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Sunday, 7 March 2010

BNP in apartheid bid to keep party racist

Two-tier system of 'founder members' and 'new members' to keep control out of the hands of ethnic minorities who join.

BNP chiefs are plotting to keep ethnic minorities out of the party by introducing an apartheid-style membership system.

The leadership has revealed plans to give special “founder member” status to whites who joined before the party was forced to drop its racist constitution.
Earlier this month the party was threatened with legal sanctions if it refused to admit non-whites.
The move will effectively create a two-tier system with newer members, including all ethnic minorities, treated as second-class citizens.
Leader Nick Griffin and his cronies will be able to exclude black and Asian members by designating meetings and decisions for “founder members” only.
Earlier this month Clive Jefferson, one of Griffin’s most trusted henchmen, spoke at a closed ­meeting in Cumbria and ­explained how party bosses plan to get around the new membership rules.
Jefferson, who regularly ­accompanies Euro MP Griffin on trips to Brussels, told the ­meeting: “There will be teams of militant Asians and Islamics joining to cause disruption – and there’s no question about that.

“There’s things in the ­constitution about founder membership, so what we can do in the north-west is stop that ­happening, ­because we’ll be ­having ­meetings of the ­founder members only. It’s at the discretion of organisers – they can invite whoever they want.”

Sources told the Sunday Mirror they ­expected “founder member” status would be granted to members who had been with the party for two years when the new ­constitution was passed on ­February 14.
Sikh Rajinder Singh, 78 – ­recently unveiled as the party’s first non-white member ­– could become a victim of the clause.
The BNP party hierarchy hopes to avoid new legal challenges, ­because the ­terminology involved does not mention skin colour.

Jon Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham, said: “This shows that changes to the BNP constitution are a ­hollow sham.”

The Mirror

EDL - WDL Football hooligan barred from matches for five years

FOOTBALL hooligan Jeff Marsh has been banned from football grounds for five years after admitting affray.
The 44-year-old Cardiff City supporter was found in possession of a knuckleduster when he was arrested for affray outside the Ninian Park pub in Canton, Cardiff, last June.

The self-proclaimed hooligan, who has written two books about his exploits with the city’s infamous Soul Crew and is one of the organisers of the Welsh Defence League, was fighting with Celtic fans after the inaugural match between the teams at Cardiff’s new stadium.
Marsh, from Barry, admitted affray and possession of an offensive weapon at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court in January and was sentenced yesterday.
He was given a four-month suspended jail term, 150 hours’ community service and ordered to pay £600 costs.
He was given a full five-year football banning order that will prevent him attending any football matches for five years.
Detective Constable Simon Chivers, of the Football Intelligence Unit, who arrested Marsh last summer, said: “Jeff Marsh is a convicted football hooligan.
“Behaviour such as he exhibited on the night will not be tolerated by Cardiff City or the police and anyone indulging in that sort of behaviour will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law, prosecuted and banned.”
It is Marsh’s first football banning order as his previous convictions for football violence came before the 1990 Football Disorder Act which introduced the banning orders.
In 1989 he was convicted of grievous bodily harm for stabbing two Manchester United supporters in Cardiff and was jailed for two years. In 1986 he was also convicted of a football-related assault in Halifax.
Marsh is an organiser of the English and Welsh Defence Leagues which describe themselves as “a ready-made army” against Muslim fundamentalists.
There have been riots and arrests in English cities, including Birmingham and Luton, which have led to scores of arrests after the group has clashed with anti-fascist campaigners. There have also been marches in Wrexham and Swansea.
The groups have been described as “divisive” and “hate-based” by Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood.

Wales Online

Stormfront “Hate Group” Members Praise Terror Attack on Pentagon, And Call for More Violence

In the aftermath of John Patrick Bedell’s attack at the Pentagon wounding two police officers and resulting in his own death, members of the “white nationalist hate group” Stormfront started praising John Bedell’s actions and calling for additional violence against the U.S. government. (ABC has also reported on previous confrontations that Bedell had with law enforcement, and AP reports that John Patrick Bedell also had a history of mental illness.)

On March 4, 2010, John Patrick Bedell went to the Pentagon with two semi-automatic pistols, with reports of “more than two dozen magazines of ammunition with him during the shooting,” and even more ammunition in his automobile; one Pentagon police officer stated “there were a lot of bullets fired.” His objective was clearly to kill many people at the Pentagon in a terrorist attack, an objective that Stormfront “white nationalist” members openly praise today.

