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Thursday, 4 February 2010

A third of Britons think Peter Griffin from Family Guy is the leader of the BNP

One in three members of the public matched a picture of Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, with the name of Peter Griffin, the protagonist of the cartoon sitcom.
The survey of 1,498 people found more were able to identify a picture of Alex Reid, the new husband of Katie Price, than recognised Gordon Brown, the prime minister.

The study, in which respondents were asked to put names to photographs of well-known public figures, showed that David Cameron is the best recognised opposition politician, with 73 per cent of people identifying him as the leader of the Conservative Party.
Gordon Brown was the most recognised politician with 81% of people matching his face to his name, but Alex Reid, the cage fighter was still better known, with 84 per cent of respondents recognising him.
The survey, by the money-saving website MyVoucherCodes, also showed that 41 per cent of people identified a photograph of Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, as the Dragons' Den entrepreneur Peter Jones.
Katia Ivanova, the former girlfriend of Ronnie Wood, also proved more recognisable than a number of leading politicians. Mark Pearson, managing director of the money-saving website, said: "The fact that Katia Ivanova, who is famous for having slept with a Rolling Stone, is better known that Jack Straw and Alan Johnson put together is indicative of the fact that the public are heavily influenced by the media.”
“It isn’t for us to judge whether or not this is right or wrong, but put forward the facts: one of which being that a third of people think that Peter Griffin is the leader of the BNP.”