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Monday, 8 March 2010

Three migrants die after jumping from high-rise flats 'to escape deportation'

Three immigrants facing deportation died after jumping from the 15th floor of a high-rise flat yesterday.

The horrific incident happened at a notorious tower block complex in a run-down district of Glasgow.
The bodies of the victims - two men and a woman - were found after a cupboard was thrown from a balcony to break protective netting.

Although the victims' identities have not been released, locals said they may have been Kosovans who faced being kicked out the country.

Detectives said there were no suspicious circumstances.
The bodies were discovered at the Red Road flats at Petershill Drive, Springburn, at about 8.30am.
Strathclyde Police blocked off the street and officers stood guard. The area around the flat was cordoned off and two white tents were erected by forensic officers.

Elizabeth Neilson, 42, who lives in the opposite block, said: 'I opened my blinds and saw them lying there this morning at about 8.30am. I saw two concierge staff standing there and three bodies lying on the ground. It is horrible.
'I phoned the concierge and he said he couldn't say much but that three people had thrown themselves off the veranda.'

Elaine Sandford, 40, said she believed the deceased were from Kosovo and faced being deported.

She said: 'I think they had a letter through the door that said they were coming back for them.'
The victims' neighbour said they had lived there for two months but she did not know them.
A UK Border Agency spokesman said the agency was aware of the deaths but refused to comment any further.
The Red Road flats complex features eight high-rises which were once the highest flats in Europe.
In recent years, they have been used to house asylum seekers from Kosovo, Africa, Asia, the former Soviet Union, Iran and Iraq.
Daily Mail