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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Jobbik against setting up Tom Lantos Institute (Hungary)

Radical nationalist party Jobbik said on Monday that it objected to plans to set up a Tom Lantos Institute in Budapest to promote minority rights, insisting that the former US politician of Hungarian descent was a "Hungarophobe."

Hungarian President Pal Schmitt told a UN general assembly meeting in New York on Friday that Hungary plans to set up a centre to promote tolerance, to be named after Lantos.

Jobbik parliamentary group leader Marton Gyongyosi said on Monday that the initial idea for the centre came from former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, who announced plans to set up a Tom Lantos institute after the US politician's death in February 2008.

Gyongyosi said Lantos, a former politician of the Democratic Party, was a "Hungarophobe" and "best friends" with former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

"Hungarian right-wing people with patriotic feelings will never support this initiative," he said.

In addition to the naming of the institute, Gyongyosi also criticised the entire plan to set up such an organisation, adding that minority research and promoting tolerance were not among Hungary's most urgent tasks at the moment.

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