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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Crime Spree Suspects Linked To White Supremacy Group USA

Authorities believe a group of midstate criminals is responsible for running several meth labs and breaking into homes and cars across the region.

They're armed, dangerous, and now linked to a radical white supremacist group.

Investigators describe them as a loose knit gang, and the Sumner County Sheriff's Department has every intention of shutting this group of criminals down.

What started as a series of car thefts weeks ago led investigators with the Sumner County Sheriff's Department to a series of meth labs and dozens of stolen guns. Child endangerment charges were also filed after a five month old baby was found in the same home as an active meth lab.

"Thefts, burglaries, assaults then the meth labs. we recovered 5 meth labs during this investigation," said Sumner County Sheriff Sonny Weatherford.

Now, the case has taken another turn-- at least 14 people responsible for the crime spree now face criminal charges, and all of them have linked themselves to a white supremacist group known as Aryan Nations.

"They feel they're a dominant race and do the intimidation on the rest of the public," said Weatherford.

Investigators said many of the suspects met each other while in prison. While the network of white supremacists is not tight knit, Sheriff Weatherford said his department is cracking down on the group to prevent future crimes and public unrest.

"If you are in Aryan Nations and in Sumner County we want to locate you and get you out of Sumner County, whether that's by placing you in jail or you leaving," said Weatherford.

Investigators are taking the Aryan Nations group seriously for several reasons. Detectives said they've broken into homes, cars, and stores in five different midstate counties. And, they could be extremely dangerous. Authorities have seized more than 60 guns they believe were stolen during the crime spree. At least one member of the group is still on the loose.

Investigators believe there are more members of Aryan Nations in Sumner County and the surrounding areas who could be part of the rash of crimes. Anyone with information on the case is encouraged to call the Sumner County Sheriff's Department.

News Channel 5