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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

BNP supporters call for Execution of Human Rights head Trevor Phillips

Updated. (The video has been removed from You Tube and the user has closed his account and as stated below we have a copy and are happy to supply it to any official person.)

A video had appeared on the You Tube video sharing website today which was calling for the Execution of Human Rights head Trevor Phillips. The video called

Trevor Philips, the Man who Must be Destroyed
which was posted by a user called WandsworthBNP.

It clearly stated that Mr Phillips has now become a problem and must be removed.

In the video description by the user WandsworthBNP he states.
He has become an irratation, we must execute him

This video is an obvious incitement to violence and a death threat.

So far the video has already attracted support from other BNP supporters on the web site including.
Posted by HaitianCorpse
How dare this nigger reside in my country? Off with his shit coloured head.

Posted by BNPxTRUTH
He will NEVER be British as far as I am concerned, any more than the white scum of the UAF.
Being British is not just about where you happen to be born, it's about who you are.
These pigs will never be British

Posted by WandsworthBNP
He must be DESTROYED

Posted by Morrisseyisdead

Since this item first appeared the You Tube user WandsworthBNP has closed his account and thus removed the video and because of that fact this blog item needed to be re-edited.

here is first screen shots taken from the death threat video.

and as you can plainly see in this image in the video description he calls for Mr Phillips to be executed

and if there is any doubt that WandsworthBNP was a BNP supporter, his You Tube home channel should dispel any doubts.

Relevant authorities have been contacted about this as they need to take appropriate action against such death threats. We have a copy of the original video and we are more than happy to hand it over to the police.

As the Italian authorities have recently arrested individuals for a video that was abusive to children that was only posted for a short period of time before being removed by the uploader on to You Tube I see no reason why the British law enforcement agencies should not find the person who made this video and prosecute him to the full extent of the law.