Stormfront “white nationalist” members published John Bedell’s manifesto on the “hate group” web site, viewing Bedell’s 9/11 conspiracy and anti-government rants as justification for their cause, stating that it “‘hints’ around that it is the JEWS causing all of these problems,” and claiming that his attack was on the “ZOG” (Zionist Occupied Government). [Note: Bedell's manifesto makes no mention of Jewish people.] Stormfront “white nationalists” stated that they shared Bedell’s that the U.S. federal government was a “criminal conspiracy.”

Other Stormfront “white nationalists” complained that John Bedell didn’t aim high enough in his attack on the Pentagon, and stated that such terrorism was not sufficiently effective because it was only going after people “with no power, no connections,” and comparing the attack on an ant hill, stating that such “actions are without significance unless you can get to the queen.” Stormfront members called for more escalated terrorist attacks against higher profile individuals, stating that there were thousands “on this planet whose removal from it would make it a much better place for millions of others. It could one of any number of people in professions such as Broadcasting, Banking, Manufacturing, Politics, Law, Law Enforcement, Bureaucrats, Academia, etc.”
Still Stormfront “white nationalists” praised such “lone wolf” terrorism in general. Stormfront members stated even though they felt “a swift action by many would be ideal to take down the power structure,” “if even only 1 per day were to be accomplished by ‘Lone Wolves,’ that would still be sufficient enough to force them to keep their heads down and cower in fear.” Another Stormfront “white nationalist” stated that “If enough people did it, eventually somebody important could be gotten to by sheer attrition.”

Stormfront members also compared Bedell’s attack to the Joseph Stack’s terrorist attack on the IRS building in Austin, Texas (describing it as “a good plan”) which as previously reported, Stormfront members viewed Stack as a “hero.” Stormfront members continue to praise Joseph Stack’s Texas terrorist attack and continue to call for additional attacks on America.

(Stormfront’s co-leader Derek Black continues to have a radio show twice a week promoting “white nationalism” on WPBR-AM in West Palm Beach.)

John Patrick Bedell, 36, from Hollister, California, had published a manifesto claiming that a “criminal organization” had seized control of the United States federal government, and this “conspiracy” was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. In his manifesto “Directions to Freedom,” John Patrick Bedell stated that this “criminal organization would use its powers to convert military, intelligence, and law enforcement bureaucracies into instruments for political control and the domination and subjection of society, while discrediting, destroying, and murdering honest individuals within those services that work to root out corruption and faithfully serve their fellow citizens. This organization, like so many murderous governments throughout history, would see the sacrifice of thousands of its citizens, in an event such as the September 11 attacks, as a small cost in order to perpetuate its barbaric control.”

On his Wikipedia web site, Bedell sought to address “the truth of events such as the 9/11 demolitions and institutions such as the coup regime of 1963 that maintains itself in power through the global drug trade, financial corruption, and murder, among other crimes.” On his Wikipedia web site, Bedell also provides his connection to the Ludwig von Mises group.

John Patrick Bedell sought to promote “information currency,” and was a member of the libertarian-oriented Ludwig von Mises group (based in Alabama) that focuses on economic studies regarding “liberty in the the tradition of the Austrian school,” where Bedell had an email address jpbedell@mises.com. Bedell had posted on the Mises web site in response to an article on “The Criminality of the State.”
On Bedell’s Facebook web page, he was listed as “friends” with libertarian Lew Rockwell who has described the Pentagon as the “Pentagram.” The day after the Pentagon shooting by his “Facebook friend” John Patrick Bedell, Lew Rockwell wrote about the attack on his blog merely complaining that “The State Protects… the State”... and mocking the police, stating “Don’t they know through all their toughness and arrogance that, in fact, they failed – failed to prevent a crime?” In his blog article, Lew Rockwell does not openly condemn the terrorist attack by John Patrick Bedell, but simply describes his “Facebook friend,” as “a shooter [who] threatens the state…”

Media reports also state that John Patrick Badell attended San Jose State University. On Facebook, Bedell was also “friends” with a fellow San Jose University alumnus of Pakistani descent who was a fan of the group “Khalid ibn al-Walid – the Sword of Allah.”

Bedell also had a web page called “open insurgent” where he exchanged information on programming, crytography, and economics, using Google code username jpbedell.

On Bedell’s Youtube jpbadell2006 page promoting “intellectual currency,” one of his two “subscribers” was a libertarian promoting Ayn Rand videos, who also promoted and subscribed to 9/11 conspiracy theorist “TheAlexJonesChannel,” libertarian “TheChannelOfLiberty’s Channel” promoting Ron Paul, and a masked “anti-terrorist” who called for a “fight against the NWO” (New World Order), among other YouTube channels.

