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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Taxi driver subjected to tirade of racist abuse, court told (UK)

Daniel Miller
An Asian taxi driver was subjected to a tirade of racist abuse before being punched in the face by a customer.

Daniel Miller, 28, from Canberra Close in Stoke Hill, Exeter, launched the attack on the driver after a disagreement broke out over the fare.

Miller has just been sentenced after he pleaded guilty to racially aggravated common assault on Hackney Carriage driver Mohammad Numan at an earlier hearing.

The Echo has revealed a growing concern among taxi companies and police over a recent increase in the number of physical and verbal attacks on drivers.

Darren Pike, owner of Alpha Taxis, recently installed a CCTV camera in his vehicle in a bid to curb the abuse. Police and Exeter City Council, which licences vehicles, are also supporting the move after revealing that assaults are increasing.

Miller received a community order for 12 months, to include a 'thinking skills programme', and 150 hours of unpaid community service under the supervision of a probation officer.
He was also ordered to pay £50 compensation to Mr Numan to cover the unpaid fare and injury, and £150 costs.
Prosecuting, Ed Canning told the court the victim was a taxi driver working off the rank in Sidwell Street who picked up Miller after a night out.

He said: "On arrival to his address Mr Miller said he didn't have enough money to pay and Mr Numan asked for something for security while he went inside to get the money.

"A disagreement started and Miller started to racially abuse Mr Numan and repeatedly punch him. Mr Numan put his hand up to protect himself and received bruising," Mr Canning continued.

"Mr Miller then issued more racist abuse and punched the left side of Mr Numan's forehead. He then kicked the wing mirror of his car. Neighbours were disturbed and the police were called."

Miller had previously told police he had been drinking and had a tendency to become abusive when drunk.
The court heard that Mr Numan had made a claim for compensation for the fare of £6.75 that was never paid.

In mitigation, Gareth Evans said: "Mr Miller is a seriously contrite 28-year-old and he is ashamed of his actions.

"Mr Miller reached for his wallet but had no money. The disagreement provoked an inappropriate response. This doesn't justify what happened and Mr Miller knows he cannot justify it. There was never any prospect that Mr Miller was not going to pay Mr Numan his fare.

"Mr Miller is not a racist person and does not hold racist views."

Miller told police he didn't remember much about the incident because of the drink.

Mr Evans added: "He accepts responsibility and recognises his behaviour was over the top and inappropriate. He had massively too much to drink that night but he is not an excessive drinker usually."

The court heard Miller is in full time work and lives with his mother and father.

In August, seven attacks against drivers in the city were reported to police in the space of just three weeks.
Among the incidents was a horrific attack which left a driver with serious head injuries.

As revealed in the Echo, a 36-year-old local man was assaulted at the side of a busy road in Beacon Heath and was knocked unconscious.

Taxi firms interested in working with the police on the installation of cameras can call Sergeant Beverley Weston on 01392 451585.

This is Exeter

Orkney racist killer appeals (Scotland, UK)

Michael Ross was found guilty of murdering Shamsuddin Mahmood in 1994 and he is now making a bid to clear his name.

The man convicted for the racist killing of an Orkney waiter 16 years ago is appearing at the High Court in Edinburgh in a bid to clear his name.

Michael Ross is appealing against his conviction.

In 2008, he was found guilty of murdering Shamsuddin Mahmood, who was shot while working at an Indian Restaurant in Kirkwall in 1994.

The murder remained unsolved for 12 years until Northern Constabulary re-opened the case in 2007 and brought Black Watch sniper Ross – who was just 15 at the time – to justice.

Four days of court time have been set aside to hear Ross’s arguments for his appeal.

The emergence of a potential new witness could be the key to his success. Aberdeen woman Amelia Swanney – came forward after Ross was convicted.

The 28-year-old environmental consultant claims she had been with Ross in another part of Kirkwall when Mr Mahmood was shot. However, court officials were unable to say whether Miss Swanney’s evidence was a part of the appeal.

Ross who tried to escape from court at the end of his trial has continued to maintain his innocence.

