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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

2 white supremacists accused of robbery, making terrorist threats (USA)

Two white supremacist gang members have been arrested on suspicion of stealing a woman’s makeup bag, some marijuana plants and a cellphone from a Hesperia home where one of the suspects once lived, authorities said Tuesday.

Joshua Anderson, 26, and Shawn Cavanaugh, 31, both of Hesperia, fled to a nearby home and were arrested by San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies late Monday on suspicion of residential robbery, making terrorist threats and participating in a gang.

The two suspects entered the home on Hemlock Avenue, confronting a man and his girlfriend inside, according to a statement released by the Sheriff’s Department. An altercation followed, and the man was able to call 911. The suspects then rummaged through the girlfriend’s car and also took a phone, her makeup bag and marijuana plants.

Deputies found Anderson and Cavanaugh hiding in a garage in the 1500 block of Aspen Street, along with “paraphernalia consistent with items belonging” to their white supremacist gang affiliation, the statement said.

LA Times

The wife of a neo-Nazi organizer pleads guilty to child abuse. (USA)

The wife of a neo-Nazi organizer allegedly shot and killed by his 10-year-old son pleaded guilty today to child abuse and was immediately sentenced to four months in jail and four years probation.

During a settlement hearing before Riverside County Superior Court Judge J. Thompson Hanks, Krista Faye McCary, 26, withdrew her previous plea of not guilty to the felony charge as well as another allegation of failing to secure a firearm in a household with children present. McCary's attorney, Leonard Valadez, negotiated a plea agreement with the District Attorney's Office just before the hearing that called for the dismissal of four charges of child endangerment and three charges of failure to store a firearm in exchange for McCary's guilty plea to the other two counts.

Hanks sentenced the Riverside woman to work release in lieu of jail time and ordered her to attend a 52-week child rearing program approved by the Department of Public Social Services.

Had McCary been convicted of all nine original felony charges, she could have faced around 30 years in prison.

Riverside police investigators allege McCary stood by and watched as her husband, 32-year-old Jeff Russell Hall, abused their five children, mainly the eldest boy, Joseph, who is McCary's stepson.

There were numerous guns, knives and swords in the house, easily accessible to any of the children, according to Riverside police Detective Greg Rowe.

Rowe wrote in an arrest warrant affidavit that McCary acknowledged seeing Hall beat and verbally abuse Joseph.

"Krista said that Jeffrey did these things to punish (him)," Rowe wrote. "Krista said that (the boy) would get punished for being too loud or getting in Jeffrey's way. Krista said Jeffrey would get out of control when he punished (his son), including punching and kicking him several times in the back."

Hall, a plumber, was the Southwest regional director of the Detroit- based National Socialist Movement, which advocates racial segregation. He was a visible presence at neo-Nazi rallies throughout the Inland Empire.

On May 1, Hall was sleeping on a front room sofa in his two-story Louder Court home when his son allegedly shot him in the head, using a Rossi .357 revolver that he'd pulled out of the master bedroom closet, according to investigators.

"The oldest child ... admitted during the interview that he was tired of his dad hitting him and his (step)mom," Rowe wrote. "(He) said he thought his dad was cheating on his (step)mom and thought he might have to choose which person he would live with."

Neither McCary or Joseph's siblings -- a 2-month-old, 3-year-old, 7-year- old and 9-year-old -- were injured.

Hall was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

The detective described the house as "filthy," with dirty clothes scattered everywhere, urine-stained and soiled bed sheets and floors that "didn't appear to have been vacuumed in a long time."

All of the youngsters are now in the care of child welfare workers.

Joseph is being held at Riverside Juvenile Hall. He's undergoing psychiatric evaluations, and another hearing in the case is set for next month.

If convicted of murder and a sentence-enhancing gun use allegation, the 10-year-old could be imprisoned until he is 25.

My Valley News

Trojan T-shirt targets German right-wing rock fans

Music fans who took souvenir T-shirts from a rock festival in Gera, eastern Germany, have discovered they hold a secret message.

The so-called Trojan T-shirts bore a design of a skull and right-wing flags and the words "hardcore rebels".

But, once washed, the design dissolves to reveal a message telling people to break with extremism.