On John Patrick Bedell’s YouTube page one of the commenters after his terrorist attack on the Pentagon states: “2012Ronpaul2012: He shoulda gone to David Rockefeller’s house and wiped out the NWO scum instead of shooting up two poor unsuspecting officers who are no more apart of the global elite than we are.”

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New blow for BNP teacher Adam Walker

A TEACHER caught posting racist comments during a lesson has lost his battle to avoid being brought before his profession’s disciplinary body.
Adam Walker, from Spennymoor, County Durham, could become the first teacher in the country to be struck off for religious intolerance.
Mr Walker, who used to teach at Houghton Kepier Sports College in Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, admits posting anti-Muslim comments on a website while using a school computer.
He is also alleged to have posted critical comments against asylum seekers, immigrants and the “promotion” of homosexuality on the BNP’s website during lesson time.
He left the school in 2007, but claimed the comments – made under a false name – had no link to his work as a design and technology teacher.
His legal team argued in front of the General Teaching Council (GTC) that he should not face professional misconduct charges.

They claimed website administrators were wrong to reveal his identity and his posts should not be used in evidence. They also argued the school’s leaders were wrong to report him to the GTC.
Patrick Harrington, who is representing Mr Walker, said: “I understand people are opposed to the BNP, but they must realise this has implications for all teachers who wish to express views, whether they are communists, anarchists or Muslims.

“The GTC has still not given a good enough reason as to why they want to overrule rights to freedom of expression for teachers with political and religious views.

“There is no link between Mr Walker’s views and his professional role.”

The case has already been delayed for more than a year by Mr Walker’s representations.
It has also been postponed once due to police fears over racial tensions, as protesters gathered outside the GTC’s head office in Birmingham at an earlier hearing.
Mr Walker, who is now working as a campaigns coordinator for the BNP MEP Andrew Brons, has pledged to take the case to the “highest level” if found guilty.
The GTC panel said teachers at the school were legally obliged to report Mr Walker’s misuse of his computer to the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the GTC.

In a statement, the panel said: “None of the preliminary legal arguments made led the committee to conclude the case should be stayed or the allegation struck out.

“The committee considers it fair to proceed and that all the evidence is admissible.”

The hearing will reconvene on May 24.


Oxford college students suspended over e-mails

Fourteen male students from a University of Oxford college have been suspended over allegations about the sending of sexist e-mails.

It is believed the e-mails sent at Hertford College contained a secret list grading female students.

The 14 male students have been suspended from the college while an inquiry is carried out.

The university said it takes the allegations extremely seriously and will investigate fully.

BBC News


Muslims in a Dutch city where the party of anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders won local elections reacted with shock and anger Thursday, fearing his victory would fan animosity. "I am afraid that it will lead to more hatred," said 20-year-old student Sakina Buyatui, a Dutch-born resident of Almere, a city of nearly 190,000 people near Amsterdam where a third of the population is of immigrant origin. In a show of strength ahead of June general elections, Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV) came first with 21.6 percent of the vote in Almere in Wednesday's poll. "This is bad for Almere," said Buyatui, wearing an Islamic headscarf at the central station, where people of Turkish, Moroccan and Suriname descent, called "allochtonen" in Dutch, rub shoulders seamlessly with indigenous compatriots. "It is terrible," agreed 35-year-old computer sciences student Kadriye Kacar, born in the Netherlands like her parents and grandparents, who were of Turkish descent. "People are looking at us in a new way today as if they are thinking: 'We won and you are leaving'. "I don't wear a headscarf normally," she added, "but I have decided to start doing so now out of protest. Other people in my community are planning to do the same; we will protest until Wilders is gone." The far-right swing was a hot topic in Almere, where women in headscarves and long, traditional gowns huddled in small groups on the main shopping street and Wilders' name could be heard spat out in disgust. Wilders campaigns for a ban on headscarves for public servants, a halt to immigration from Muslim countries and a moratorium on the erection of mosques in his bid to "stop the Islamisation of the Netherlands". Henny Kreeft, leader of the Dutch Muslim Party, described Wilders' victory as "very, very sad". The party also contested Almere but got no seats. Wilders' success "is based on a fear behind which there is no truth", Kreeft told AFP. "Mr Wilders has been spewing a whole lot of nonsense about Islamisation and security: the more people heard it I suppose the more they thought it was true." The PVV has nine of 150 seats in the Dutch parliament, and five of the country's 25 European parliament seats. Some polls suggest the PVV is now the most popular party in the Netherlands, traditionally seen as a bastion of tolerance.