Jailing him for a minimum of 25 years, Lord Hardie told the 32-year-old it was “a vicious, evil, unprovoked murder”. But now the former Army Sergeant has launched an appeal against his conviction and sentence.

News STV

Tennis ace 'victim of racist barrage' (UK)

Three men have been arrested after tennis player Anne Keothavong was allegedly racially abused as she prepared for a tournament in Devon.

The 27-year-old, Britain's No3-ranked player, posted on Twitter that she was "disgusted" after being subjected to a "barrage" of abuse.

Police said the men were arrested for the abuse and a shoplifting offence.

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Disbanding Gárda rally ruled illegal (Hungary)

Police acted unlawfully by dissolving a rally of the far-right militia the Magyar Gárda on Erzsébet tér on July 4, 2009, when Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona was detained, the Municipal Court ruled in a final verdict on Monday.

Jobbik MP Tamás Nagy-Gaudi said the verdict should represent a turnabout in the assessment of the group and end its "persecution". The court said the meeting should only have been dissolved if it had become violent.

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Judges decide today if Wilders' inciting hatred trial can continue (Netherlands)

A special court in Amsterdam will decide on Tuesday afternoon if new judges should be sworn in for the trial of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders on charges of inciting hatred.

On Monday, Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz challenged the legitimacy of the court after the presiding judge appeared to criticise Wilders’ decision not to answer any questions.

Jan Moors said Wilders had often been accused of avoiding discussion about his views on Islam and Muslims. ‘By remaining silent, it seems you're doing that today as well,’ he said.

Wilders evoked his right to silence at the start of the trial, saying he would not answer any questions and that his lawyer would answer on his behalf.

Wilders, a silent partner of the probable new government, is on trial in Amsterdam on charges of discrimination and inciting hatred against Muslims, Moroccans and non-Western immigrants.

The trial centres on a number of statements made by Wilders over the years. In one, he likened the Koran to Hitler's book Mein Kampf and called for it to be banned.

In another, he said: 'The borders will be closed that day for all non-western immigrants....We have to stop the tsunami of islamisation. It is affecting our heart, our identity, our culture.'

As each statement was read out in court, Moors asked Wilders if the quotation was accurate and if he had approved it before publication. In each case, Wilders refused to answer.

Dutch News

Vatican paper slams Berlusconi over ‘Jewish joke’

The official Vatican newspaper slammed Italy's prime minister for a joke that played on Jewish stereotypes and made fun of the Holocaust.

Silvio Berlusconi told "offensive" and "deplorable" jokes, the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano said in an editorial published Sunday

Berlusconi was filmed telling the "Jewish joke" to well-wishers Oct. 2; the video clip was posted online by the anti-Berlusconi newspaper La Repubblica.

In the clip the prime minister recounts how a Jew charged another Jew about $4,000 a day for hiding him during World War II. The punchline of the joke states, "The Jew says, the question now is whether we should tell him Hitler is dead and the war is over."

Berlusconi has been filmed or quoted in recent years making a number of other jokes that include content seen as sexist or offensive.

In its editorial the L'Osservatore Romano said, "The head of the government's jokes appear more deplorable" and "offend indiscriminately the feeling of the faithful and the sacred memory of the six million victims" of the Holocaust.


Police act over Blackburn halal demos (UK)

Police have obtained an order to restrict a right-wing group's protests over the serving of halal meat at Blackburn's Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Officers acted after seven nights of demonstrations kicked off with scenes of disorder as 50 English Defence League protestors descended on the Haslingden Road restaurant.

Four men were arrested on suspected public order offences late on Sunday and a skip was set on fire.
The problems prompted police to obtain an order which limits the protests to no more than nine demonstrators and means they must end their action by 7.30 each night.

And last night there were signs the order was working, with only eight protestors on site who pledged to follow the police line.
The EDL, a right-wing group which says it is against the 'Islam-ification' of England', is protesting about KFC's decision to pilot the use of Halal meat at the Blackburn restaurant.

