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Friday, 1 July 2011


Criminals are criminals, their nationalities are a lesser matter," Mauro Gonzalez of the Federation of Chilean Associations in Sweden (Chilenska Riksförbundet) told The Local. The letter sent out by police in Huddinge, a southern suburb of Stockholm, advised residents to be especially vigilant of “South Americans – in particular from Chile”, “Lithuanians” and “Romanians”, after a wave of burglaries in the area. Many felt singled out due to the letter’s references to specific nationalities.

One resident reported the letter to the Ombudsman for Justice (Justitieombudsmannen – JO). “I got this in regards to a neighbourhood watch programme from the local police. I question if it is ok to point the finger at different nationalities this way,” the report read, according to news website nyheter24. The Federation of Chilean Associations in Sweden (Chilenska Riksförbundet) have also publicly complained and asked for an apology from the police. "We feel that it is wrong of the police to link criminal activities to specific nationalities," said Gonzalez.

Anna Schelin at the local police said to nyheter24 that it was the “unfortunate phrasing” of the letter which lay behind the stong reactions. She told the news site that she had received a call from a man who wanted to know why the letter had been sent out. “I had to explain it to him and I think he understood better. The reason behind it is that a lot of burglaries have been committed in the area. There is nothing racist in calling someone a South American or Romanian,” Schelin told the news site.

The police think that the ombudsman will have to decide if sending out the letter was wrong or not, but they stress that they have not meant to offend anyone. “We have had reactions from people who feel offended, so all we can do is apologize and try to explain that sometimes we need to give this kind of information and it is important it is not taken out of its context," said Hesam Akbari at the Stockholm police information department to Sveriges Radio (SR). Akbari added that the perpetrators in this case have come to Sweden solely for this purpose and are not Swedish residents. According to Gonzalez, the federation understands that information has to be sent out to residents warning them of current criminal activity. "But they could warn residents that the perpetrators are from countries other than Sweden, they don't have to link them to specific countries like they did in this case," Gonzalez told The Local.

The Local Sweden

Pig’s head and racist graffiti at mosque site (UK)

Racist graffiti was spray-painted by a Hucknall man on a site earmarked for a Muslim mosque, a court has heard.

Christopher Payne (25), of Beardsmore Grove, was also with a gang who paraded a severed pig’s head, daubed with an anti-Muslim message, at the same spot.

Payne appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court this week and pleaded guilty to causing racially or religiously-aggravated alarm, harassment or distress by words or writing.

He also admitted causing racially-aggravated criminal damage.

Payne is an events organiser for the English Defence League (EDL) — a group that claims to protect against “radical Islam’s encroachment into the lives of non-Muslims”.

In court, he admitted spray-painting the slogan ‘No Mosque Here EDL Notts’ on the pavement at the site near Collington Way, off Derby Road, West Bridgford.

He denied placing the pig’s head on a four-foot high, yellow pole at the location. But he admitte he had been part of the group that travelled to the spot with the head.

The graffiti was discovered on Thursday last week (June 23) by a member of the public along with a severed pig’s head. Payne was arrested last Saturday.

The court heard he was in a pub in Clifton with fellow members of the EDL when he received a text-message from a friend who had the pig’s head.

Daniel Pietryka (prosecuting), said: “It was brought to the pub in a bin liner.”

Mr Pietryka said Payne admitted to the graffiti but had wanted no involvement in placing the pig’s head.

Robert Keeble (defending) said: “Mr Payne accepts that, on arrival, he did use a can of spray paint to write the graffiti on the pavement. He says he did nothing else after that.

“He accepts he received communication from another and that he accepted the pig’s head when it was brought to the pub.

“He accepts that he knew what was going on and did nothing to prevent it.”

District Judge Morris Cooper adjourned sentencing of Payne until Thursday July 21 so a pre-sentence report could be produced by probation officers.

But he warned the 25-year-old that all sentencing options were still open, including custody.

He told him: “You were involved in a course of conduct with others which involved the display of this pig’s head on a stake with grossly offensive comments written on it.”

Payne was granted conditional bail, despite police concerns. He is subject to a curfew between 10 pm and 5 am daily.

He has also been ordered to stay out of West Bridgford and must not go within 200 metres of a mosque.

Payne must also have no public association with the English Defence League.

THREE other men, including Wayne Havercroft, of Bestwood Village, have also been charged in connection with the racist behaviour.

Havercroft (31) appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court alongside Nicholas Long (21), of Arnold, and Robert Parnham (19), of Clifton.

The trio admitted causing religiously aggravated alarm, harassment or distress. But all three denied a second charge of religiously-aggravated criminal damage.

Their cases were adjourned until Monday September 5 when they will appear at the court again.

Hucknall Dispatch

Anti-Islam insults 'not acceptable' in city protest march (UK)

Muslim leaders say insults against Islam during a march in Cambridge by the English Defence League (EDL) will not be acceptable.

The newly-formed Cambridge Muslim Council has issued a policy statement in response to the far-right group’s rally on Saturday, July 9.

It has also called on Muslims not to take part in the counter-protest arranged by Unite Against Fascism and the Trades Union Council.

Muslims are being urged not to resort to violence and to ignore any taunts from the marchers protesting against the building of a mosque in Mill Road.

The group’s emergency response committee said: “We wholeheartedly embrace everyone’s democratic right to freedom of expression. Nevertheless we emphasise that with this right comes responsibility. We hope the sensitivities of the Muslim community will not be infringed.

“The usage of disparaging remarks, insults or any incendiary allusion to our beliefs, values, or to any of what Muslims hold sacred, will not be acceptable.

“The Muslim community will not resort to any counter-protest or deploy any violent means.”

It also announced “routine affairs within the mosques will not be suspended on the day” but added: “We have serious concerns about the safety and security of sites of religious importance, properties and members of our community.

“We are ready to extend all possible co-operation to the police and emergency services to ensure nothing untoward happens in that hour of extreme urgency.

“We request all members of the wider Muslim community (local and national) to show their support through solidarity of ideals rather than violent altercation on the day.

“We encourage them to engage their local community in constructive dialogue.”

It appealed to Muslim groups outside Cambridge not to come for the march.

Mirza Baig, vice-chairman of the council, told the News: “We hope it will be business as usual in Cambridge on the day of the march and ask Muslim groups outside of Cambridge to stay away. We do not want to make this march more than it is.”

Police have said they will not tolerate violence.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson expects around 400 protesters.

A member of the group was refused a breakfast booking for 1,000 people at The Regal pub, St Andrew’s Street.

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