Wilders shock to the Dutch political system
After his party's success, Wilders told Muslims in Almere they had nothing to fear "as long as they obey the law". "He is creating hatred, he is going too far," a woman with a headscarf told AFP, declining to identify herself. "This could become a serious problem," added 48-year-old Muslim businessman Walli Hyrat. "It is very difficult to take the headscarf away from Muslim people." But one 19-year-old waiter, who would not give his name "because it may create problems at work", said he voted for Wilders. "Too much attention and resources are spent on Muslims," he said. "I have to work here to earn money for my studies," he added. "I don't get any help because the leftist parties in government reserve all that for the poor, most of whom are Muslims." Another Wilders supporter, a 62-year-old pensioner, said his concern was for security. "We are afraid of walking alone in places where groups of young allochtonen hang around looking for trouble," he said. "Wilders will give us commandos to patrol the city and will ensure that repeat offenders are put out of the Netherlands." But a 61-year-old woman who immigrated to the Netherlands from Turkey in 1976 said she feared Wilders' rise would drive a wedge between hitherto peaceful neighbours. "Things are going to change," she said. "This is a really bad development."



Just months after Ontario decided not to charge a Toronto man with hate crimes, partly because he was undergoing rehabilitation, he is again being investigated over his online writings on a website called Filthy Jewish Terrorists. Police are probing Salman Hossain's recent postings on the Arizona-based Internet site on which he writes harshly about Jews, Christians and moderate Canadian Muslims, whom he calls "traitors." He refers to Jews as "diseased and filthy," "the scum of the earth," "psychotic" and "mass murderers" and writes that "a genocide should be perpetrated against the Jewish populations of North America and Europe." In addition, he blames Jews for terrorist plots, such as the Toronto 18 bomb conspiracy, which was the work of Islamist extremists. He also praises God for "the victorious resistance operations" in Afghanistan. Abbee Corb of the Hate Crimes Extremism Investigative Team, which is made up of representatives of 13 Ontario municipal police forces, confirmed yesterday that an investigation is underway. "We are, as a team, collectively looking at this individual. As far as what investigations we have underway, of course that information I can't release because that could compromise any investigations that are ongoing. "However, you can rest assured that the hate crimes extremism investigative team -- again 13 police services -- is looking into him and investigating him as we speak."

In an email exchange with a National Post reporter, Mr. Hossain was unapologetic. Asked about the investigation, he responded that, "Your hate laws are only being used to stop the truth from being spoken." "I don't fear telling the truth and I don't answer to racist genocidal Jews who want to call ME a hater, when Jews hate ALL NON-JEWS. It's not my fault you people rape babies, then cry foul when someone exposes it," Mr. Hossain responded. Canada's hate crimes law prohibits supporting or promoting genocide, as well as the communication of statements (other than in private conversation) that wilfully promote hatred against an identifiable group. "This is a slam dunk," Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said after reading the Internet postings. He called for an immediate investigation and was joined by writer Tarek Fatah, one of several so-called Muslim "traitors" named on the site. "It's pretty hard to believe that in the 20th century there is a blogger right here in Canada who calls for the genocide of the Jewish people. Can it get any worse than that?" Mr. Farber said. Dave Ross, a spokesman for the Ontario Provincial Police, said yesterday the Hate Crimes and Extremism Unit of the force's anti-terror section "was aware of a site and is conducting an investigation." Counterterrorism investigators first took notice of Mr. Hossain, who claims to know the ringleader of the Toronto 18 plot, three years ago after he posted messages online supporting terrorist attacks in Canada. "We should do that here in Canada as well," he wrote at the time. "Kill as many Western soldiers as well so that they think twice before entering foreign countries on behalf of their Jew masters ... if there were any planned attacks against Canadian/ American soldiers by 'Muslim militants' in Canadian soil, I'd support it."

