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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

'Race hate attacker' caught on CCTV (UK)

A motorist is being hunted for a "race hate" stabbing opposite Arsenal's football ground - carried out as two young children sat in the back of the alleged knifeman's car.
Police have released CCTV footage of the silver A Class Mercedes which pulled up at a roundabout in the shadow of Emirates Stadium as the black victim crossed the road.
The white driver sounded his horn and shouted racist abuse before spitting at him through an open window.
The 29-year-old man, from Kilburn, spat back before walking into Benwell Road, where he was followed about a minute later by his attacker, who was now on foot.The suspect hit him in the left hand side of his face and the victim soon realised he had been stabbed. The driver then ran back to his car and drove off at speed towards Drayton Park.
This Is London

One Fifth of Hungarians Welcome Right Wing Extremism!

Demand for far-right extremism in Hungary more than doubled between 2003 and 2009, shows Political Capital Institute’s Demand for Right-Wing Extremism (DEREX) Index. This makes Hungary the second most willing European Union country after Bulgaria to embrace right-wing doctrines. In wake of April’s parliamentary elections, Hungarian right-wing party Jobbik seems to be profiting from demand for rightist extremism, gaining voters from the pool of 700,000 yet undecided people within the voting age, a Szonda Ipsos poll shows, published by Hungarian daily Nepszabadsag last Friday. Jobbik currently has 7% support among all voting-age Hungarians, and its dedicated supporters are the most active in their political commitment among all parties. For comparison, opposition center-right Fidesz party, Jobbik’s largest competitor, has 32% support, while the socialist MSZP party, which currently governs, has 14%. Rising demand for right-wing extremism is not a Hungary-only phenomenon: Bulgaria has the highest demand for right-wing extremism among European Union member states, with 25% of the population, Political Capital Research Director Peter Kreko told Dow Jones Newswires. Ukraine and Greece aren’t far behind either, with high levels of “distrust, fear and pessimism,” and “right-wing value orientation,” two of the four sub-categories of the index.
In Eastern Europe, prejudice and anti-Gypsy attitudes are closely linked to opposing the political system, distrust and general malaise, the study said. It also warned that this combination may pose a major threat to institutional stability. Hungary fits well into the regional picture in this respect: anti-establishment attitudes sky-rocketed from 12% to 46% of the population between 2003 and 2009 due to striking dissatisfaction with political institutions and democracy itself, the study said. The results are stupefying, and a turn in trends won’t likely come before society faces and works through its past, and the state itself creates institutional, regulatory and legal boundaries to stop the almost uncontrollable spread of far-right organizations. The current government has so far only taken futile — or, better said, inefficient — steps. It’s also time for Fidesz to change its message and stop its potential voters from joining Jobbik.
The Wall Street Journal

Nazi Bosnian Pride Movement formed

Originally posted on the vladtepesblog.com

Bosnian neo-nazi organization which was birthed on the 12th of February insists that Bosnia belongs to the Bosniaks, an invented nationality with which Bosnian Muslims identify in order to avoid their religious background when talking to the Western press.
The new Nazi Bosnian Pride Movement (Bosanski pokret nacionalnog ponosa) believes that Serbs and Croats have no right to the state and that the state belongs exclusively to Bosnian Muslims, aka Bosniaks. The Pride’s insignia is pictured on the right.
The Nazi Bosnian Pride Movement has expanded its enemy list from their WWII predecessors, the Handzar Division and the Young Muslims.
As their enemies, Nazi Bosnian Pride Movement includes the usual ones they were exterminating in WWII – Jews, Gypsies and Serbs – but have expand the list to include Chetniks, Tito, communists, homosexuals, blacks and Croatian separatists.
The group plans to spread nazi leaflets very soon in the cities of Sarajevo, Zenica, Bihac, Tuzla and Mostar, all cities with substantial Muslim and Croat population that will find the message appealing.
The group’s a notoriously slow to load web site, bosnacenter.com, serves up a blank page but with little googling their moderated chat room appears with postings on Zionism, Serb Republic, Truth and 5 questions for perspective members.


Lammert, the president of the lower house, or Bundestag, and a member of the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU), said integration could only be successful if greater immigrant naturalisation was the goal of migrants as well as German citizens. “Our problem in Germany is not too high an immigration rate, but rather too little naturalisation,” he said. The ever-present issue of integration reignited a week ago when the leaders of both the Turkish and Muslim communities in Germany urged Chancellor Angela Merkel to get more personally involved in a national discussion on how to make immigrants, especially young and disillusioned ones, feel more a part of German society.
Immigrants can get citizenship if they are permanent residents and have lived in Germany for eight years, but they must normally give up their existing nationality. Lammert warned that every society needed “at least a certain degree of common beliefs and directions, without which it loses its cohesion.” However, the “will on both sides” for greater naturalisation was “not always there in the necessary measure,” he said. Meanwhile, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann called upon Muslims living in Germany for an “honest dialogue,” adding that the goal had to be a dismantling of the “emotional reservations many citizens have against ever-stronger Islamic influence.” At the same time, these fears had to be taken seriously, he said. “To defame all criticism of Islam as 'phobia' doesn’t get us anywhere.” Lammert also blasted the latest warnings of ''Islamophobia'' in Germany, branding it an “unnecessary dramatisation.” However he said it was right to say that “many people react with worry and even with growing nervousness to the years-long neglect or trivialisation of the problem, which has doubtless led to the prevention or suppression of the necessary debate on the prospects and risks of multiculturalism.”

The Local Germany

Milan riots after Egyptian stabbed to death

Dozens of angry North Africans overturned cars and smashed shop windows in an area of the city which in recent years has become one of the most multicultural pockets of Europe. The trouble began on Saturday after a 19-year-old was killed by a group of immigrants from South America following an argument on a bus.
The North Africans, most of them Egyptian, then went on a rampage in the northeastern area of Via Padova, attacking shops and businesses owned by immigrants from Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries.
Milan's deputy mayor, Riccardo De Corato, said the violence had turned the area into a "Wild West between North African and South American gangs".
Milan's authorities said they would start checking people's documents in the city's most racially diverse neighbourhoods in order to root out illegal immigrants.
Milan's deputy mayor, Riccardo De Corato, said officials would go from building to building in areas where immigrants live. Half of the 46 immigrants picked up by police on Saturday night had been found to be in Italy illegally, he said.
The Northern League, a right-wing, anti-immigrant party within prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right coalition, called for the immigrants responsible for the violence to be expelled. One member of the League, MEP Matteo Salvini, called for "expulsions house by house, floor by floor".
The outbreak of violence between the two immigrant groups shocked Italians, many of whom have struggled to come to terms with the relatively recent advent of a multi-ethnic society. "It's like something out of Los Angeles, with the gang fights between the Bloods and the Crips," commented La Stampa on its front page.
It was the second violent episode involving immigrants this year, after riots broke out in the southern town of Rosarno, in Calabria, when African agricultural workers burned cars and broke store windows to protest against attacks by local white youths.
The Telegraph

Controversial Racist Organisation American Renaissance Conference Still Going Ahead ! ! !

Yesterday we congratulated our Anti-fascists friends in the USA for their great work into pressurising the American Renaissance organisation into cancelling this year’s conference.

Imagine our dismay this morning to find out that the white supremacist function is now going ahead.

Despite that fact that they had announced they had cancelled the venue they have finally secured a location for it to be held. Unsurprisingly the place they have secured held a meeting not so long ago where an anti-Semitic ex-con spoke to a gathering of anti-Semitic people.

The full story can be read at the the One Peoples Project