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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Swedish queen's report denies father had Nazi links

Sweden's royal family has rejected allegations of links between the German-born queen's late father and the Nazi regime in Germany.

Queen Silvia has published a report she commissioned in response to claims her father took over a factory from a Jewish businessman.

The report concluded that Walter Sommerlath had in fact helped the Jewish man escape from Germany.

It found he had traded the factory for a coffee plantation in Brazil.

Last year, Swedish commercial broadcaster TV4 reported that Mr Sommerlath had taken advantage of the Nazi's "Aryanisation" programme to take over a factory belonging to Jewish businessman Efim Wechsler in 1939.

However, the new 34-page report, compiled by Swedish World War II expert Erik Norberg, indicated that Mr Sommerlath had allowed Mr Wechsler to escape from Germany by trading the plantation for the factory.

The report confirmed that Mr Sommerlath - who died in 1990 - went to Brazil in 1920, aged 20, where he met and married the queen's Brazilian mother Alice, whose family owned a large coffee plantation.

Queen Silvia has faced criticism in Swedish media for a number of years for not doing more to address the rumours of her father's role in Germany during World War II.

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