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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Brons accuses Griffin of Euro fraud (Hope Not Hate, UK)

Relations between the two BNP MEPs hit an all-time low yesterday when Andrew Brons accused Nick Griffin of attempting to defraud the European Union. In a statement posted on his website, Brons claimed that Griffin has been using European Union funds to bankroll the BNP and support his friends in a clear violation of EU rules.

Brons claimed that in 2009 Griffin asked him to pay half of the office costs for the BNP-front trade union Solidarity, run by Griffin loyalist and former National Front leader Patrick Harrington. Brons refused but he has still been sent a bill to cover 18 months of rent.

He also alleges that Griffin has tried to get him to pay the wages of Christopher Barnet “who was in charge of the Party’s Alfred programme to put canvassing returns onto a data base for future elections.”

Brons refused but was still sent an invoice for £2,000.

The Yorkshire MEP has also revealed that the party is already under investigation for using an EU-funded MEP office as the party headquarters.

It appears that Brons has exposed this alleged corruption ahead of a series of claims of financial mismanagement against him by Griffin.

With the BNP leadership election only weeks away it is clear that the acrimonious split between the two MEPs is going to result in one, undoubtedly Brons, leaving the party.

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