After the National Post first reported on the investigation of Mr. Hossain, students at University of Toronto at Mississauga began a campaign to have him expelled or suspended for tarnishing the image of Canadian Muslims and the campus. Almost 500 people joined a Facebook page calling for his expulsion. The OPP hate crimes and extremism unit conducted a lengthy investigation and brought the case to Ontario Attorney-General Chris Bentley last year. After reviewing the case, however, Mr. Bentley decided not to press criminal charges because he said Mr. Hossain had taken down the postings in question, had refrained from similar conduct for over a year and was undergoing rehabilitation. But Mr. Hossain is now posting on filthyjewishterrorists.com,where he writes that he is now at York University and that "there are tons of Jews on campus." A York spokesman confirmed he is a student. "No one in this world can take our history away from us. Especially not the cancerous group of people calling themselves Jews or Judeo-Christians who are going to be genocided in the near future," he writes. He writes about "honorable hatred of the Jews" and makes derogatory comments about a federal prosecutor who helped convict one of the ringleaders of the Toronto 18 terrorist group. Mr. Farber said that when Mr. Bentley decided against prosecuting Mr. Hossain last year, he promised to streamline the investigation of hate crimes to make the process faster. Mr. Farber said it is now time to put that new system into action. "I think we can all agree on one thing, that calling for the murder of an entire people has to be dealt with by the law and it has to be dealt with quickly," he said in an interview. "This is no longer 1980 where neo-Nazis used to stand on the street and hand out pamphlets," he added. "At the push of a key, potentially thousands of people can access his call for murder and it only takes one or two extremists to read this and decide that they want to carry out his plan. And that's what makes this dangerous."

Selected excerpts from the website filthyjewishterrorists.com

+"Could Vancouver 2010 Olympics be the next 9/11? I honestly truly believe that Jewish terrorists are scouting around Vancouver, Whistler, and other areas of the Province. With the potential for terrorist atrocities happening, one must take into account any public facilities and businesses that are owned by members of the Jewish community, and who are worth almost nothing in property values and assets?"
+"All the praises is due to God Almighty for the victorious resistance operations being carried out by the brothers in Afghanistan, the Caucuses, Iraq, Occupied Palestine, Somalia, and other places in the world. Some of us are engaged in liberating the occupied lands from the oppressors with weapons and self sacrifice in lives, whilst from amongst others, we are planning on bringing back the Caliphate."
+"Those of the Muslims who have sold their souls to the Judeo-Christian alliance of War against Islam, are outright traitors to the religion, and in the afterlife God will count them amongst the Jews and the Christians -not amongst the Muslims. They are not Muslims."
+"Sheikh Bassam Nihad Jarrar, an inhabitant from South Lebanon's Biqa'a Valley was involved in predicting the demise of Israel around the year 2022. The prediction states clearly that the Muslims shall fight the Jews and kill them. This is God's punishment and promise to Israel and the Jews which will occur in less than a generation."


A woman who has criticized anti-Nazi law and is married to an extreme rightist is running for president in Austria, and critics contend her candidacy could tarnish the reputation of a country still marred by its connection to the Holocaust. Barbara Rosenkranz, 51, is not expected to win the April 25 election, despite her endorsement from the owner of Austria's most widely read newspaper, the Kronen Zeitung. But she is likely to lead a campaign against popular President Heinz Fischer laced with the anti-foreigner and anti-European Union rhetoric her far-right Freedom Party generates. She is most widely known for her belief that Austria's law banning the glorification of the Nazis is a hindrance to freedom of expression and violates the country's constitution. In the same vein, she also has defended doubts over Nazi gas chambers. Her husband, Horst Jakob Rosenkranz, was part of a far-right political party that was banned for being too radical. For Austria's Jewish community, Rosenkranz's nomination is a disgrace and "makes a mockery of the 65,000 Austrian Jews who perished in the Shoah," the Hebrew term for the Holocaust. Other political parties also have criticized Rosenkranz's candidacy and expressed concern about the message it is sending abroad. Austria's image as a country was marred by its association with Adolf Hitler. About 130,000 Jewish Austrians fled the country in 1938-39, and it was annexed by Nazi Germany from 1938 until the end of World War II. It wasn't until 1991 that Franz Vranitzky became the first Austrian chancellor to declare in parliament that Austrians were not only victims but also perpetrators of the Holocaust. Austria's president holds a largely ceremonial post and does not have much, if any, political say. Still, the job comes with a large portion of prestige and involves frequent international travel and representation.

