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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Exposing The English Defence League's racist and violent nature, with panache and humour.

The English Defence League claim they are a protest movement against radical Islam within the UK and that is their only concern.

Yet anyone with any knowledge of the English Defence League will know that they are in fact a very racist and violent movement and that they do not oppose radical Islamists but all the followers of Islam.

Yet they and others often claim that this simple truth is indeed a lie.

If only there was a way to monitor the racist and violent nature of this so called “protest” group.

Well unfortunately for the EDL that has been going on for some time, as a Facebook group was created with this very objective in mind. 

Which was to expose the racism and hatred of the members and supporters of the EDL and any other such like idiots.

And they have exposed it again and again and again and again etc.

This group has now decided to create a Blog to share their activity with the world.

And we are more than happy to recommend that anyone and everyone follow their Blog, their Facebook group and Twitter account to view the EDL’s bigotry and the incredible stupidity that many of their member’s demonstrate.

Honestly some of the things these people post should carry a stupidity health warning.  

So here’s the link to the great new blog. And below it are the links to their Facebook page and their Twitter account.

A twitter account that is a “must follow” link to have when any EDL demos are occurring.

Exposing The English Defence League Blog

Exposing intolerance and racism online XVI,   Their Facebook group.

Exposingtweets,     Their Twitter account.