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Thursday, 4 February 2010

You Tube Neo-Nazi Used Cliff Richard To Promote Anti-Semitic Hate

A neo-Nazi anti-Semitic You Tube user with the user id of DrHochbichler yesterday had his channel image and video as pictured below.
If you can’t make it out it’s Ann Frank in a bathing suit outside Auschwitz with Hitler as the Sun and the video choice is Cliff Richard singing “Summer Holiday”. Oh and his user ID image is of Joseph Mengele.
Now most people will find this an extremely sick ‘joke’; however today he has changed it to an image of Gaza with Israeli soldiers, a dead Palestinian (we believe), an image of Joseph Mengele and a Wham video of “wake me up before you Go Go”.

This channel can be found at http://www.youtube.com/DrHochbichler

The user has posted comments on various videos on YouTube which include

(speaking about the single for the Haiti appeal)
“I'm not giving a fucking penny to those black bastards,,,all they do is take,,take,,take,,f*** them ,,let them all die fucking worthless shits”

(speaking about the hospital collapsing Haiti)
“They should have put some NEGRO children in there so they could practice emergency rescue”

“jews offend me every fuc**** day”

“I once tried to hang a cat but it slipped out it's collar and ran away”

“The good old days,,,back when you could kill your nig*** then claim on the insurance”
“Nig**** OUT”

You Tube allows this to happen. It is down to the other users to see this content, find it offensive and complain. Even if reported it still may take some time before You Tube does anything to the user or channel, such as remove it and suspend the user.

This is a demonstration of how power corrupts as you Tube has forgotten what is considered extremely offensive in the real world.
You will also notice both these these images of the channel had adverts on the page at the time the screen capture was taken .

And for


We do wonder how these advertisers will feel when the realise that their wares are being advertised next to extreme anti-Semitic content.