Some 250 T-shirts were donated to organisers, who handed them out at the nationalist rock festival in Gera.

The stunt was organised by a left-wing group called Exit, which seeks to reduce the influence of the right-wing in Germany.

"What your T-shirt can do, so can you - we'll help you break with right-wing extremism," the message reads, and provides a contact number for the group.

On its website, Exit said it had made contact with the organisers of the Rock For Germany festival, in its ninth year, using a false name and had offered the T-shirts for free.

The group's founder, Bernd Wagner, said the group hoped its actions would raise awareness among young festival-goers.

"With these T-shirts, we aimed to make ourselves known among right-wingers, especially among young ones who are not yet fully committed to the extreme right," he said, according to the Agence France-Presse news agency.

The Rock For Germany festival had as its slogan "Never again communism - Freedom for Germany".

There was no official reaction from the festival's organisers but a text message was circulating among young people who attended warning them that the T-shirts were fake.

BBC News

Swedish queen's report denies father had Nazi links

Sweden's royal family has rejected allegations of links between the German-born queen's late father and the Nazi regime in Germany.

Queen Silvia has published a report she commissioned in response to claims her father took over a factory from a Jewish businessman.

The report concluded that Walter Sommerlath had in fact helped the Jewish man escape from Germany.

It found he had traded the factory for a coffee plantation in Brazil.

Last year, Swedish commercial broadcaster TV4 reported that Mr Sommerlath had taken advantage of the Nazi's "Aryanisation" programme to take over a factory belonging to Jewish businessman Efim Wechsler in 1939.

However, the new 34-page report, compiled by Swedish World War II expert Erik Norberg, indicated that Mr Sommerlath had allowed Mr Wechsler to escape from Germany by trading the plantation for the factory.

The report confirmed that Mr Sommerlath - who died in 1990 - went to Brazil in 1920, aged 20, where he met and married the queen's Brazilian mother Alice, whose family owned a large coffee plantation.

Queen Silvia has faced criticism in Swedish media for a number of years for not doing more to address the rumours of her father's role in Germany during World War II.

BBC News

London riots: Neighbours mount anti-gang patrols amid fears of far-Right agitation (UK)

Homeowners and shopkeepers took to the streets last night to protect their neighbourhoods from the gangs amid concerns far-Right groups are attempting to take advantage of community tensions.

In Enfield, where a gang on Monday night torched a Sony warehouse, residents declared a ‘looter free zone.’

Nick Davidson, 27, a computer shop owner said: "Everybody supports the police but we can see their hands are tied. We're good people but we're not having this."

In Southall, west London, hundreds of Sikh men stood guard outside their temple and mounted street patrols, armed with baseball bats.

In Eltham, south east London, a crowd of 200 men gathered in the streets, promising to protect their neighbourhood from looters and arsonists following rioting in nearby Lewisham and Woolwich.

“We won't stand for it. If anyone wants to come down here and start looting tonight, let them try - we'll be ready for them,” said one.

"We're here to protect the town. What went on last night was a disgrace. It shouldn't be allowed. We're taking a stand."

On Monday night, the Turkish business owners in Stoke Newington, North London, chased a gang of rioters out the area and yesterday men stood guard last night with baseball bats and fire extinguishers. In Whitechapel groups of Muslim men gathered outside the East London mosque to defend it and repelled looters from a bank.

But there were concerns far-right groups were seeking to take advantage of the disorder.

Stephen Lennon, the leader of the far-right EDL, said he spent yesterday in Enfield and claim to have 100 supporters on the streets of the town.

Lennon said the group had encouraged all its members to take part in street clean-ups. He said members would launch street patrols in Bristol, Manchester, Luton and Leicestershire over the coming days in an attempt to talk young men out of rioting.

"If they tried to smash up Luton town centre I’d know every one of them. I can go into any working class community and talk to them.”

Footage emerged last night of a gang of white men chasing an alleged looter through the streets of Enfield. One bystander shouts: “We’re chasing blacks.”

Nick Griffin, the British National Party leader, claimed the men in Eltham had chanted ‘BNP’. He said the situation was in the town was a “race riot”.

The Telegraph