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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Stormfront “Hate Group” Members Praise Terror Attack on Pentagon, And Call for More Violence

In the aftermath of John Patrick Bedell’s attack at the Pentagon wounding two police officers and resulting in his own death, members of the “white nationalist hate group” Stormfront started praising John Bedell’s actions and calling for additional violence against the U.S. government. (ABC has also reported on previous confrontations that Bedell had with law enforcement, and AP reports that John Patrick Bedell also had a history of mental illness.)

On March 4, 2010, John Patrick Bedell went to the Pentagon with two semi-automatic pistols, with reports of “more than two dozen magazines of ammunition with him during the shooting,” and even more ammunition in his automobile; one Pentagon police officer stated “there were a lot of bullets fired.” His objective was clearly to kill many people at the Pentagon in a terrorist attack, an objective that Stormfront “white nationalist” members openly praise today.

Stormfront “white nationalist” members published John Bedell’s manifesto on the “hate group” web site, viewing Bedell’s 9/11 conspiracy and anti-government rants as justification for their cause, stating that it “‘hints’ around that it is the JEWS causing all of these problems,” and claiming that his attack was on the “ZOG” (Zionist Occupied Government). [Note: Bedell's manifesto makes no mention of Jewish people.] Stormfront “white nationalists” stated that they shared Bedell’s that the U.S. federal government was a “criminal conspiracy.”

Other Stormfront “white nationalists” complained that John Bedell didn’t aim high enough in his attack on the Pentagon, and stated that such terrorism was not sufficiently effective because it was only going after people “with no power, no connections,” and comparing the attack on an ant hill, stating that such “actions are without significance unless you can get to the queen.” Stormfront members called for more escalated terrorist attacks against higher profile individuals, stating that there were thousands “on this planet whose removal from it would make it a much better place for millions of others. It could one of any number of people in professions such as Broadcasting, Banking, Manufacturing, Politics, Law, Law Enforcement, Bureaucrats, Academia, etc.”
Still Stormfront “white nationalists” praised such “lone wolf” terrorism in general. Stormfront members stated even though they felt “a swift action by many would be ideal to take down the power structure,” “if even only 1 per day were to be accomplished by ‘Lone Wolves,’ that would still be sufficient enough to force them to keep their heads down and cower in fear.” Another Stormfront “white nationalist” stated that “If enough people did it, eventually somebody important could be gotten to by sheer attrition.”

Stormfront members also compared Bedell’s attack to the Joseph Stack’s terrorist attack on the IRS building in Austin, Texas (describing it as “a good plan”) which as previously reported, Stormfront members viewed Stack as a “hero.” Stormfront members continue to praise Joseph Stack’s Texas terrorist attack and continue to call for additional attacks on America.

(Stormfront’s co-leader Derek Black continues to have a radio show twice a week promoting “white nationalism” on WPBR-AM in West Palm Beach.)

John Patrick Bedell, 36, from Hollister, California, had published a manifesto claiming that a “criminal organization” had seized control of the United States federal government, and this “conspiracy” was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. In his manifesto “Directions to Freedom,” John Patrick Bedell stated that this “criminal organization would use its powers to convert military, intelligence, and law enforcement bureaucracies into instruments for political control and the domination and subjection of society, while discrediting, destroying, and murdering honest individuals within those services that work to root out corruption and faithfully serve their fellow citizens. This organization, like so many murderous governments throughout history, would see the sacrifice of thousands of its citizens, in an event such as the September 11 attacks, as a small cost in order to perpetuate its barbaric control.”

On his Wikipedia web site, Bedell sought to address “the truth of events such as the 9/11 demolitions and institutions such as the coup regime of 1963 that maintains itself in power through the global drug trade, financial corruption, and murder, among other crimes.” On his Wikipedia web site, Bedell also provides his connection to the Ludwig von Mises group.

John Patrick Bedell sought to promote “information currency,” and was a member of the libertarian-oriented Ludwig von Mises group (based in Alabama) that focuses on economic studies regarding “liberty in the the tradition of the Austrian school,” where Bedell had an email address jpbedell@mises.com. Bedell had posted on the Mises web site in response to an article on “The Criminality of the State.”
On Bedell’s Facebook web page, he was listed as “friends” with libertarian Lew Rockwell who has described the Pentagon as the “Pentagram.” The day after the Pentagon shooting by his “Facebook friend” John Patrick Bedell, Lew Rockwell wrote about the attack on his blog merely complaining that “The State Protects… the State”... and mocking the police, stating “Don’t they know through all their toughness and arrogance that, in fact, they failed – failed to prevent a crime?” In his blog article, Lew Rockwell does not openly condemn the terrorist attack by John Patrick Bedell, but simply describes his “Facebook friend,” as “a shooter [who] threatens the state…”

Media reports also state that John Patrick Badell attended San Jose State University. On Facebook, Bedell was also “friends” with a fellow San Jose University alumnus of Pakistani descent who was a fan of the group “Khalid ibn al-Walid – the Sword of Allah.”

Bedell also had a web page called “open insurgent” where he exchanged information on programming, crytography, and economics, using Google code username jpbedell.

On Bedell’s Youtube jpbadell2006 page promoting “intellectual currency,” one of his two “subscribers” was a libertarian promoting Ayn Rand videos, who also promoted and subscribed to 9/11 conspiracy theorist “TheAlexJonesChannel,” libertarian “TheChannelOfLiberty’s Channel” promoting Ron Paul, and a masked “anti-terrorist” who called for a “fight against the NWO” (New World Order), among other YouTube channels.

On John Patrick Bedell’s YouTube page one of the commenters after his terrorist attack on the Pentagon states: “2012Ronpaul2012: He shoulda gone to David Rockefeller’s house and wiped out the NWO scum instead of shooting up two poor unsuspecting officers who are no more apart of the global elite than we are.”

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