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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Jobbik pledges to be hard on Gypsy crime (Hungary)

Hungary's radical nationalist Jobbik party said on Friday it would focus on fighting "subsistance crime, also known as gypsy crime" if elected to power in the April elections.

Jobbik leader Gabor Vona presented Janos Volner, the spokesman for the banned paramilitary Hungarian Guard, as the candidate to head a new law enforcement ministry, which the party has envisaged in the next government.
Jobbik promotes order and will be determined to persecute all forms of criminal activity, including crimes by politicians or economic crimes, Vona said.

Jobbik announced in February that it is setting up a shadow government. Its members, in addition to Volner, are Marton Gyongyosi for foreign policy, Tamas Gaudi-Nagy for Justice, Lajos Posze for the Prime Minister's Office and Geza Gyenes for health care.

Polls indicate Jobbik as one of three parties to get seats in Parliament after the general elections in April.