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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Orkney racist killer appeals (Scotland, UK)

Michael Ross was found guilty of murdering Shamsuddin Mahmood in 1994 and he is now making a bid to clear his name.

The man convicted for the racist killing of an Orkney waiter 16 years ago is appearing at the High Court in Edinburgh in a bid to clear his name.

Michael Ross is appealing against his conviction.

In 2008, he was found guilty of murdering Shamsuddin Mahmood, who was shot while working at an Indian Restaurant in Kirkwall in 1994.

The murder remained unsolved for 12 years until Northern Constabulary re-opened the case in 2007 and brought Black Watch sniper Ross – who was just 15 at the time – to justice.

Four days of court time have been set aside to hear Ross’s arguments for his appeal.

The emergence of a potential new witness could be the key to his success. Aberdeen woman Amelia Swanney – came forward after Ross was convicted.

The 28-year-old environmental consultant claims she had been with Ross in another part of Kirkwall when Mr Mahmood was shot. However, court officials were unable to say whether Miss Swanney’s evidence was a part of the appeal.

Ross who tried to escape from court at the end of his trial has continued to maintain his innocence.

Jailing him for a minimum of 25 years, Lord Hardie told the 32-year-old it was “a vicious, evil, unprovoked murder”. But now the former Army Sergeant has launched an appeal against his conviction and sentence.

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