills. We do this so that by having these skills they are less likely to reoffend."

So what can be done? It's thought that in all of these cases, prisoners were using mobile phones illicitly smuggled into prisons, which is an issue the prison service has been attempting to tackle for many years.

According to Ministry of Justice figures, prison officers found 3,910 mobiles and 4,189 sim cards during 2008. In 2006, they came across 2,272 mobile phones.

Strict rules
Every prison in England and Wales is using a special body scanning device to search visitors and inmates for concealed sim cards. The Prison Service says it is also testing a system to block the signals of mobile phones it cannot uncover, without disrupting the signals of phones used by ordinary people beyond prison walls.
Facebook says it takes the safety of its users very seriously and content which is intimidating, hateful or threatening is not tolerated and is removed. "If anyone has concerns about the way an individual is using Facebook and believes this poses a threat to others, we strongly encourage them to report this to us for investigation by our dedicated user support team," a spokeswoman said.

The Ministry of Justice said it was "extremely concerned" prisoners were able to update Facebook and other social networking sites either through illicit technology or via outside contacts. It said serving prisoners do not have access to the internet, except for educational purposes, when access is closely monitored by staff.
Justice Secretary Jack Straw announced a clampdown on prisoners accessing the sites, following the revelation of Gunn's comments. 
"I am also hoping to meet with Ofcom, Facebook, victims' representatives and other government departments with an interest in this area to identify a solution to what is an issue of considerable concern to myself, victims and their families, and many members of the public.
"We will not hesitate to refer to the police any published material that appears to breach the law."