"She is definitely not suited for the highest post in the republic," President Fischer's Social Democrats said in a statement. "Whoever trivializes as freedom of expression the denial that there were gas chambers in the Third Reich is certainly unfit as candidate for the presidency," echoed the opposition Greens. The debate sparked by Rosenkranz is, to some extent, a reminder of late President Kurt Waldheim, who served as U.N. chief from 1972 to 1981, and was barred for two decades from entering the U.S. after it became known he had belonged to a German army unit that committed atrocities in World War II. It also brings to mind the late Joerg Haider, former member of the Freedom Party, who praised aspects of Hitler's labor policies and made statements that sounded anti-Semitic. When the Freedom Party won 27 percent of the vote in 1999 elections and joined Austria's coalition government early in 2000, the EU slapped the country with months of diplomatic sanctions. Haider died in a car crash in 2008. On Wednesday, just hours after being officially nominated, Rosenkranz reiterated her controversial stance about anti-Nazi legislation in well-couched wording, stressing in an interview with Austrian radio that her party's name contains the word "freedom." "If one is for freedom of opinion and freedom of expression, then there is no other way but to allow absurd, bizarre, reprehensible opinions," she said. Experts say Rosenkranz is unlikely to get more than 20 percent of the ballots cast next month. "She's a polarizing figure," said Christoph Hofinger, managing partner and scientific director of the Vienna-based Institute for Social Research and Analysis. But, speaking of the newspaper owner who has endorsed her, he also said: "Of course, the Kronen Zeitung has an impact and if they heavily back her it will help her."

Associated Press

Facebook group shut as users call for Nazi Concentration camp reopening

A Facebook group calling for the "reopening" of Austrian concentration camp Mauthausen was taken offline after winning more than 13,000 members, officials have said.
Political scientist Markus Rachbauer said members of the group called "Child abusers, we’ll reopen Mauthausen for you!" belittled Nazi era crimes.
"People posting messages there called for torture and murder," he said.
Facebook user Antonia F., for example, wrote she would "personally turn up the gas" for child abusers, while others suggested drug dealers, murderers and "social benefits parasites" should be gassed.
Willy Mernyi, head of the Mauthausen Committee Austria (MKÖ), said: "We immediately appealed to Facebook to shut this group down when we heard of its existence."

The Austrian Constitution Protection Authority (BVT) said Friday it was investigating.

austrian independent

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British National Party BNP Membership Scammed Exposed

The British National Party's boast that it's changed its rules to let non-whites join is today exposed as a sickening sham.

A senior figure in the far-right party openly told a British Asian reporter posing as a wannabe supporter he would not be welcome. Yet only weeks earlier, the BNP voted to end its ban on non-whites, with leader Nick Griffin bragging: "We are happy to accept anyone as a member providing they agree this country should remain fundamentally British".
But Christine Knight, 60 - one of a dozen BNP councillors for the borough of Barking and Dagenham - left him in no doubt about the party's real attitude to non-whites.
Knight, a close ally of BNP Greater London Authority member Richard Barnbrook, told him: "The constitution may have changed but our core members would have a problem with you." And making no attempt to hide the BNP's vile views, she said: "You are for your people and I'm for mine.

"You're saying you're British but you are still siding with people who are not indigenous to the country.

"People can say I'm a racist for saying it but it's my opinion."

During a half-hour hate-filled rant she even claimed she could not get state benefits because she was "the wrong colour".
Knight - whose dad was an immigrant from Ireland - said: "I'm British, my parents were, my grandparents were, their parents were and my parents' parents' parents were.

"I'm trying to point out that things that we've paid out for thousands of years don't go to us any more."
She added: "My father came over here and joined the Army.
"My husband was born and bred here.
"But it's going to change - we'll be ethnic minorities in our own country."
The BNP decided to rewrite its constitution after being warned it broke discrimination laws.

After the party voted for the change, Griffin said he expected a "trickle rather than a flood" of applications from blacks and Asians. The whitesonly policy had been in force since the party was formed in 1982.
It was challenged in the High Court by the Equality and Human Rights Commission last year and judges are due to rule on the case next week.
Griffin - who caused outrage when he appeared on BBC1's Question Time show in October - took over as BNP leader in 1999 and has since tried to tone down the party's fascist image.

But he has been accused of choosing Barking to fight the next election as a way of deliberately exploiting local fears about immigration.
Barking has more BNP councillors than anywhere else.
And more than 40 per cent of voters backed them in wards contested by the racist party at the last local elections - compared with a Labour average of just 33 per cent.

Following The People's confrontation with Christine Knight, a BNP spokesman said last night: "As Britain's fourth biggest political party it's inevitable members will hold differing viewpoints.

"Should our new constitution be accepted by the High Court on Tuesday, membership will be open to all who support the policies and principles of the British National Party."
Originaly published by the People
Russell Myers; Shekhar Bhatia