Activists had pledged to demonstrate for seven nights from Sunday.

Senior officers took advantage of a little-used piece of legislation called a Section 14 order to bring in the restrictions.
A police spokesman said: "Whilst the police are keen to respect the demonstrators' rights to lawful protest, restrictions have been deemed necessary to maintain public order and reassure the public in the Blackburn area, following minor incidents of disorder that occurred on Saturday."

Salim Mulla, chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM), said he had spoken with police over the protests and backed officers' actions.

He said: "We don't want any confrontation. We have asked the youth to keep away from the area. That is the message we are sending out and to let the police do their job.

"The EDL are totally unrepresentative of British society. We don't want to give them any prominence.
"Most people are willing to work together for better understanding of each other."

However, despite the protests, Coun Mulla said the LCM did not accept that KFC's meat was halal.
He said to be granted the status by the LCM the killing needed to be taken in the name of God, be hand slaughter and ensure the three main veins are cut so death is instant.

Coun Mulla said: "This method is less cruel than other methods and that has been shown in evidence from scientists.

"KFC stun the animals first and use a mechanical slaughter device, so we cannot support that."

Blackburn MP Jack Straw said no-one had ever complained to him about the serving of halal meat.
He said: "I eat halal and I have never had any problems with it.

"The police action to me seems to be perfectly sensible.

"This seems to be an effort by these people are more right wing than the BNP to stir up problems which don't exist."
Last night eight people from EDL gathered to protest outside the KFC.

A spokesman for the EDL said: "We have agreed with the police their conditions are fair enough and we are happy to abide by them.

"We are here to stop the Islamification of England. There are quite a few issues which concern us, such as the welfare of the animals that are slaughtered."

A spokesperson for KFC said they were carrying out the halal trial due to demand from customers.

He said: "Overall response has been positive. Our halal chicken is still stunned before slaughter.

"However we have made sure that there is a non-halal restaurant nearby, to give customers a choice.

"Police advised us of these planned protests, which are the actions of a very small minority, and while we acknowledge the right to peaceful demonstration, we do not tolerate any anti-social behaviour at our stores."

Blackburn Citizen

Protester assaulted officer at EDL rally (UK)

An Anti-Fascist protester arrested at the EDL rally in Bolton town centre has been found guilty of assaulting a police officer.

Roger Cox denied assaulting PC Darren Calladineat the English Defence League rally and Unite Against Fascism counter-demonstration on March 20.

But yesterday magistrates found him guilty of the offence, and said his version of events were “not credible”.

Justice4Bolton, a campaign group which claimed police used heavy-handed tactics on the day, held a show of solidarity outside the court before the trial started. The court heard that PC Calladine, of the tactical aid unit, was trying to arrest a man who was kicking out, when Cox pulled the man back into the crowd. Cox then hit the officer in the chest and swore at him.

Cox, aged 28, was forced to the ground and was handcuffed, with assistance from PC Eugene Mole.
Andrew Fitzpatrick, defending, accused the police of pushing the demonstrators.

He said: “Is it not the case there was concerted effort by the police to move the demonstrators away from where they were in the square?”

PC Calladine replied: “No, the police were trying to hold the line.”

“I’m suggesting that pushing came from the police,” said Mr Fitzpatrick. PC Calladine repeated that the police were trying to hold the line.
Mr Fitzpatrick suggested that PC Calladine “made a beeline”
for Cox.
PC Calladine said: “That is not correct. He struck me on the chest and helped another male make good his escape.”

The court heard that Cox, of Croydon Road, Newcastle, has a previous conviction for resisting arrest at an immigration demonstration in 2008.

He tried to fasten himself to a steering wheel of a police van in dawn raids.

Cox said that he was not doing anything wrong when PC Calladine arrested him in Victoria Square.
He said: “I saw the officer come down to me and he did not come into contact with anyone else, and he grabbed me. I did not see any punching or kicking by protesters but I did see violence from the police.”
He told the court he did not hit the officer in the chest and he did not swear at him.

He said that a CCTV camera on top of the magistrates court was pointing in his direction and might have recorded the incident.

Mr Fitzpatrick asked for an adjournment before the trial to obtain more CCTV, but the application was rejected. The trial was supposed to be held in July but that was put back when the same request was made.
Magistrates said there had been ample time to request the CCTV.

Chairman of the bench Stephen Paine said: “PC Calladine gave credible evidence.

“Cox’s evidence was also consistent but the version of events did not seem credible.”

The case has been adjourned to November 1 for sentence.

After the case, Lindsay Bessell, a spokesman for Justice4Bolton, said: “It is a policeman’s word against a protester so it was obvious there would be guilty verdict.

“There is no justice in the legal system and that’s why Justice4Bolton has formed to ensure this sort of thing stops.

Hopefully this decision will be challenged and we will continue to support other defendants.”

Bolton News

BNP takes hate message to Larne with fake picture (Northern Ireland)

The BNP has taken its race hate message to Larne.
 Skinhead members of Nick Griffin's far-right party spent the last week leafleting homes in the Co Antrim seaside town.

They put scaremongering mail through doors warning about a new asylum seeker centre which is being built in Larne.

The BNP news-sheet includes a fake picture of two Muslim women dressed in burkas walking down the Glenarm Road.

The leaftlet states: “The good folk of Larne do not want their town being used as a dumping |ground, holding centre, or whatever name the liberal elite wish to call it.

“No matter how much sugar coating is applied to this foul tasting proposal, the Ulster BNP...will not have the wool pulled over their eyes.”

But what the BNP leaflet does not say is that the asylum centre is being built inside the local PSNI station.

The 25 immigrants held there ahead of deportation will not be able to leave the complex.

They will not be allowed enter the town and will be shielded from public view.

Larne Mayor Bobby McKee accused the BNP of whipping up racial tension.
He said: “I wouldn't give these BNP people the time of day.

They held a protest at a council meeting at the beginning of September and only 10 people showed up. They have no support.”

Bobby explained that the majority of refugees who will be held at the new detention centre will be children.

“They will be held within the grounds of the PSNI station before being deported. It's not like they will be running the streets,” he added. “Instead of moaning the BNP should recognise the contribution refugees have made to society.

“They come to Northern Ireland and gladly do the jobs no-one else will do.

“You've got to give them credit for that, they are only trying to escape poverty.”

The BNP Larne leaflet drop was the brainchild of its new Northern Ireland organiser Steve Moore — who was born in the town. On the BNP’s website, Moore said: “Local people are horrified by this news that their town has been earmarked as a dumping ground for illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers.

“We have seen that it is almost impossible to deport anyone from our country because of the insane Human Rights Act. Larne will undoubtedly become home to these economic migrants.”

Belfast Telegraph

Thousands demonstrate against racism (Sweden)

Over 4,000 people gathered in central Stockholm on Monday to demonstrate for diversity and against racism, with the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats in focus as the party took its place in parliament for the first time.

The demonstrators gathered on Sergels Torg in central Stockholm to listen to speeches and then began a march towards Sweden's parliament, the Riksdag, on Myntorget.

Behind the demonstration were the anti-racism groups the "September Alliance", Stockholm's anti-racist culture association, and various Facebook groups, with speeches held by, among others, Left Party leader Lars Ohly.

Similar, if smaller, demonstrations were held across the country on Monday evening.

The demonstration was a repeat of the massive spontaneous turnout on the day after the Swedish general election, which left the Sweden Democrats with 5.7 percent of the vote and 20 seats in parliament.

Monday was the first day the new members of parliament gathered in the chamber, for a roll-call and to vote on various officials, including the speaker and deputy speakers.

The Sweden Democrats had attempted to use the speaker election to push for negotiations with the major parties as the party stood to hold the balance of power, but neither the Moderates nor the Social Democrats took up the offer.

While the Sweden Democrats in the end elected to vote with the Alliance candidate, Per Westerberg, the party's 20 votes had no impact on the outcome as he was returned to the post by 194 votes to 153.

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